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small-batch bud growers hope to eke out share of cannabis market - buy polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-08
small-batch bud growers hope to eke out share of cannabis market  -  buy polyester film
Rod Wilson plans to spend his golden years buying five lavender and Christmas trees.
A few years ago, at the acre farm outside Moncton, but the call for a new niche industry proved too strong.
He also called together a group of investor friends, who Wilson hopes to be a small-batch, high-
Quality cannabis.
"In your career, how often do you have the opportunity to potentially engage in a whole new underlying event? " he asked.
"I think it would be an interesting idea to be one of these pioneers.
"Transform small village banks in New Brunswick to restore economic demand for process B. C.
Marijuana takes off, distributors want to recruit small-
Two years after Wilson retired from the pharmaceutical industry, he has set up a planting shed in a marijuana store.
There are no plants in sight, but Wilson does have a plan. "A micro-
The first rule is to grow high quality products.
"With this in mind, if there is a need, he wants to start from a small age and build more growth sheds.
But even these humble beginnings are not cheap.
Wilson has thousands of dollars in LED lights.
The processing unit and the wall are lined with Mylar, a sturdy polyester film.
He estimated that he had invested $500,000.
The next step is to send his application to Health Canada. Micro-
Farmers must still comply with strict quality assurance, safety and safety regulations.
As of January, Health Canada had received 83 applications.
One has been approved.
But some people who already work in the industry are counting on the rise in that number.
May Nazair, marketing and communications director at Zenabis, said the company wants to join forces with small businessesProducers of scale.
Zenabis already has a big one.
The scale of growing facilities in Atholville, but Nazair says the micro-grown cannabis
Farmers will provide customers with different kinds of products.
"Experienced smokers or cannabis users have access to this high
High quality buds
High quality strains and different strains.
I think there are many benefits to doing so.
Nazair saidit is comparable to "buy Bud Light and micro beer" because different tastes attract different people.
The price will reflect the expected additional care
Mass production.
"This is, of course, a higher-
High quality products are also a rare unique product that is not always available . . . . . . Therefore, it may have a higher price.
"According to Nazair, Zenabis signed a mirco-B of middle ploughing. C.
And hope to sign 20 contracts before the end of the year.
With more licenses granted, Rod Wilson wants to be ready.
He is looking for other interested people to help him form a group that he plans to call the New Brunswick craft cannabis growers association.
Wilson hopes the group will "speak in one voice" to the government and regulators ".
"There are a lot of New Brunswick people, they have five acres, 10 acres, maybe a family farm, I think Micro
Growing the cannabis industry can be another source of income that helps to keep the family farm alive and sustainable.
"Wilson called together a group of friends to carry out the business, which he thought was the model that others should use.
"There are a lot of people who fully understand how to grow the cycle of cannabis and cannabis cultivation, but they lack the money to buy these things, LED lights worth $4,000
Wilson said: "If he allowed himself to dream, he would imagine an entire tourism industry built around bud, where New Brunswick is marijuana and Napa Valley is wine.
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