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sony commences external sales of sorplas flame-retardant recycled plastic material. - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
sony commences external sales of sorplas flame-retardant recycled plastic material.  -  polycarbonate plastic price
High durability and heat resistance, up to 99% recovery
Tokyo, August 4, 2014-promoting recycling of resources and reducing environmental impact(JCN Newswire)-
Sony Corporation ("Sony")
Announced today that it will begin selling its flames, starting with October2014-
Flame retardant recycled plastic, SORPLAS (
Recycled plastics for sustainable development
Outside the Sony group, it will offer this product to a wide range of manufacturing operators both at home and abroad in Japan, such as consumer electronics retailers.
Thorpe is a flame.
Flame retardant recycled plastic composite polycarbonate plastic recovered from discarded dvd discs and other materials (light-Diffusion film)
These recycled materials use Sony's own uniquesulfur-
High durability, high temperature based on flame retardant-
Use resistant plastics of up to 99% recycled materials. (1)
Sonyfirst put SORPLAS into practical use in 2011, using materials from itsBRAVIA Series LCD TVs.
SORPLAS have since been integrated into a variety of Sony products.
Now, Sony plans to provide this material to various organizations outside the Sony group, with the aim of contributing to society by promoting the reuse of resources and reducing environmental impacts.
Typically, Waste polycarbonate plastics in manufacturing and other facilities have been reused by adding a large number of new polycarbonate plastics and flame retardant.
This additional process is designed to meet the flame retardant and strength requirements of consumer electronics. (
Generally speaking, the flame of the rule
New polycarbonate plastic and about 15% flameretardant (2). )
Sopolas integrates Sony's unique sulfur
Flame retardant, to achieve the same flame retardant performance as the traditional flame retardant, but only a small amount-
Overall less than 1% (
Or less than one.
A tenth of the conventional flame retardant weight (3)).
This keeps the properties of polycarbon plastics.
In addition, the results can use a large proportion of recycled materials while still having higher durability and heat resistance than conventional flames
Retardantpolycarbonate plastic.
Even if the material is repeatedly recycled in harsh environments, these properties can be successfully obtained.
In addition, since only a very small amount of new polycarbonate plastics and flameretardant need to be added, this helps to reduce the environmental impact, CO2 emissions can be greatly reduced.
In this case, three SORPLAS varieties with unique properties have been developed to meet the specific requirements of various products, including the modification of various types of waste polycarbon plastics and various additives-
High molding type "SPL-
EC30 ": good mold properties and easy molding
High impact type "SPL-
EC50 ": high impact resistance-Thin, flame-
Flame retardant "SPL-
R20T ": thin and hard-to-burn Sony aims to promote the recycling of resources by providing these different kinds of Thorpe extensively outside the Sony group, and help reduce the environmental impact on society roughly the same as the price of traditional flames
Flame retardant polyester plastic.
The main features of SORPLAS 1.
99% of recycled materials (1)
Sony's unique sulfur
Based on flame retardant to achieve flame retardant properties equivalent to traditional flame retardant
Flame retardant recyclable polycarbonate plastic, but only the minimum amount of flameretardant-
Less than 1% of the total quality (
Or less than one.
A tenth of the conventional flame retardant weight (3)). 2.
To achieve high durability and heat resistance, the required flame retardant weight is so small that the conventional properties of the plastic can be retained.
SORPLAS has better durability and heat resistance (+42degC)
Compared with the traditional flame retardant polycarbonate plastic (3)
This was created with brand new materials. 3.
Reduce the impact on the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and carbon dioxide emissions with a high recovery content can be significantly reduced because only a very small amount of new polycarbonate plastics and flame retardant materials need to be added.
Similarly, only a small amount of flame retardant is required, so the properties of the plastic can be retained even if repackaged.
This in turn helps reduce the impact on the environment. Notes: (1)
Depending on the application, the content of the recovery changes. (2)
According to Sony's research, currently in this version of onAugust 4,2014. (3)
Compared with the typical flame retardant polycarbonate plastic with phosphorus flame retardant.
Sony is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, games, communications, key equipment and information technology products for consumers and professional markets.
With its music, pictures, computer entertainment and online businesses, Sony is uniquely positioned to become the world's leading electronics and entertainment company.
For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, Sony's combined annual sales were about $72 billion.
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