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shattering glass: low-weight plastic car windows are coming - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
shattering glass: low-weight plastic car windows are coming  -  polycarbonate
Toyota's two-
Polycarbonate has a word for your windshield: plastic.
Specifically, it is the polyester glass.
This is not new, but despite the increased costs, it creates a concept for this era.
It can be easily formed into various shapes, and it can save 50% weight due to fuel economy
Conscious automakers scrape as many ounces off the bottom of the car as possible --line weight.
Two companies are competing. to-
We will be working on the car windows of the polyester, Bayer Materials Science and Sabic Innovative Plastics.
Sabic spokesman Venkatakrish Umanaheswaran told Ward's car company that Indian or Chinese automakers may be the first to fully equip cars-
Plastic windows, because the expanding industry is designing cars with a clean sheet of paper.
Sabic is expected to achieve a breakthrough in the market around 2015.
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The new design, which can eventually save money by allowing the molding of something usually extra
Cost items like hatchback lift handle and wiper base.
The roof spoiler can also include a third brake light.
Sabic, a Saudi company that bought former GE Plastics, is investing in its intuition ---
It's building a large
Scale polycarbonate unit combined
The joint venture China Petrochemical Co. , Ltd. will open on 2015. Bayer (
Yes, the same German company that produced aspirin)
Experimental plastic.
Since 1967, Fuli has recently announced that it will build a battery.
Electric plastic super sports car
It makes the roof panel of the current smart car.
Bayer will also mix the used PET pop bottle with polycarbonate to create a new body panel material that could be a spoiler or a luggage case cover.
Another reason why security number one may emerge in the developing world is --
Strict safety regulations
NHTSA and other institutions must believe that plastic windshields and rear windows will not increase the number of deaths in accidents.
Of course, these apps have long had a place off-site
Road vehicles and racing cars. The high-
Performance Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4. 0 uses ultra-
Light-weight polycarbonate in Europe for the quarter and back windows, but the plastic parts were canceled by the US federal regulator. S. version.
However, you can reduce the pressure by buying the polycarbonate windows on the market after (and speed up)
All Porsche 911.
But, as a non-US glass replacement, polyester is quietly entering the Western automotive industry. Strategic areas.
Hyundai used it on concept cars and Bugatti used it on Weilong's new lightweight targa top (
Save 13 pounds).
At present, the most mainstream users of polyester are Mercedes (
Put it in a fixed smart side window as well as a roof panel)
Toyota is rolling out on V, a new version of the Prius wagon.
Let light Toyota carry out extensive lighting exercises on V this fall, as the goal is to build a bigger car on the highway, instead of losing too much on the sum of the 50 miles/hour of standard prius.
So V gets an optional two-
The panel panoramic plastic platform is half the weight of the theoretical glass version.
The glass skylight is really heavy, so Toyota is happy to keep the V at 232-
Weight gain (pounds)
Combined with 42 mpg).
Another advantage, Toyota spokesman Jana Hartline told me, is that plastic polycarbonate sunroof can be designed to absorb infrared light and reduce the need for summer cooling and winter heating.
Both Sabic and Bayer said that although it was mainly for light prototypes, they saw a significant increase in demand for polycarbonate parts (
Like modern HED-4).
Their dream is to completely replace the glass on the car and they are settling in for a long time.
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