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solar eclipse 2012: where, when 'ring of fire' will be visible - metalized mylar film

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
solar eclipse 2012: where, when \'ring of fire\' will be visible  -  metalized mylar film
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Author: Joe Rao published it in the journal Space: 05/17/12 at 10: 13 EDT in the morning.
Com on Sunday afternoon (May 20)
The path of the solar eclipse will span parts of eight Western states. SPACE.
Com estimates 6.
6 million of Americans live on ineffective roads.
The eclipse usually does not match the total eclipse.
It's really more like a partial eclipse dotted with beautiful crowns that can't be seen and the sky will never be dark.
Nevertheless, the solar eclipse is still one of the most striking celestial bodies of the fanatical sky watchers.
Sunday's solar eclipse trajectory begins in East Asia, crossing the Pacific Ocean before reaching North America.
In the United States, the United StatesS.
The National Park administration invited sky watchers to watch the eclipse from the National Park, while the University of Colorado in Boulder is opening its Folsom Stadium --
Football field-
Organizers call it the biggest solar eclipse in the world to watch the party.
If you are going to position yourself on the path of Sunday's solar eclipse, you will have three viewing options to choose from: 1)
Position yourself in or near the center of the eclipse track. 2)
Position yourself within the northern or southern boundaries of the solar eclipse orbit. 3)
Position yourself near the Sunset point of the solar eclipse orbit.
Let's take a closer look at each option, starting at or near the center of the eclipse track, which is probably where the eclipse chaser is planning to go. [
Solar eclipse of May 20
Photo observation guide)]
From here on, you will see a gradual increase in partial solar eclipse until the moon is almost in the middle of the sun;
When the moon disconnects from the inside of the Sun, the eclipse begins.
Then you will see the sun turn into an unbalanced "Ring of Fire "--
One side is brighter than the otherthat, at mid-
Lunar eclipse will appear as a perfect ring;
The moon's black plate will reach 94.
The bright sun behind it is 4% in diameter.
Then the ring will fall off as the moon continuescentered again.
When the dark outline of the Moon touches the other side of the sun, it is over.
The main attraction at the center line is that the invalid duration is the longest.
On the Pacific coast of Northern California, not far from the town of Reka, the ring buckle will last 4 minutes, 47 seconds, and the sun will reach 22 degrees in the West. northwest sky (
Your fist holding your arm is about 10 degrees).
Moving southeast along the center of the orbit, the duration of the ring is slowly decreasing, while the height of the sun is gradually decreasing.
The ring will last 4 minutes and 27 seconds from Albuquerque, but the sun will be reduced to 5 minutes.
5 degrees above the horizon
If we divide the total duration of the invalid into three (
Start, middle and end)
And then a close
The completely centered ring should last about 90 seconds.
Now let's consider all aspects of the northern or southern limits located in the solar eclipse orbit.
At first it doesn't seem to be a big option as the duration of the void will be much less and the ring will always appear on off-center.
In fact, it's only 1 mile in orbit, and the travel will only last about 35 seconds, while traveling 3 miles in orbit will give you about 1 minute of solar eclipse.
But the body of the moon is not as smooth as the sun.
The outline of the Moon mountains and valleys becomes rough, when these mountains and valleys touch the interior of the edge of the Sun at the beginning and end of the solar eclipse, they can divide the fine light into a string of points called Baily's Beads. [
Sun Quiz: How much do you know about our stars? ]
This phenomenon may not last more than a few seconds on the center line, but for those stationed at the edge of the path, they can last until an invalid duration. Paul D.
Maley, who worked at NASA's Johnson Space Center from 1969 to 2010, led many solar eclipse expeditions ()
Said: "I can prove from my personal experience in annulars for decades to observe the eclipse on the edge (
Also known as "graze zone ")
More unique than the central location, especially if you have seen the eclipse from the center line.
Large beads can be seen in the North Glazer area (
Contrary to total solar eclipse)
From the South Glazer area, finer beads will be found.
From the grazing area, the sun penetrates through the valleys at different depths, exposing a dazzling array of light spots.
"It is also important to observe from near the edge of the solar eclipse orbit, as it can be used to measure minor changes in the diameter of the sun.
Interestingly, there are two cities of the same size located right on the edge of the ring.
On the north edge of the path is Cortez, Colorado. (pop. 8,482)
On the southern edge is Winslow, arritz. (pop. 9,832).
The most intriguing possibility is to see the sun imitate the ring of fire as it is about to fall, making the already high-profile sky event even more dramatic.
The sunset is colorful, with other interesting atmospheric phenomena and beautiful foreground views.
Of course, in the case of a sunset, any calculation assumes that you have a clear, flat horizon.
Any foreground obstacle on the west sidenorthwest (
About 295 degrees in orientation)
The Sun's visibility will end early.
Lubbock in Texas is not on the center line, but about 25 miles northeast.
From there, an almost perfect ring will be formed, lasting 4 minutes and 14 seconds from 8:33:54. m. CDT.
But there is only one sun.
At the beginning of the solar eclipse, the horizon is above 3 degrees.
Six minutes before sunset will end.
Remote to the southeast, the influence of atmospheric refraction must be considered.
The thick atmosphere on the horizon refraction or bending the sun so that we can see the sunset half a degree higher than the actual location.
For example, in Snyder, Texas, the calculation of ignoring refraction shows that only the beginning of the ring phase is 3 minutes and 40 seconds (at 8:33:43 p. m. CDT)
Before the sun drops below the horizon, the sun will be visible, but given the refraction, the sun will stay on the horizon for 9 minutes.
In Sweet Water, Texas, when the sun transits to an unbalanced ring at 8:34:27, it tilts down to the right like a horseshoe, narrow and pointed tipm. CDT.
In less than three minutes, the sun went down.
You also have to hope that the weather will work together because even if the sky is mostly clear, it is always possible for the cloud to be close to the horizon and, of course, destroy the landscape at critical moments.
Finally, the problem we need to solve is that we need to observe the sun when it falls, because in this particular case it may darken and turn red to an unpredictable level, this may bring some uncertainty. [
How to observe the sun safely (Infographic)]
Of course, you need to use a safe sun when the sun is high and bright --
View the filter, such as No.
Filter of rectangular arc welding machine;
Standard for ordinary day sun, or metallized Mela filter made specifically for Sun viewing.
Do not rely on other filter materials such as smoked glass, sunglasses, or cross-polarizers;
They can go through a lot of invisible infrared rays that burn your retina.
On a telescope, binoculars, or camera, the filter must be firmly fixed on the front of the instrument and not on the back of the eyepiece.
However, a dim red sunset is completely another problem.
Many people watch the sunset all their lives without any idea.
But be cautious.
Although the ultraviolet radiation of the sun is true --
The biggest damage to the eyes-
Similarly, when the sun turns deep red, the infrared radiation passes through the thick air more strongly than visible light.
Retinal damage can occur without pain.
Just because everything feels good doesn't mean everything is normal.
So even if the sun is dim, it is still a good idea to limit your short appearance.
The sunset of your life
Observers may be surprised to hear such a warning, but security is better than sorry.
Sunday looks good and the sky is clear!
Joe Rao is a lecturer and guest lecturer at the Hayden Planetarium in New York.
He writes astronomy for The New York Times and other publications, and he is also
Camera meteorologist for News 12 Westchester, New York.
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