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south korea investigates after suspected rat's head found in snack - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
south korea investigates after suspected rat\'s head found in snack  -  pet manufacturing process
South Korea will announce a fact
South Korea's food protection agency said on Thursday that a survey team at a Chinese factory was involved in the production of a popular snack biscuit and found that it contained something suspected of a rat head.
South Korea's Food and Drug Administration will send investigators to a factory in Qingdao, East China, which produces shrimp slices sold by South Korea's leading processing food company, nongshem, Cui Rong said
Dong, KFDA official.
Cui said an agency official has been negotiating with the Chinese authorities to arrange an investigation.
South Korea's scandal broke out this week when the Korean Food and Drug Administration announced that a foreign substance believed to be the rat head was found in a snack known as "Saewuggang" in South Korea.
The food agency said it suspected that the animal was accidentally introduced in a Chinese farm worker's factory.
Cui said the KFDA investigation found that the company's factory in South Korea had completed the manufacturing process, equipped with facilities to prevent access to rodents and insects.
According to Nong Shem, the Chinese factory mixed biscuit dough with shrimp and fried it in a Korean factory to make a finished snack.
The snackis has been one of South Korea's most popular snacks since its first launch in 1971.
The snack has annual sales of $59 million, says Mr. farmer. S. In recent years.
Hyun Seok, a spokesman for the company, said the company had apologized for the incident and began recalling snacks from stores across South Korea this week.
Nong Sham was also attacked as it continued to sell the snack after receiving complaints from customers on February.
About the animal part.
Over the past year, China's reputation as a big exporter has been hit after recalls of toothpaste, lead-contaminated toys and pet food ingredients contaminated with toxic chemical melamine.
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