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showers and chaitra sale bring plastic sheets back to gariahat | kolkata news - times of india - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
showers and chaitra sale bring plastic sheets back to gariahat | kolkata news - times of india  -  plastic sheet
Kolkata: continued Chaitra sales and continued heavy rain have driven the return of plastic sheets from garearhart and other Hawking areas of the city, less than three months since they were banned by the civic authorities, A fire broke out in a building at the intersection of garearhart.
Mayor firhad Harkin announced the prohibition of the use of plastic sheet of vendor building after there lived two popular of Sally shop â x80 "business big will January 20 Adi dhakeswari bastralaya â x80" walk flame on.
The move was initially carried out when garearhart vendors replaced their plastic curtains with sheets and sacks.
But in less than three months, the move was reversed.
The vendors said they tried to comply with the norms but behindto-
The violent showers and winds forced them back to the old way.
Under the instructions of our union leaders, I removed my plastic curtains and put on sheets like my vendors to protect my shop.
However, several of my clothing materials and clothing were destroyed by the first storm.
There was another storm the next day, and I put the plastic again, said jagnath Das, a vendor at the garearhart market.
Another vendor, Lalit Naskar, said that since the sale of Chaitra had begun, they had filled the store with goods worth a few lak and could not risk putting unsafe sheets, risk getting the goods wet and damaged.
From a business point of view, this is the busiest time of the year for any vendor.
The store is full of items worth a few lak.
So we allow them to use the plastic shade until the rain is fine.
After the monsoon is gone, we will make sure that the plastic curtains fall off again, said Debra Gosh, union secretary at gareart Indira Hawkes.
There is no need for the times to make such huge songs and dances to ban plastic sheets on illegal hawker stalls, if they intend to make a comeback in a few weeks.
Police investigations into the January 20 fire show that the fire started with a small spark but spread after contact with plastic sheets covering hawker stalls.
In the case, no one was arrested and four days later the vendors began to return one after another, even if most of the residents in the building were still homeless.
TOI reported on Wednesday that a destroyed store-the traders conference may open only this week, but Adi Dhakeshwari Bastralaya has not yet reopened.
At least three residents of the building have not yet returned home.
Residents of the building are worried that plastic sheets will come back and they want to know if the fire will happen
The danger will be dealt.
Two vendors on the left.
Three weeks after the fire, most of the corner of the building began to build a plastic shade.
When I complained, they started putting the plastic up in the morning and removed it when the store was closed.
But in the past week they have stopped completely removing the plastic sheet, the first one
Floor residents of the building.
The state has informed street vendors in Bangcheng, West Bengal (
Protect people's livelihood and regulate street traffic)
Article 2018th the use of tarps or any other flammable materials is prohibited.
Any structure with tarps or any other flammable articles is not allowed, as specified in the rules.
A senior official at the KMC market Department said the election was holding back a sustained push for plastics, but he assured that after the election, the push would start in full.
We have asked all police stations in the city to supervise the plastic-Disassembly process.
It's done and our team has been driving continuously to make sure there are no plastic curtains in all temporary stores.
But elections are holding back the pace of elections.
The campaign will begin in full once the election is over, the official added.
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