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six-month shelf life for wine in plastic bottles - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
six-month shelf life for wine in plastic bottles  -  polyethylene terephthalate
The supermarket claims that the wine in the plastic bottle remains the same for a year. But a year-
Long studies have shown that the wine stored in a bottle made of polybendiester (PET)
Plastics commonly used for carbonated drinks and water bottles begin to be oxidized earlier.
Within six months after the plastic bottles and bags were sealed, the flavor and chemical composition of the white wine changedin-
Packaging boxes for researchers at the Institute of grape and wine science (ISVV)
It is reported that in Bordeaux.
In contrast, the same wines remain stable when stored in glass bottles, the study said.
Red wine is also relatively stable in Africaglass formats.
ISVV tested red and white wines packaged in a range of glass, plastic and bagsin-
Box pack and test them regularly throughout the year.
Madeira wine sales soared, while the gas content and taste of white wines were found to have changed in plastic and bags --in-
For more than a year, the packaging of red wine has hardly changed.
Remy Ghidossi, ISVV lecturer, said: "It is now necessary to determine the legality of each protocol based on scientific information and quantitative data, and its main function is to maintain the flavor and properties of its content.
"Retailers, including witrose, introduced PET bottles of wine in the summer, claiming that lighter packaging is more eco-friendly than traditional glass bottles.
Nick Room, a wine buyer at Waitrose, said Shiraz of Khula Sky and bottle at Chabad Blanc had a shelf --
Guaranteed a year of life and proven 24 months of life.
He said shelf-
The packaging life, including the oxygen barrier, emphasizes "the product is as good as the glass of wine quality ".
He added: "Wine
Drinkers are very precious for compromising taste and quality, and this is something we are very careful about to ensure that new plastic packaging does not happen.
Josh Brooks, editor of Packaging News, said switching to lighter packaging is a common way to reduce the environmental impact of products.
He added: "Consumers should not forget that the biggest impact on the environment of the wine or any product they purchase is the production and transportation of the product itself, not the packaging.
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