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solar box (for camping) - clear plastic roofing

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
solar box (for camping)  -  clear plastic roofing
The box is camping with the power of the sun.
In the wild, you usually don't have electricity to heat the water or charge the flashlight battery.
You usually have to fuel your hot chocolate, tea, coffee or hot water in Tonga.
The fuel you use may not be eco-friendly. friendly.
This portable design will allow you to charge the flashlight battery and use the sun for hot drinks.
It's also in a box.
Material: Tools: First, pick up the box and place the inside of the lid in a newspaper.
Take your spray glue and spray a thin layer of adhesive on the inside of the cover.
Then cut a piece of foil slightly larger than the inside of the lid.
Press the foil into the lid and flatten the foil onto the adhesive.
Then take a roof knife and cut off the excess foil.
You now have a mirror that can focus more light on solar panels and solar heating bottles (
They later in this note).
It's time to make the solar flashlight battery part of the device.
First, you connect the lamp heads of two Sun paths to the other positive line.
Then connect the remaining negative pole to the negative pole of the two battery packs.
Connect the remaining positive lines together.
If the solar circuit can be installed and take up a minimum of space, find a space in the box.
Then stick it to the box.
Try to cover the wires, and the remaining wires are fixed with tape as shown above.
The charger is now installed.
Cut part of the opaque material into the size of the battery pack and tape it onto the battery pack as shown above.
The adhesive tape also acts as a hinge.
These covers will prevent the solar heat from damaging the rechargeable battery.
Take a nail and punch a hole in the side of mint tin with a hammer.
Then get the bottle and glue and seal the hole in the jar.
Then find a place to put tin and bottles in the box.
The water in the bottle can heat the sun.
Tin cans will hold dim sum powder and allow the gas to expand from the heated water.
Take a black permanent mark and paint the whole bottle black.
You can even blacken the tin if you want.
Black absorbs most of the sun's heat.
This heat heats the water in the bottle.
However, there is still not enough heat to make hot camping snacks.
Now is the time to build a small greenhouse for the bottle.
Cut 5 pieces of clear plastic so you can make a clear box on the bottle.
Glue the pieces together with hot glue.
Then cut a small section so that the bottleneck can go through as shown above.
Place the box on the bottle and tape one side of the clear box to the wooden box so that it can act as a hinge.
This greenhouse produces a greenhouse effect that captures infrared light and hot gas in a transparent box.
Make a line of hot glue on the side of the lid and glue on the straw.
Reduce the excess, if any.
Then cut the skewer so it can be placed in the box.
If a tip is cut from the other end.
Congratulate you on making the sun box!
Here's how to use this device to charge and make hot food for the battery.
How to use: Happy camping!
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