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solar sail, military space plane set to launch at 11:10 a.m. - cost of mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
solar sail, military space plane set to launch at 11:10 a.m.  -  cost of mylar sheets
Cape canaveral-
One mission will fly under a dark cloak and the other will test the flight in the light.
Air Force mysterious X-
37B space shuttle and citizen-
Sponsored solar navigation experiment Title: an eclectic group of spacecraft targeted at 11: 10m.
S. Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launched from Cape Canaveral on Wednesday.
The first launch window is five minutes;
The second is 12: 42 to 12: 52. m.
The Times was not public until Wednesday because of the driverless mini
The shuttle is primarily a confidential mission.
The fourth is a military program that moves its operations from California to the Kennedy Space Center.
But in a somewhat odd pairing, the same launch brought Tuesday's Planetary Society chief executive Bill Nye to Cape Canaveral to discuss the organization's first light sail mission.
"You can go down to a very distant destination in the solar system without any fuel," bow tie
Clad Nye explains solar sailing technology.
"You can do it cheaper.
"Through donations from over 40,000 Air Force Space and Missile History center members, including large gifts from some undisclosed donors, non-
The planetary Association raised $4.
3 million develop the light sail task.
The ship, which is not larger than a loaf of bread, is the first of two ships designed to deploy a 322-square-foot Mera.
The sail will capture a steady stream of radiation from the sun to manipulate the spacecraft, a little slower than conventional chemical propulsion.
A small satellite can reach the moon within a month, not within a few days, or to Mars or asteroids, Nai said.
"You will get a very small push that lasts indefinitely," he said . ".
"You can nail this very elegant, wonderful thing on board like a sailing boat.
"The spacecraft launched on Wednesday is one of the 10 small satellites known as cube satellites, which are related to X-37B.
The National Reconnaissance Agency sponsored nine of them, while NASA helped launch the first LightSail mission.
Only running on track for A month "light sail A" actually won't sail, but next year, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket "light sail B" is scheduled to launch as a pilot cruise before a few months --
Long demo
This test mission wants to confirm that booms will properly deploy the four triangular parts of the sail about two weeks after launch, the software can control the spacecraft and the engineers can communicate with it.
The camera is expected to provide some images from space.
Carl Sagan, one of the founders of The Planetary Society, discussed the idea with Johnny Carson on tonight's show, embracing the concept of solar sailing, dating back to 1976.
The group tried to launch a sailing boat in 2005, but a submarine
Russian rocket failed
A mission in Japan successfully demonstrated solar sailing in 2010, but light sail will be the first to try low energy Sailing
Cost cube satellites widely used by universities
More and more led tasks for commercial applications.
Recently announced Kickstarter crowdfunding
The funding campaign quickly raised $597,000 to support light sail flights next year.
"Most people just think it's cool," said Nye, a thousands of donors in lightheo.
They want to participate in space exploration.
Details of launch: Rocket: Joint Launch Alliance Atlas V (
[501] configurationMission: U. S.
Air Force X-4-
Launch time: 11: 05. m.
ETLaunch window: disclosure on Wednesday;
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