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sound; a flat loudspeaker delivers well-rounded music - metalized plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
sound;   a flat loudspeaker delivers well-rounded music  -  metalized plastic film
Written by hans fantelmarch 1985, this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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In fact, one of the most exotic speakers is a thorough home product from the White Bear Lake Town of Minnesota.
But apart from their original source, the magnetic flat speakers-
Affectionately called "magic" in trade"
Definitely as different as any speaker.
Maybe Magic is defined by something they don't have.
They don't have cones or boxes.
They belong to the exclusive family of panel speakers, which look like thin flat panels that stand upright.
In the case of a magnetic plane, the sound radiates from the entire surface of the plate, and the moving element is a thin plastic sheet (
Similar to Saranwrap in texture and weight)
Combined on a very thin steam layer
Deposited metal.
The metal layer allows the plastic sheet to react to the magnetic pulse passed to it by narrow spacing small magnet lines covering the entire area of the speaker.
When these magnets are connected to an amplifier or receiver, the entire metal plastic sheet vibrates according to the music signal.
The reason for this maverick approach is that in traditional speakers, the cone itself creates problems when moving under a pulse from the drive coil.
Since the coil pushes the cone only at its center, the cone does not move evenly across its entire surface.
Since the moving pulse is concentrated in the middle, the propulsion force does not distribute evenly across the entire cone, so tends to bend and buckle.
This means that the cone motion no longer accurately copies the music waveform, which is one of the main reasons most speakers color the music with their own timbre.
Another major reason is the resonance of their shells, which, despite all efforts to suppress it, often persist to a certain extent.
Advertising magnetic flat speakers overcome these two stubborn problems by assigning cones and boxes.
The large flat vibrating sheet is the only sound
Generates elements, and because the paper is driven on its entire surface by multiple magnets adjacent to it, its motion-
Different from the traditional speaker cone
Completely unified.
The paper moves back and forth as a unit as if it were a rigid board.
Therefore, it can be said that its motion is a literal translation of the music waveform.
Therefore, the false color of the sound disappears due to the self.
Fluctuations of conventional cones or resonance of their shells.
There is another advantage in advertising.
Because plastic film-
Only 1/2, 1 inch thick type per day
It is very light and basically unaffected by inertia.
In addition, each magnet has a magnet on the surface and only needs to control the movement of the film on a small part of the total area.
This means that the available magnetic force is easy enough to control the motion of the film.
Therefore, the Speaker responds quickly to the sudden sound, without the delay of distortion --
Drums, pizzicati, and musical instrument attacks, all of their multiple tone subtleties occur in a short moment, co-displaying the texture of the orchestra.
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All of this explains the extraordinary sound clarity of magic, and their growing popularity among the sharper --
Ear fans.
The price of the larger model so farlike the MG-
111, $2,000 per pair
Their market is limited to the rich.
But recently, Jim Winey, the inventor of Magneplanar, applied the same principle to a smaller and cheaper model and achieved remarkable results.
New magnetic plane SMGa-
Called "Baby Magic"
It is a slender panel with a size of 48 by 24 inch, only 1 3/4 deep, with oak frame.
SMGa and its larger siblings differ not only in size, but also in the inclusion of significant simplification (
Missing from a single tweeter)
This helps reduce the price to $500 per pair.
As with other magnetic plane models, SMGa is distinguished with almost unbeatable clear sounds, which in no way means hearing anemia.
Instead, this little Horn makes the solid impact of a full orchestra very credible, but in the next moment it's easy to do incredible things in solo instruments, make up an incredible fantasy of live performance.
Amazing transient response (i. e.
, Ability to handle the sound of sudden, sharp attacks)
Particularly evident in Maggie's way, at the beginning of Beethoven's Waldstein sonata, those fast-repeating chords performed well in those pointy banjo --
When My Blue Moon Turns Golden again, pick up the sound in a bluegrass number called.
Maggie made an axe in both versatility and music.
Since the sound radiates from the front and back of the panel, it is necessary to place these speakers at a certain distance (
At least 4 feet)
From the wall to avoid interference with the rear reflection.
No matter what inconvenience this may mean, the spacious sound from the two-way radiation mode will be rewarded generously.
If you have to find errors in this extraordinary design
Not as exciting as other speakers
This will be an omission of the individual tweeter in SMGa.
This has a slight limitation on the top range, but only the strictest audience will find this a serious obstacle.
In any case, in the current audio scene, this small magnet is one of the undisputed bargains for $250.
A version of this review was printed on page 2002025 of the National edition on March 24, 1985 with the title: sound;
A flat speaker provides goodROUNDED MUSIC.
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