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should the balloon boy's parents face criminal prosecution? - mylar film for sale

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
should the balloon boy\'s parents face criminal prosecution?  -  mylar film for sale
Jack Cafferty from CNN: They all go to the acting school, but they're not good enough.
Police say the balloon boy is like a bust.
Stories designed to make Richard and Mayumi Heene a reality show.
Use their son as a prop.
Made a play and used a question from Wolf Blitzer to Little Six. year-
The old Falcon will reveal the whole trick.
When the family was talking about it on TV, the little Falcon knew it was all lies, sick and vomiting --twice.
But it didn't stop people from paying attention.
The hungry Richard Hahn tried to be noticed.
Now he is, but not the way he wants it.
Police say the investigation is still under way and charges may be made against several serious crimes: Conspiracy, facilitating juvenile crimes and trying to influence civil servants.
False police reports may also be charged with misdemeanor.
The most serious charges are up to six years' imprisonment and a fine of $500,000.
The federal could also be prosecuted.
Whatever it adds up is not enough.
The authorities also hope taxpayer money will return to the wild goose chase.
In addition to local police and emergency personnel, the National Guard mobilized two helicopters for rescue.
One of Heenes's lawyers said they were not "evading the law" and would surrender themselves if a search warrant was issued.
My question is: Should parents of balloon boys face criminal prosecution?
Interested to know which ones are made in the air?
Darl said: I have many years of experience in the field of mental health, especially in child abuse.
This is a family.
They are most at risk.
Risks from parents, especially the father who is obviously unstable.
Regardless of whether they face criminal prosecution or not, first of all, the children need to be taken away from his care.
Kurtis of New Haven said: Jack, it's time to send them the bill and move on. Jail? Really?
That's how we came?
This reminds me of the stupid day on April.
Everyone Snickers before the joke begins.
That's revenge.
They pulled one on us. Get over it.
Doug from Dallas said: given the effort and the dollars spent on fraud, yes.
They should be asked to pay back all expenses related to the whole scam.
But thanks to the news media, they do get what they want.
Are you going to send them the bill?
Tom said: Jack, I saw two people picking up garbage on the Financial Times highway.
Collins, Colorado.
Catrina from Virginia said: It's too bad they can't be banned from TV.
Somehow, I think this is the worst punishment for these people.
Sue said: of course!
If there is a real emergency elsewhere and these officials are chasing this guy's attention --
Looking for balloons, or did some rescuers crash?
They need to pay back at least the cost of the rescue operation.
Jim from Chicago said: "Jack, I will put all the attention they desire on the reality show pitch.
Let's start with their appearance on "police" and then "lock ".
"If they are found guilty, they should be charged, tied to a weather balloon, and then drifting, Jay said.
If the balloon deal was made to promote gimmicks, the parents of the balloon boy should be prosecuted.
Many search and rescue personnel and aircraft are involved in the search for missing, injured or dead boys.
If his parents are stupid enough to put on such a scam, they need to face the charges.
Yes, because they did stupid and stupid things.
Don't mess with the heads of others.
That's why you should think before you act!
Rocket science is not needed to understand this!
Jack: I knew it was a scam on Thursday.
At the beginning, I was surprised that CNN will continue to report such asinine events.
It would be a better question why it would be covered.
Then continue to interview the family.
Well, the view of the news channel is very poor.
Why sue these fools?
The American public was cheated because of the 24-hour news cycle!
Stop talking about this family.
No one really cares. Yes! ! No question! ! But. . . . .
I also blame the media who are looking for news coverage during broadcast time.
What they do is wrong, they should be asked to pay all the cost of search and rescue work, as well as many community service hours.
I don't think criminal prosecution is worth the taxpayers' money, saving prison for real criminals.
They should have been sued-when they posted videos of themselves and their children chasing the storm in the car.
Colorado Army National Guard NORAD Department of Homeland Security Sheriff-all of these resources have been occupied for hours in an attempt to "save" the boys hiding in the attic, his stupid parents staged a publicity stunt.
What if there was really an emergency and these rescuers couldn't respond because they were chasing a damn balloon?
What if someone is injured or killed because of their efforts?
These two nut balls need to be locked up and disinfected by surgery to prevent contact with their children again.
For those who endanger the lives of others purely because of their sense of self, a precedent needs to be set.
What if there is an accident with the search and rescue aircraft, or need somewhere else in real life or death.
They should face criminal charges.
He said there was a million volts on the balloon.
Somehow no one mentioned this.
Now, a balloon so powerful will really mess up an old lady's trip to the Colorado church.
In addition to a six-year-old child sleeping inside, there is a possibility of electric shock to death! ! ! ! ZAPP! !
They should lock them all.
No, parents of balloon boys should not face criminal prosecution.
Suing his parents would cost taxpayers more and punish those who did not have a criminal intention.
It's better for the court to hunt down people who really do harm to public welfare.
Jack, I don't know if this stupid story itself can be called a "crime",, parents should certainly be responsible for a stunt that puts civil aviation in a dangerous position in the region and all the valuable resources that are deployed and wasted.
Is all this for their reputation?
Come on, parents need a tough lesson.
Not to mention other fans.
In Woody, Alexandria, Egypt, they should face criminal charges.
They consume resources, time, etc. . .
Important rescue workers
They should face huge fines and pay compensation to cover the cost of rescuers traveling to counties, states, etc. . .
Take a few years probation.
They should not go to jail.
That will only punish the children.
Jack: Although this is a bit of a vandalism for an American audience, the free invoice (
Emergency resources they use)
On behalf of taxpayers, of course.
Criminal prosecution, absolutely not, unless we also have to file a lawsuit against the fat cat on Wall Street, and yes, to the fool "bear Griers wannabbe.
What's his name? Grape? Flake?
During the American economic transformation, there was nothing better than Gilligan.
I love my country, though can we make the caste system more chaotic than it is now? ps-
I like your frankness, Jack, and of course, let it go on: they have violated several laws and should therefore be prosecuted.
In addition, their children should be taken away or subject to mandatory psychotherapy. From Germany.
Ps I often watch CNN and accidentally become this bolloon. I was so scared that I couldn't breathe, prayed, and then I was shocked by my mother's reaction to "you did ". ? ?
When the Falcon was asked, "didn't you hear us call you ? "
He said yes ".
It was after he was "discovered.
As a mother, I will ask him this question before the reporter asks, and there will be my answer. That "You did?
"It's so strange that I can help even though I don't want to believe in pranks. Yes, they should.
Any TV station that gives them a reality show should be boycotted.
You can't reward bad behavior.
These people connect a lot of search and rescue workers when they may be needed elsewhere.
And, like Jon and Kate, these people are exploiting their children.
Perhaps, if courts and child welfare agencies begin to intervene in these matters, people will not exploit their children for the entertainment of the United States.
No, but they should be asked to do some community service as an example of the cost of such behavior.
Shame on the public is enough. Ahhhh. . . . . . in a word YES! ! !
If they plan such gimmicks for reality shows to make money, of course, they should pay back the cost of all the first responder services.
When can people control our lives and participate in our country?
MariaBrunswick, MDMy absolutely would definitely say, but every time I look at those lovely kids, my heart says there is no way.
I wasted an entire afternoon stuck to an image of a UFO-shaped balloon floating on the Colorado landscape. . .
I won't waste any more time on this story. . .
Oh, I think I just did it. . . .
Okay, but this is the last time.
No, they should pay all the money and pick up the trash on the side of the road with Charlie Lange.
Prisons should be reserved for violent criminals. For what?
Because of fraud?
So why don't our politicians get sued for their actions?
How about suing the Fed to devalue our currency?
How about suing all those who voted for the Patriot Act?
How about suing all those who voted for bail? What?
Are they doing this for our good?
They are, of course. . . Yes.
At a time when social services were cut for economic reasons, the family paid a large amount of money for taxpayers to promote.
I think they should.
If they actually put on the scam, it looks like they did at this point.
They lack care for anyone but themselves.
They also have no control over their children.
They both had a lot of trouble in at least two counties of Colorado and the FAA, not to mention the cost of the authorized agency to make such a response.
Fines may bankrupt them, and charges of imprisonment may cause them to hand over their children to the child protection department in the state or county.
It looks like it's all about giving money to reality shows and getting them to face it right now.
If there is important evidence of a crime, yes.
I want the public to stop for the second time.
However, guess law enforcement officers.
As a nation, we forget that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty.
It shouldn't be the opposite way! Absolutely.
Wasted valuable resources.
They wasted support time from fire, police and other emergency services.
They also forced Denver airport to reschedule air traffic due to their stupidity.
Who knows how to quantify the actual loss due to their stupidity.
At least send his father to prison.
Should parents of balloon boys face criminal charges?
What will this really achieve?
They should pay for tracking the money he spent.
This will be enough punishment.
If we don't want to bother to sue Bush and Cheney for their crazy pursuit in Iraq, in the world, why should we bother to sue the Heene family, because their paltry defeat of millions of dollars led to zero life?
No, but they should be responsible for the costs of local, state, and federal rescuers.
In addition, the child protection service needs to be involved in this situation for a few months and determine if the father has an issue with anger management, as demonstrated when he accused his wife of not securing the line of the balloon.
Is he acting or out of control?
I don't know, but I know what it feels like to be abused by angeraholic parent.
Children need not only media protection, but also father protection.
They got it in 15 minutes.
They should pay the price to some extent.
Criminal prosecution appears to be "harsh ".
Yes, parents should face prosecution and be liable for all costs of the personnel and equipment used.
I am more troubled when parents exploit the child's attention and money. Yes.
Send a bill to all who chase their balloons.
They should definitely face some form of prosecution.
But I think it should be a fine, not a jail.
Look at the danger that rescuers are facing all of these vehicles.
The helicopter could crash together, or suck the balloon into the rotor, or who knows what to expect.
Maybe this guy has to go to work now.
He seems to be allergic to real work.
Yes, they need a bunch of healthy American judges to go to jail!
Those parents should face the promise in the nearest psychiatric hospital. YES! !
Not only because when the boy said his dad told him it was for the show, I didn't think he was lying, but because I really liked what the boy did to all the superstitious things we --
Citizens who believe in aliens (
Bring the boy into the universe)
Haha, isn't that a good joke?
The boy reminded me of the way I was when I was a child: I also did something like that boy. to)
Let others suffer!
I still like it!
But now that his dad taught the joke, it's so disappointing because all the fun is gone!
So, yes, I think you should at least put his dad in jail!
Not speaking (him)
But to spoil my fun with this joke! Yes! Absolutely!
No one should be able to do this remotely again.
They must be responsible for their actions and for everything that happens afterwards.
Watch your show almost every day.
It's so refreshing to see that not everyone has a cookie cutter view of all politics and everything else.
Yes, these parents should be severely punished and some severely punished.
We have to show an example to stop nut work with other similar actions.
If they want to have time, why not take their son to volunteer at the local food bank?
They will soon forget the sights there.
Thankfully, no one in the rescue operation was hurt by their parents for a while.
Their defense version of this stupid Hardy stunt is not even worth the time spent on print or television --
No reason-
Their goal is to promote for free.
Hi Jack, yes, they should be charged!
Until I saw Wolf's interview last week, I also fell in love with the scam.
In fact, they think they can actually do that. unbelievable -
It's terrible they brought the kids in.
This is what bothers me the most.
The children would be better off as wards of the country, and parents should be put in their fast pop device and fly far.
The mother had previously said that she and her husband believed they were descendants of aliens.
Let's ship them back. Good riddance! !
First let the spiritual magnet pay for all the expenses of looking for the ghost son! ! !
Second, assess the cost of closing parents.
Should the children pay the price for dad's stupidity and he needs attention?
Minor Stone injury! ! ! !
If they did, then the media should be on the same boat as them because they blew this up like this.
Jack, unless you ask if we should.
Please forgive the boy's parents that your question is not logical.
If parents are considered to be in violation of city, state, or federal laws, are those exactly the same laws not requiring them to be prosecuted?
Maybe you mean to ask if parents should be persecuted for getting their children into stupid, futile dilemmas and running out of town on the railroad, wrong attempts to catch celebrities at the expense of their child's safety and emotional health.
If it's a scam-yes-
It caused a lot of confusion and waste of manpower. Yes, they should.
They should also pay compensation.
No criminal prosecution.
It was terrible that they didn't tell the police the truth.
But on the other hand, if they go to jail, their children will be the ones who pay the bill. No. . . . .
They must face constant fines.
After all, the boy is safe.
Of course they should.
This cheap stunt is not cheap for the rest of us.
They should be charged with a crime.
See how the media came in?
It reminds me of how it helped all of us get into Iraq.
The media should be left to professionals, not ambulance chasers.
Yes, this is obviously a scam.
Floating items must be deliberately filled with substances lighter than air, which is unnatural.
Add a child and wa-
We have TV reports, newspapers, reality shows right in front of us.
I watched the big people in a news interview. he didn't say a word and always lowered his head.
Probably not worth it.
Unless they have moiney.
If they describe the balloon accurately, it is obvious from the earlier photos that there are no baskets or hanging baskets.
Therefore, it is impossible for the boy to be on board.
When vballon landed, the re-seller opened the sealed collar thinking that the boy might be inside.
Fees paid to the public after the first 10 minutes shall be paid by the parents.
Balloon Boys and his family and their lawyers should not profit from this experience.
Did they get paid for ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN interviews?
If so, the money should be paid to cover the cost of search and rescue work.
Parents show poor greed and judgment-they should serve as an example so that others don't see the profits that one can get if one is in the spotlight or in the news.
Your child's safety should always be the first priority, not all the big money you can get from some stupid reality show.
You don't make ends meet?
Picking up cans hanging outside lazy American windows on the highway, yes, they need to be charged and forced to pay for the debts of police and authorities staff who have to go out to stop, looking for out-of-control balloons and kids not on board.
It's not the child's fault, Mr Henry, you just didn't teach the child the right way of life.
Given the effort and the dollars spent to commit fraud, yes.
They should be asked to pay back all expenses related to the whole scam.
But thanks to the news media, they do get what they want.
Are you going to send them the bill?
Jack, even if you ignore the national attention that this story has received in national news coverage, there is one thing you can't ignore at all.
The emotions of millions of viewers who expect, hope and pray that a six-year-old child can be found alive and healthy.
When we watched the story break incredibly, I knew how my wife and I felt, and we were afraid what the end result would be.
We have enough bad news every day.
So I say, throw the book to them and let the law educate those who dare to try this irresponsible or more foolish behavior.
Dennis Hartsville, TennesseeYes!
When people try to make a living and this country needs every citizen to work for a better future, it is irresponsible to look for idiots to waste our precious resources.
They need to be responsible.
Of course they should, Jack.
Now is the time for people to be responsible for their actions.
Let's give them the reality show they want-of course, how interesting it would be to keep track of a family's life in prison, but with all the other crappy reality shows Fox has launched over the years, they may also stand up on this plate.
JaredAustin, TXThe city, state and federal governments spent hundreds of billions of dollars, if not millions of dollars, to mobilize everything from the police, ambulances, fire departments, tried to catch the balloon's military ship before a child was injured.
Of course, they should be prosecuted.
What they do is not just lie, it is equivalent to stealing millions of dollars from an almost bankrupt government. DEFINITELY!
It's a waste of manpower just to get 15 minutes of fame.
Parents should also bear all the costs of wasting all relevant time.
This madness must stop!
They should never be found on TV again.
Take the children away from them. Yes.
Earlier this morning, I saw a man in an interview who lied to the American public in the 1970 s that he was going to write a biography of the reclusive Howard Hughes.
The man said he thought the Heene incident was just "fun and game" as well ".
"Do promotional gimmicks with your kids, teach them to lie for fifteen seconds and be kind to them, is it just fun and games?
So ignoring it is used as a scam?
I don't think so. it looks like I'm not alone. Absolutely !
They should also be asked to go to a psychiatrist at least because there is an idea of loose marble that they will not be caught.
These days, I'm surprised by all the technology and science that we have and people think they can "get away with any crime ".
Of course, they should face criminal prosecution.
Crime is a crime, they should not be let go!
However, penalties should not exceed misdemeanor and should never be a felony charge that led to imprisonment.
The problem facing our country is much bigger than a child (NOT)in a balloon!
Parents should pay a fine to the state and county for the level of personnel they provide, but in my opinion there is nothing more than that. Jack! Honestly!
You had to ask?
I was surprised that the children were not taken from that house yet!
Of course, dad is an adrenaline fan, but what about mom?
Where is her brain?
Jack, if it turns out to be a scam, go to hell!
How many law enforcement agencies are involved?
How much is the taxpayer's money spent "hard to find "?
How does this affect a family? Absolutely.
What kind of "parenting style" will put your child in danger (
Tornado, hurricane)
Insist that children lie to meet their father's urgent need for fame and attention?
I think six-year-
Old man forced to lie
He vomited in a live TV interview.
He must know that what he has done is wrong.
The parents of this poor child are really wrong.
The AnneTexasA family should not be destroyed unless regional Atty.
I think he has enough evidence to sue.
If the parents of these three boys are really playing pranks for reality shows, then they should be sued for spending a lot of money, not that they made people think there was a six-year-old boy in the balloon whose life was threatened.
I remember that during the Atlanta Olympics, a security guard was mercilessly prosecuted by the news media, and his life was destroyed, only to find that he was innocent.
I think the news media need to be careful when reporting the story.
If there is enough evidence that this is a scam, they should not only be charged, but they should also be charged for every penny the taxpayer generates from the scam. Yes.
This event proves that whether it is to fool a country or try to tarnish the morality of a child, they will do anything for fame.
Falcon is good for you to tell the truth.
Also, who is the real child?
Yes, they should do so, but so should the media encouraging such outrageous acts.
If you don't make it sensational-probably most of it will go away.
I'm struggling with this.
On the one hand, taking into account the welfare of the child, to make your parents face the psychological impact of criminal prosecution, if convicted, it is likely to be taken away.
On the other hand, if these people do not face any consequences, they are likely to engage in similar behaviors that expose children to greater psychological risks, so it might be better for them to be with another family and the convicted parents.
Personally, I would like to see these concernsgrabbing over-
An adult child who is a parent of Heene has learned a difficult lesson: The world will not and should not turn around them.
Prosecute them.
Yes, but it's just a misdemeanor and there are very few fines.
The civil court is where the two so-called parents will lose their shirts.
They will have to pay all the fees for the time of law enforcement and Army National Guard and the use of helicopters.
It will be very expensive for them.
I can see the sign for sale in front of the House and on their car.
They should have sent the little boy to the grandma's house. Absolutely.
Any adult has enough courage to be attracted to the reality TV craze to succeed, which is a more serious gambling problem than the lottery player.
If a law enforcement officer is hurt, or even indirectly, in the process, then justice is not quick enough.
I also question whether these children should be allowed to stay with these parents.
Criminal prosecution? ?
It's like when his kids pull something like this, taking very harsh action against them.
It was his extreme indulgence that led to their attitude of "getting away with punishment in any way.
In the future life, when the grown-up children learn that the real world does not work like this, they will suffer for it.
Father needs to go to kindergarten again.
Learn the basic rules.
Things like this: fair competition.
Don't beat people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess
Don't take things that don't belong to you.
Say you're sorry when you hurt someone.
Wash your hands before eating. Flush.
For an erramt adult it means 6 months in jail
Familiar with the meeting.
Did they murder, rape, robbery? Then No.
If found guilty, a fine of up to several thousand dollars would suffice.
They will!
Despite spending a lot of money on this, they are still conducting an investigation and the money should be repaid.
I think my employer wants me to pay for the two hours I spend watching CNN and not working!
Jack, are you kidding? Absolutely!
Of course, they should also need to take their children away as soon as possible.
Unfortunately, they have children.
I really feel sorry for them, the children.
Of course they should be punished.
Look at all the manpower that might be used to look for that child, not to mention the money spent on taxpayers.
The Lost Child is not a joke and should never be used as a scam.
Just give them the bill.
Think about the resources used in this small fiasco!
Media is everywhere! YES -
There should be some fines, of course! !
Jack, they should only face criminal prosecution if they actually violate one or more laws.
However, they should be asked to repay any police, fire or military agencies that spend resources trying to track balloons and rescue children.
They should not be asked to reimburse the news media for their chinny-chin-chins.
They must re-register all agencies involved in the search fee.
Also, criminal penalties are ordered so there is no copycats.
In addition, each time the rescue is activated, the rescue personnel will endanger their own safety and need to give a lesson to their parents;
They put their children in this farce, which made them ashamed, and in addition, all media should immediately stop reporting on the topic before the trial entered the penlty phase.
Parents were given free publicity.
Why fire? Hell Yeah.
I can't even play with my kids like this, let alone include them in the scam.
If there are no other parents on Earth, they need to learn the lesson.
Keith of AlabamaNot should only take the child away when facing criminal prosecution.
The poor little Falcon really threw up and he was very upset about the whole thing.
These idiots take risks for the health and welfare of their children!
Throw them in jail.
If they can prove it to be a scam, then grab them anyway.
This story consumes a lot of resources. . . . . . . . .
If it's a scam, these people are criminals.
The two men need to pay for the loss of worrys and ploice deptI who think the treatment is more suitable for the family!
Whether they have financial problems or are just addicted to the reality show industry. . .
But again, the state should ask why reality shows should be produced while making money; any real i. e.
Real human values from such programs.
After watching the Today show interview, the boy vomited and his father looked at him. . . . .
This is not the way a father looks after a sick child.
Instead of stopping inertia like a real father, he looks at him like a child coughs. . . no big deal.
I know first hand that some children are free to do so, give their children an Emmy, give their children father lessons about life, family dynamics, and community work, and advise the whole family.
Oh, you might want to come back at 5 and 10 to see this kid.
Jack, not at all, if the individual who caused our economic collapse evaded justice, how could the government charge a simple family unit with a crime.
However, they should change the government for searching and paying fines. . .
Vinnie VinoCentral Islip, N. Y.
Jack, yes, criminal and civil.
They should be asked to pay back all expenses related to the scam and face imprisonment.
If you have seen footage of a husband dealing with a recent "wife exchange" woman and child, you can also see that he is an abusive person.
Before he decides that the child "caused it all" and really hurt one of the children, the child service needs to be involved.
Of course, if there is sufficient evidence to support the arrest.
You can't push your TV business with citizen's money.
They want the TV time to make them difficult and they will succeed!
They really should, but I suspect they will, know from the beginning that there is something strange about the storygo.
Jack, I'll give these reality shows all the attention they crave to promote the hounds.
Let's start with their appearance on "police" and then "lock ". "Yes. . . nuff said. . .
If they go to jail, the three boys will be saved from that terrible upbringing, so the whole mess will eventually become a truly valuable purpose.
It's impossible to watch the empty balloon for a few hours. it's the most interesting thing for me in 60 years. . .
Sadly, this guy will waste so much other people's time and money for his own satisfaction and gain, especially when the economy is difficult.
If he is found guilty, he should be punished with the highest penalty.
He also set a very bad example for his children.
Steve, Laguna Niguel, and police in Casey need to file charges against them, and prosecutors must file a lawsuit first.
Given the current doubts, I would say yes.
How do we know the answer?
If the balloon is released for the attention of people, perhaps to show up on TV, then there is no crime.
This may be all he means when the boy makes a comment. He's a kid.
He only knew what they had done to get on TV.
If they hide the boy and pretend to panic about his disappearance, then they are ashamed and they should be punished.
However, the vague statement of a sleepy child as the basis for the decision is not sufficient to justify an attempt to defraud.
Until the facts are known, there is the notion that the judgment is retained.
Not enough practice these days.
Throw the book to them, they put it all on, now where they can find it, what they're thinking, wait, I know, they're not thinking about how this affects the rest of us? I would be angry if I was ion denver and my plane was transferred. Stunt Show
Yes, yes, yes.
If they do this for gimmicks, yes, they should be charged and at least have to pay for the search prison-No.
High fines due to wild goose chase and many hours of community service pay back all fees.
Let them do some free work instead of spending our money in jail.
What should the children do when their parents are pulled to sing?
Ward of the state? Yes.
Jack, I saw two people picking up trash on the Financial Times highway.
Collins for a long time.
Yes, they should.
Can you imagine if all of us do this like this?
I don't think all federal agencies will do anything other than deal with "fake" emergencies. Just horrible! ! ! !
I think they should be forced to actually ride their balloons.
Sentenced them to family treatment and asked them to repay the cost of emergency services due to stupidity.
Don't give them more time, that's exactly what they want.
Should those who ski out at the ski resort pay for all their rescue?
I know the concept is simpler, but they should definitely do so.
The US public has not asked for this and should not be held liable for anyu costs.
As an example of not allowing such activities, perpetrators should be subject to maximum charges permitted by law. They broke the law.
If you promise to break out of prison, send them there. Yes.
Yes, sure.
Of course, they should face prosecution, and the media should face prosecution as well, because they blocked the Internet, TV, radio and newspapers with this story!
Yes, the book should be thrown to them if they are actually convicted of a scam.
There will be no harm in a thorough mental assessment.
They will see their TV show on TV.
No matter how much it costs, they should pay for all the public services devoted to this issue.
It is only when Congress and the media are charged with criminal charges that they are charged with these acts and get away with them.
Who is watching the show when the country is swallowed up by greed and war.
They should be forced to do something constructive because they have caused such waste with little neglect.
They should provide community services to families and poor children in crisis.
If they're all sick
The proceeds from their propaganda, they should donate it to a valuable cause.
There are, of course, some.
However, is the best punishment for these idiots seeking attention radio silence?
I also had a 6 year old myself, and when my dad called and told me to watch the show on TV, I was shocked, surprised and scared to death.
All I can think of is my baby.
In addition to the obvious expenses, the endless expenses and heartache these parents bring to me and many other people with children should be compensated.
This is a crime against nature and humanity itself.
This is regrettable and should not be punished.
Therefore, they are clearly not worthy of fame, fame and wealth.
Any money they make should be paid first to those who suffer losses as a result.
It's creepy!
Ignore them, please stop talking about them!
Reject the propaganda they seek.
This will teach them.
Richard Heene should face what he thinks is the worst sentence-the judge should judge that he must find a real job before he is 65.
The boy's parents are pimps.
They used him to make money by selling balloons or on reality shows and should therefore be prosecuted.
Also, they should pay for the time I wasted focusing on this story, because I can never go back.
I'm tired of letting people use their children to advance their own lives. NO!
The media should face charges for spending hours reporting balloons, and then spend hours defending themselves for reporting balloons. . . honest to PETE! Absolutely!
Put them in 24-
Live camera!
Perhaps a complete lack of privacy is enough to bore them with popularity and attention.
Take the children to a safer, more sensible environment and stay away from the two madmen as much as possible.
Such people should never be allowed to have children around them.
Very simple, they should be "spanking ". . .
Because they were adults, they were banned, their mobile phones were taken away, they were sent to the room in a month or two without Internet access. Oh!
And no popcorn!
Community Services, first of all, have them pick up trash and use balloons at a clown party in Colorado to pay the taxpayers back.
This is the second aviation accident this year to cost taxpayers (
Air Force One, this is New York City. . . ).
Second, charge them.
They try to turn their children into their own propaganda machines.
Third, they obviously don't care about their children, so they should take them away.
Until a suitable home is found.
Paul from Phoenicians, sue them.
But make sure the charges are appropriate so they don't get thrown out and will only be given to these kids in the end
Air time to make it more free from narcis is threatened.
Of course, they can pay every penny of Chase and search.
While they were there, they could apologize to my son, who couldn't help crying at the thought of the little boy falling off the balloon.
CNN/Blitzer should reward them for a show that successfully pulled the wool off their eyes. . self-
Countless viewers are well aware that they want to know why the police are actually cutting down a shot-down balloon for "sympathy" and humiliation in the "staged" scene.
If they really believe there's 6-
The one-year-old is inside, dead, breathing in helium, and they don't invade for fear of killing a dead little boy. . Absolutely!
It is unforgivable to waste the time of local and national personnel.
Perhaps this will serve as an example for others who may have the same idea.
Not only should they face criminal prosecution, they should also be forced to return them in full to all agencies involved in the "rescue mission.
If they don't have the money right now, make sure it comes from any gain from interviews, books or reality show deals.
Kirksville, Moy didn't know I would say the couple was in prison, but, apparently, they were responsible for the blatant unnecessary taxpayer costs in the wild goose chase they sent the authorities.
On top of that, I think the family should go to the children's service because if they are going to do crazy promotional gimmicks with their children, they don't seem to fit their parents.
I think they should be charged, not just misdemeanor.
I also believe that since they spent county and city money chasing this balloon, they should pay for the expenses they incurred for their stupidity!
They should get a contract for a reality show.
Crazy like this family, I will listen!
I have many years of experience in mental health, especially in child abuse.
This is a family.
They are most at risk.
Risks from parents, especially the father who is obviously unstable.
Regardless of whether they face criminal prosecution or not, first of all, the children need to be taken away from his care.
As we all know, he faced charges of domestic violence last year, a bit of a mental breakdown.
No wonder the Falcon vomited twice-to do this you have to be a very scared little child.
It was not realized that Heene children were in an unsafe situation and needed to be taken away.
And then you can sue these madmen.
They should definitely be sued and they should be asked to repay every penny the law enforcement department spends to follow up on their scam.
Maybe if the parents get some punishment, the children will understand the consequences of the action.
What a terrible example of how parents are for their children!
Cai believes the criminal charges are reasonable.
They waste public money and teach their children that it is appropriate behavior.
We can only hope that they will learn by watching their parents pay for their behavior.
This is a better punishment.
They want attention.
They are not worth it.
Can we not give them any more?
Los Angeles, CAThe news media and many others have tried and convicted the family and I want to remind you all that there is something stupid coming out of a child's mouth in the day care event, innocent people have been prosecuted for molesting children.
If so, let's wait for the facts? !
Jack, how do you sue these fools when President Bush escaped torture, mass murder, lying to war and war crimes?
Throw the book to them.
We have had enough of these eight rooms, Jon and Katz etc.
It's time to stop more idiots from looking for time in the spotlight by letting them know their absurdity (
Dangerous occasionally)
Behavior will no longer be tolerated.
Throw the book to them.
Some sort of criminal charge should be made against them, and in addition, they should compensate for the cost of finding the missing boy (their son)
No one they know is missing.
It seems to me that using their children is like abuse.
Of course, don't teach your child truth and honesty, you can "have something" as long as you have 15 minutes of fame ". Ignore them.
Their 15 minutes are over.
We should treat them like any other person who is considered to have committed fraud-and that is the truth.
When one person (or individuals)
An untrue emergency informed the authorities that this was an act of fraud.
Emergency personnel must, as in this case, treat the report of an emergency as real.
This requires a lot of manpower, infrastructure, and risk in many cases.
This is not the only related cost (
No need to spend)
But these important resources may disappear in a real emergency.
Investigate them and try them if there is evidence that they have committed such fraud
And punish them like other citizens.
No offense, Jack, but CNN gave the family what it wanted: No. stop exposure.
Yes, they should face criminal charges, but they should not be made public.
The news media have always said the story attracted the whole country.
In fact, only the media is concerned.
You want to be famous?
This is your reputation.
Now, take your fine and go home and raise your child a little better and teach them to be productive members of society, unlike what you haven't done so far.
BentonSt Clair Shors, MIYes, they should do so, and if the media entities know about it and provide them with something, they should be severely punished and exposed.
When we think we have seen it all. . .
We see complete idiots "raising" children. . .
No wonder the world is so bad.
Punish them, of course. . .
Throw them the balloons. . .
Yes they should, I don't know about the rest of the country, but my heart is in my throat when the balloon comes down and the boy is not inside.
I was worried that the balloon had dropped him from over 1000 feet in the air.
This is a cruel scam that can have a lasting impact on children.
There is no doubt that he vomited on the morning show and the pressure of having to lie upset him.
It should also be the responsibility of the parents to try to rescue the boy's all-people.
They should definitely face criminal charges.
On the one hand, their selfishness has built hours of emergency services in large parts of Colorado, not only spending taxpayers' money, but it also increases the risk that people who really need the help of the police or the fire department may not be able to get help.
It doesn't matter if anyone really waited longer for help.
The danger is there, and the next time some madmen pull similar stunts, the danger will come again.
Such crazy, selfish behavior should not be tolerated, should not go without punishment.
The question is not whether they should face prosecution.
The question is, why don't they face prosecution?
I can't think of a good reason.
They should definitely be prosecuted.
How many people on that day who really need an emergency response have to deal with the delay for both reasons?
Should the parents of the balloon baby be prosecuted?
It's like asking if there are too many Indians in Castel! !
Of course, they should be prosecuted.
If they are not punished for child abuse and emergency units, then what is it that makes every promotion seek
Your efforts in LaLa's land have become even more outrageous.
The group is not in danger to the community. .
Maybe it's some negligence to make sure the family treats each other right, and it seems to me that it's normal to slap the wrist with a stern warning.
The whole process lasted two or three hours. .
Let us not ignore the fact.
Too exaggerated. Real simple.
Ask them to pay back all the cost of the rescue attempt.
Yes, Jack, any money these people make from this story should be confiscated to help pay for the rescue operation.
I hope the rumor of felony charges is true.
This is the worst wolf crying.
Of course they need it.
If not, expect more of these reckless and selfish pranks.
It is disgusting, dishonest and fraudulent to expel your child for personal satisfaction.
Karma is what they deserve. . . .
Yes, they got an extra 15 minutes of fame, they got the media and hopefully they will definitely be able to provide some arrest and consultation for their children!
Or it's better to put parents in a balloon and send them away from the news and our lives with Joe and Kate.
None of the four should be parents. Absolutely.
But they are allowed to admit their guilt. They lose face.
They agreed to pay a fine to pay the fees they incurred.
They were suspended for several years.
I am not 100% sure about criminal prosecution. . .
But any parent who is willing to bring their 3 children to the eye of the hurricane should be checked by the child protection service.
It is certainly not safe for these boys to be with their "parents.
Chicago, Illinois.
These parents, of course, should be prosecuted.
For the sake of their own "interests", this little gimmick cost taxpayers money.
When can we hold each other accountable for our actions? ? !
They should, of course, accept criminal charges.
I feel sorry for their children, but if their parents have to face the music, maybe the children will find that this behavior is wrong at all levels.
They should also pay, of course.
The slight to moderate interference with Heenes is also very obvious.
The Falcon and his brothers should be protected.
I don't think it would be good to put Heen in prison.
What they need is parenting classes and tutoring, and their license for flying saucers has been revoked.
I hope my parents don't go to jail for the Falcon.
I feel that he will be traumatized and that he feels responsible for reminding the authorities of Wolf Blitzer's answer to this scam.
Heenes should definitely pay back and provide community services.
It will be a lesson that children can learn in the hope of helping them become responsible adults because parents do not set a good example.
Yes they should be charged at least to pay taxes
The payer of the money spent in this whole mess.
How stupid do they think we are? ? Come on! !
Yes, they should also face civil costs to cover the costs incurred by institutions, including television networks.
Perhaps the worst punishment for him is that he will never see a TV camera again.
He likes cameras very much. Yes, absolutely! !
I want to see more, too-
An in-depth survey of child protection services.
A child vomited on a question? Twice?
It means severe psychological trauma to me-I don't think it's just because the boy knows it's a lie.
There is also a police report on domestic violence, along with the volatile behaviour of Richard Hain and the outbreak of anger.
The debris is there.
Someone needs to protect these kids!
Are you kidding?
These parents are so unstable that they need to be put in jail.
These media are so sad-
Obsessed with celebrities
Flakes should use their children as props to get another "reality show ".
I have a good idea, prison, ultimate reality.
You can "play" in the "Survivor" seris in prison ".
Throw the book to these people.
All volunteers looking for boys, the destruction of DIA, the money to mobilize resources, if you don't work hard, the first responders may say, we'll wait to confirm that it's true.
At Steve of louisiana, the reality is still there, and criminal prosecution will mainly give them more attention.
Child protection agencies should investigate and monitor them and order them to take some parenting classes.
Jack, if these parents are found guilty, then they have to pay back the fees of all taxpayers, I mean all the fees.
I do not recommend that they go to jail because the prison will bring food and safety to them at the expense of taxpayers.
Thank you, the Navy is absolutely, they should face charges and have to pay back any costs associated with the rescue work.
I will also question their parenting abilities as they instruct their 6 year old to lie to the athletes.
They should be prosecuted for all available charges;
They should be required to pay back the money the law enforcement department spent on the search;
The child service should investigate and take the child away if necessary.
I have a crazy idea that people are innocent before the court proves guilty (
Relative to the media).
That being the case, if the grand jury presents the evidence and they return to the judgment that the case should be tried, then, yes, they should face prosecution.
If their peer jury finds them guilty, then, yes, they should be punished.
But let's get this system to sue, not the media to sue. Yes.
Their scams have led to the transfer of public resources to other places to deal with promotional gimmicks that might be needed for the actual crisis.
I also believe that these children should be placed in healthy parents who will not exploit them for personal honor.
Heene's should be fully prosecuted by law and they should be forced to pay back the full cost incurred anywhere due to their scam, state or federal agency.
Now is the time for us to begin to show our personal responsibility as a nation.
This includes not creating elaborate pranks that cost thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to get more attention.
I am also very concerned about the happiness of these three children.
They should pay a big fine for community service.
They should also be publicly humiliated.
Stop, so that they and many people like them will think twice and become the star of "reality.
Suing them will waste more time and money making the story live longer.
I'm tired of listening.
I think these people will suffer enough in constant humiliation.
To avoid prosecution, I like the idea of having them pay all the fees.
If we think logically about this, it's fair for everyone (i. e.
Kids, taxpayers, searchers)
If proven guilty, then: Don't send your parents to prison, instead, don't spend money looking for Falcons on Richard and meimi because of this propaganda stunt they pull.
This will send the right message to the parents, anyone who wants to play this stunt, while also making sure that the children have parents there to take care of them, not in jail.
In any case, criminal prosecution and repayment of the funds needed to pay for the emergency resources spent in this stupid stunt show.
It may not be a bad idea to live in a mental hospital;
Who will use their children this way?
I feel sorry for his son, who will now be called "balloon boy" forever ".
Sadly, I can see this fool trying to take advantage of his son from this perspective. . .
My answer is: when I read about the possibility of a 6-year-old child falling from the sky, I felt that my intuition was punched as if it were my own son. I empathized. . . deeply.
I actually shed a tear and think about how I would feel if it were my own son.
And then found out it was a scam. Gut-punched twice.
But the second one is the kind of person that makes you tired and puts you in a crazypunches.
How dare the family seek progress in this way.
They deserve all sorts of ridicule in this matter.
Their punishment should be to compensate everyone who helps to find their son.
Including compensation for time and money.
For example, if neigbhor spends 4 hours looking for a Falcon, then parents should provide 4 hours of service to that person.
Whether it's scrubbing bowls, doing lawn work, etc.
I think they should be put in jail for at least 5 years for misleading the authorities.
Their judgment should be an example for everyone to show that you can't play with the law for personal benefit.
But I feel sorry for the children.
This is Simple Jack. . . .
Give them a huge bill to pay for EMS and National Guard helicopters and charge them for submitting false police reports. Case closed.
There's no need to turn this into a federal felony case.
I said the whole family needs a psychological test.
It is clear that these children are in danger to live with Mr. and Mrs. Heene.
If it is determined that the parent has committed the problem without applying it, they should pay the fees associated with it.
I don't think taking the child away is the answer unless there is evidence of misconduct, but parents should be warned of the consequences if there are other stunts.
Yes, they should face criminal charges.
In addition to paying the direct cost of their stunt shows, we should also file a class action lawsuit against them to re-
When our office worked with many others, our wages were lost (I presume)
Stopped tracking the whereabouts of the poor little Falcon.
To further promote their career choices, they begged our sympathy.
It took us time. Eddie – St.
Peterborough, Rice-there's nothing below. . . . .
If the "runaway bride" is held accountable for false police reports, then for God's sake --
So should Heenes!
The wonder of the "balloon boy" is far more in diameter than hers. . .
There are children involved in this.
It's time to send them the bill, Jack. Jail? Really?
That's how we came?
This reminds me of the fool in April.
Everyone Snickers before the joke begins.
That's revenge.
They pulled one on us. Get over it.
Well, this is a small potato, given the misconduct that is taking place in the Republic.
Still, Heenes will make money on this, so good people in Colorado should get part of the action in the form of some pretty big fines.
I said throw the book to them!
I personally find the whole thing enjoyable because baloon escape captures the imagination of almost everyone.
From baloon's video, it seems that no one can climb into the base compartment;
There is only one little boy.
These parents are obviously hooligans and should be publicly spanked, but I don't think bupbkic would want to throw them in jail and send their children to foster families.
No, they should donate any proceeds of this scam to local charities so that no one else is encouraged to abuse media that are too anxious to swallow some false information, but with the story of The Wizard of Oz to sell the broadcast time.
If convicted, they should be charged, tied to a weather balloon, and then drifting.
They should all be prosecuted.
In addition, there is a family whose whole wheat was destroyed by all rescue vehicles. . .
They should be compensated first, then the police. Yes.
He should also pay back all the expenses.
I also found that, in order to get people's attention, it was an insult to all those who were worried about his son. absolutelyYes.
Parents should not only be responsible for paying taxpayers to look for balloons and children, but also for wasting working hours "our people" that could have protected and served the public ".
People with a desire to promote should be responsible for their selfish and serious irresponsible behavior.
Where is their maturity, good judgment, concern about the people who spend their time trying to find and save their 6-year-old boys? !
We live in a serious world with serious problems, especially after 911. We{
Americans and the world
Can't afford this blatant self-display
Look for their 15 minute fame in the spotlight. Absolutely!
What if there is really an emergency elsewhere when these officials go after this guy for balloons. .
Or, if some rescuers crash-they definitely need to pay back the rescue costs of the minimum Sue darasi has never seen a reality show on TV.
I always use TV to escape from reality.
Having said that, maybe some people will be excited to watch their parents show up in their reality show in prison, because all the proceeds of the reality show are weakened.
I suggest putting them in the balloon for 4 hours.
The story reveals two sad facts.
The first is of course the price some selfish people will pay to get attention.
The second is the spread of the media.
The first thing that comes to mind when I notice this story is that it may be a transfer so that someone somewhere can go and explode something.
Oh, "Yes," they should be an example and be sued.
Otherwise, what is preventing others from committing similar crimes?
Andre Columbus, Ohio-of course, they should assume that they committed the alleged crime and should return it.
However, I am not sure if it is in the best interest of the children they have already suffered to put them in prison.
I recommend a wide range of mental health and parenting classes to help them solve any problems.
NHI from Hamptons believes that, as punishment, they should pay compensation for the expenses incurred and that important public services should be performed.
Are you kidding?
Of course they should.
This is not enough.
What do they teach their children?
After criminal prosecution, additional punishment should be imposed on them, never allowing them to make money from this escape, never allowing them to take part in reality shows and never see them again on TV or in print.
They will be forgotten where they belong.
Of course, this will never happen and their new show will premiere in the spring.
They should lock them all and throw away the keys.
The three boys hit them twice.
Let moral people raise them.
These parents are idiot cheaters, which is their advantage. Absolutely.
They are teaching their children that it is OK to lie, manipulate and do whatever they want in order to get what they want.
They should be sued and asked to pay back every penny spent on this whole ordeal.
They have done irreparable harm to these children.
The poor boy will be called "balloon boy" for the rest of his life ". Absolutely.
At the same time, they need to apologize to the public, especially those with high blood pressure and other related health problems.
I think those parents are in prison.
However, given that they are parents of young children, they should be eligible for 6 years.
They will also be fined and condemned by the community.
If the parents prove this, they should face criminal prosecution.
What do they teach their children? ?
I chose a perfect place for my parents, the mental hospital ".
They are a very "friendly" couple.
They should be placed in a prison in a psychiatric hospital and the children should be placed in a "healthy" person.
I can't have children. I don't understand. do these parents lie?
I guess we know the hard times we 've been through in this country and what people are going to make a living.
Maybe they want a pardon on that basis?
Yes, the whole thing is crazy.
If parents are willing to do such a thing, these children are not safe under their care.
This is too disturbing because there are amber alerts for missing children all over the country and they may never go home.
Someone should lock the child up. THE PARENTS)
No Jack, but they should apologize to everyone on national TV. v.
Especially if their kids tell them to lie.
Let them do community work and do enough with them, we have more important things to deal with, like two wars, our economy and health care. Shame on them.
If you want to know where all your taxpayers have gone, see what the cost of this couple trying to inflate themselves with balloon stunts is.
They should be condemned for creating such alarms, wasting the time resources of public officials, and warning them not to repeat such propaganda gimmicks for the sake of selfishness.
Besides that, forget them.
What annoyed me was that even if the Falcon said they did it for the show, the parents continued to play when he asked Blitzer what he said and completely ignored him.
Obviously the Falcon has broken their deal and I am surprised that Blitzer did not raise the issue.
Should they face criminal charges?
Yes, they should.
I am totally opposed to using any child as a pawn or as a means of achieving it.
It stinks and is as dirty as when they came.
The only time I wanted to see these humble people on TV was when the live news came out that the court had declared them guilty and they were taken to prison.
Parents of balloon boys should face prosecution.
In addition to wasting the tax on the child who was not in the balloon in the first place, the family also heartaches thousands of Americans watching the balloon empty and landing.
My heart is broken for the family who just lost their son.
This seems to be a very sad ending.
But it's outrageous to find all this propaganda stunt.
These parents are eager to get attention, and I think legally, even if they don't want to be the focus anymore, we should give them the attention they deserve.
Rebecca BowmanOak Ridge, TNThe man is so self-centered that he hides behind his family and uses his six-year-old son to attract media attention.
What kind of example did he give his child to say that it is OK to lie and cheat the system.
Today's Society is paying too much attention to reality shows, even if it means sacrificing the people they love.
The father of the Falcon is a weasel.
He owes money to the taxpayer, time to commit a crime, an apology to his child to make him part of this act.
This is what reality TV does to the country. . . .
If our public is not interested in this junk TV, maybe we don't have to be affected in the first place. . . .
They should pay for this little "adventure" they designed. . . .
Maybe they should go back to the balloon and bring Jon and Kate. . . .
Any punishment for them must be in line with their crimes.
What they do is strange and stupid, but it doesn't make any sense.
They should be given some punishment like community service so they don't do it again.
They are not rich. They have three children.
They don't have much income either.
The justice system must therefore show compassion.
It is sad that even if they are criminally prosecuted, they will benefit from this incident.
It's stupid, irresponsible and harmful to the children, but they get what they want. . .
Instant celebrity!
What I think should happen is that they have a maximum fine of $500,000 and pay for the rescue.
There will be no benefit in putting them in prison.
It will take them away from the children and the children have done nothing wrong.
Children should have better parents, but state custody will only do more harm to them.
There is a good chance that they will make money from such gimmicks, so any money will be fined and returned.
Yes, the appropriate fees should be raised and any and/or all financial costs incurred by the authorities should be recovered, however, please do not report these two "people looking for work/attention" to the media again.
They have had enough. . . .
We have had enough news viewers! No charges.
Rebuild the balloon, put both parents in and let it take off in the air.
While I know that it's hard for middle-class families to break even now and appreciat
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