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sleeping with the fishes! startled mom finds her four-year-old son fast asleep cuddling his dead goldfish, after the sweet little boy didn't realize taking nemo out of his tank for a hug would kill him - where to buy pet tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-28
sleeping with the fishes! startled mom finds her four-year-old son fast asleep cuddling his dead goldfish, after the sweet little boy didn\'t realize taking nemo out of his tank for a hug would kill him  -  where to buy pet tape
A shocked mother explained how her son had kindly killed his pet goldfish after taking out a hug from the fish tank.
Tori Hamlin from Georgia tells how she found four people. year-
The old son Everett fell asleep, and after going to check him while he was asleep, he held the fish.
When his mother woke him up and told him that the fish had passed away, it had multiple names but was often referred to as "nemo ".
Everett revealed that he stood up and fished Nemo out of the tank because he "just wanted to touch it "--
Did not realize that the little animal would die in the water.
Tori said: "I was shocked at first, but when he said he just wanted to touch it, I was thinking, Oh my God, it was so sad.
I don't think it's funny that he killed it.
He does not know what he is doing.
To be honest, I was surprised that he caught it.
He has good technology there.
"Maybe the fish was just too used to seeing him, so he was comfortable with him next to the tank.
He likes goldfish.
In his bedroom all the time.
He likes to watch it.
His tank has lights in different colors, so he likes to look at lights in different colors and pick different things to put in the tank.
"He never tried to get it before it happened that night.
Tori said she and 29. year-
The old husband, Corey, read Everett's bedtime story and let him go to bed like every night.
Then, when they heard the noise in his bedroom, the two went to the living room to watch a movie.
She continued: "We called him in and asked him what had happened. He said nothing.
We asked him to lie down and make sure he was sleeping.
I got up to go [to the toilet]
I checked him on the way.
He had a small chair that was always sitting in his corner and I noticed it was right next to the dresser next to his door.
I saw this light.
It changes the color, usually at the top of the lid
The lid could not be found in the water.
I called my husband and I thought, "Corey, I can't see the fish there and I can't find the lid, but the lights are in the tank. Come in here'.
Corey looked at him like, "Oh my God, he's got the fish in his hand ".
We woke him up and asked him why he had the fish.
'I just want to touch it,' he said.
So we said, man, you killed the fish.
Fish can't live without water.
"We explained it to him and he was frustrated and said, 'I don't want to kill my fish,' and then frustrated.
He was fine the next morning.
When we asked him this question again, he said, I just wanted to touch it.
I explained it to him again. he said, it's okay.
We have to buy another fish. I won't touch it.
I was allowed to fish only when I went fishing.
I said, yes, that's right.
Everett has to do something like this to learn.
Not every child listens to their parents and learns from them.
Sometimes they have to make mistakes to learn from them.
This is part of parenting and growth.
She and Corey bought him the fish when Everett was a few months old, and he likes to see bubbles and lights in the fish tank.
Tori shared the story online, where it received more than 65,000 reviews, likes and shares, and the family was overwhelmed by the compassionate offer to buy a new fish from Everett
Fortunately, his parents gave him a gift card to pick a new fish at the pet shop --
Everett promised he wouldn't touch the new goldfish.
Tori, whose mother lives at home, said: "We told him that we would buy a new fish tank and more fish for his birthday, so we hope to do so in the next few days.
"I 've got people from all over the country in touch and asked if they could buy him a new fish.
I don't want someone else's money-
This is not the point of the story.
We bought him a new fish.
He can help pick it out this time.
"We have always liked fish.
We had four or five tanks when we got engaged.
We really got into the fish tank.
So, when he was young, we couldn't wait to give him a fish.
He always liked it.
The fish was bought exclusively for him.
When we buy it for him, he can watch the tank and enjoy watching the bubbles and the lights.
"We have had goldfish for such a long time, when we bought it, it was orange, and by the time he died, it had exceeded all the orange.
It's crazy.
Most people don't have goldfish that long.
We have always been big fish.
We take care of our fish.
He lives longer than most goldfish. .
Tori and Corrie bought a new goldfish for Everett.
Although he was going to leave them in the tank at night.
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