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shopping in a window wonderland - transparent foil

by:Cailong     2019-07-10
shopping in a window wonderland  -  transparent foil
Holiday shoppers walking on Chicago's trendy Michigan Drive are used to lavish window displays that attract consumers to buy expensive gifts.
But this year, Ralph Lauren on the street (RL)
The store is rolling out an unusual alternative that gives a new meaning to the word "window shopping. "On Nov.
20, Ralph Lauren installed 67-in. touch-
Screen display allows passers-by to purchase any item from the company's RLX seriesSki Show-wear—24 hours a day.
They can then retrieve the available items from the store or ship the clothes from the central warehouse --no long check-
Necessary lines.
"Our goal is to do the most exciting holiday window we think we can create," said senior vice president David Lauren . "
President, Advertising, marketing and communications, Polo Ralph Lauren (
Son of the founder). The tech-
The savvy strategy is designed to attract advanced early adopters.
"We also see the interactive window as a way to reinterpret the Ralph Lauren brand ,". . . . . . This method is often associated with traditional preppy clothing . . . . . . " Lauren said. The touch-
The screen window also displays a video of information about jet ski conditions
Set the destination for Aspen and get ski tips from experts.
Ralph Lauren's interactive window is just a prominent example of how luxury brands use increasingly sophisticated holiday displays to attract high-end consumersend shoppers.
Some of these displays are estimated to cost up to six digits.
Some may think it's a short-term investment.
There are no semester projects with measurable sales impact.
But most retail executives think it's three.
Less monthly branding than a magazine or TV advertising campaign --
Can have a wider impact.
"The attraction of the holiday window is that its price is lower than that of the direct window --
Mailing advertising campaigns or TV commercials and reaching out to more shoppers who won't shop in certain stores at other times of the year, says Dana telsey, retail analyst at Telsey group.
According to a survey by the National Retail Federation of Industrial trade groups, consumers usually buy more holiday gifts than ever before: $800, up from $740 last year.
Thanksgiving weekend is a key moment to attract high earners, and most of the high-profile holiday displays have been completed.
Recently, a survey by the Maritz retail research team found that 44% of people with household income between $75,000 and $100,000 plan to shop on Black Friday in 2006.
The data shows that even affluent consumers started their holiday shopping earlier this year.
To attract wealthy customers, jeweler Cartier has updated the look of the flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, which has been decorated with huge red bows every December for nearly 30 years.
This year, the company added a huge, automated music gift box, open at 5. m.
Christmas carols are played every night.
In addition to this, there is the largest custom installation of LED lights in New York City --
95,000, lit up 215-ft.
Long ribbon and eightft.
High bow for shop decoration.
Not far from Saks Fifth Avenue (SKS)
Upgrade 40,000 led (
Provided by Philips Electronics)
That power is 50 10-ft.
On the last three decks, the front of its Manhattan flagship has seen tall, flashing snowflakes.
"Children and families have enjoyed the traditional display of Saks mechanical windows for years.
But the quality of the lights is the contemporary Vegas style.
This shows that we are changing as the times change, "said Tim visgehoff, designer of the Saks holiday show, standing behind half
Complete the window background. Nearby, T-
Artists and designers wearing shirts paint their clothes, which will finish the finishing work on tableaux, depicting the pursuit of five cartoon ice crystals becoming snowflakes.
Wisgerhof will not disclose the cost of the lighting upgrade or the budget for this year's mechanical windows, but says the holiday display budget "has been consistent for many years.
"Jill Shapiro, owner of Urban Archaeology in New York, a high
Lighting and bathtub-and-
Many shops borrow props, but spend up to $50,000 on transportation and insurance, and the tile showroom provides holiday window rental decorations for luxury shops from Ralph Lauren to Barnes New York
Shapiro says the price of carefully crafted decorations and installations in his own store can reach $45,000.
Saks's Wisgerhof says it's hard to measure direct sales results in terms of store revenue or consumer response, but gorgeous Christmas displays can be rewarded as branding and marketing initiatives.
"Snowflakes have already paid off in terms of brand identity.
Of course, we want shoppers to come in and buy.
But we want them.
"Saks is a place worth visiting and shopping and it's a warm memory," said Wisgerhof.
"Now the snowflake is a sign of Saks.
In many ways, we now have snowflakes . . . . . . It appears on holiday shopping bags across our country.
"Many vacation windows are planned in advance.
Simon Donan, creative director at Barnes, New York, decided a year earlier on the theme of the company's Manhattan flagship.
This year, Doonan obtained permission from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the iconic image of Andy Warhol and created an interesting, witty window to record the artist's career.
These windows show scenes from different decades of Warhol's life, from his 1950 s when he advertised illustrator to his 1980 s when he became wealthy artist Hobb --
Contacts with celebrities.
A replica of the Warhol image appears in the Barnes New York package at all heights
End department stores in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas and Boston.
Similar to Saks, Barneys used Doonan to design a 20-year holiday window image as another way to enhance its brand presence.
"The window is very important for the perception of the Barnes brand, which is centered on" taste, luxury, humor.
"The window reflects this," Donnan said while drinking tea at Fred's flagship store in Barnes, Manhattan.
"You can't really quantify the effect compared to the reply from the direct mail.
But we got a lot of news about the windows and people came to see them.
"Just as Doonan started developing the Warhol Christmas window concept a whole year in advance, David Lauren and his staff had already planned the interactive holiday window in Chicago.
Polo Ralph Lauren window prototype debut in New York, Polo Ralph Lauren store at 888 Madison Avenue, United States of AmericaS.
August Tennis Open champion
Usually, crowds line up around the block in order to catch a glimpse of the window, or use the window to buy clothes.
While Lauren won't disclose the cost of the window, he joked that it was about the price of buying ads in two weekly print magazines, which is around $140,000.
Such a relatively small amount may make the whole three months full of vitality.
Catch brand promotion.
Magazine ads for two weeks
The Chicago window is scheduled to remain until February 19.
This interactive window was inspired by Steven pilberg's Minority Report in which Tom Cruise manipulated a huge, tedious computer with his hand like an orchestra conductor
Lauren calls Spielberg directly to see if the technology works.
When he learned that the display was just a digital special effect, he began to develop a system internally.
After her debut in New York in August, Lauren received a phone call from Steven Pierce.
"He called us and wanted to know how it worked," Lauren said of the window . ".
Although he could not describe the complete technical details, he said that the future effect of the screen is after passing through
Projection of the image. The touch-
Enable the sensitive window by the transparent foil embedded in the electrode.
Not only are luxury shops trying new, spectacular ways to attract buyers.
For example, Macy's Pioneer Square department store in New York has launched an interactive window display for the first time.
The concept suggests a children's version of Ralph Lauren's touch. screen windows.
Passers-by touch cushions shaped like red stars (Mark of Messi)
Set up animated characters in motion
At a time when the National Retail Federation predicts total holiday consumption will grow by 5% in 2006 to $457.
4 billion, retailers know that there may be more dollars than in previous years.
For luxury shopping malls and medium-sized shopping malls
The series stores are all the same, developing a stronger brand image through Display
Display stop window-
Or, as far as Ralph Lauren is concerned, the interactive sales window-
It seems essential for a happy holiday sales season.
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