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soap review: circus makes a splash but it's not entirely new - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
soap review: circus makes a splash but it\'s not entirely new  -  plastic sheet
In the ten years on the South Bank, the lower belly Festival hosted various modern twists in the traditional circus form, but German soap companies found new progress on an old formula.
As the title suggests, the performers here do amazing moves on the five bathtubs on the stage.
This is definitely the cleanest circus show in town.
It may be clean, but it may not be brand new.
La soir é e, a modern variety night, previously had David O'Mer, who features deep bathtubs in and out.
There are two muscular men here.
Anton Belyakov and Daniel Leo Stern
Get up like a damp antics, splish-
Sway and bump in the music without missing the beat.
Other behaviors incorporate the theme into the compelling long presentation
Circus skills.
Vanessa Alvares spins the towel with her hands and feet like everyone else.
The flexologist Lena Reese is so easy to bend around her props that she must be resilient.
Juggling player Adem Endris took the ball for a while keeping it in the air, while aerialist Moritz Haase fought against gravity while hovering over the water.
Sometimes, however, soap can't decide whether it wants to be sexy or stupid. A steamy two-
The hand-handed dance implies the former, a near-mysterious dance. naked three-
Men dancing to Swan Lake towel suggested family-The latter is friendly.
What's interesting is that in many cases, people are preconceived.
Sometimes the soap is dangerously close to a hybrid of Chippendale and Monti, away from the 250-year-old circus celebration.
Coincidentally, the circus had some of its roots on an abandoned land near Waterloo, where entrepreneur and equestrian athlete Philip Asley first drew a circle on the ground andThe set-
The work here is linked by the antics of Duffy clown Mary.
Andre Lemel had her own moment in the spotlight, she put a quirky skit in the bathtub, and her feet seemed to start her own life.
Episode of classical music
If you like soap opera
From singer Jennifer Lin Dun.
There is no dispute about the skills displayed.
It's just not as good as it can flow.
Remove the gimmicks tub and you have something that, while very good, only goes through a variety of familiar behaviors.
Just the addition of water-
The torrent at the end
This makes me feel special.
If you are sitting in the front row, you will get a plastic sheet for protection, which must be interesting on the FireWire of the action.
For those who are further away, or those who have seen La soir é e or La Clique, there is less chance of getting into a bubble.
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