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southwest airlines: woman dragged off plane after complaining of dog allergies - pet film producer

by:Cailong     2019-07-05
southwest airlines: woman dragged off plane after complaining of dog allergies  -  pet film producer
Police in the United States removed a woman from a Southwest Airlines plane after she complained about her life was dangerous.
In the latest passenger melee, threatened dog allergies will be captured in the video and amplified on social media.
There are two dogs on the plane, scheduled to fly from Baltimore to Los Angeles on Tuesday night (local time).
The woman refused the crew's request to leave the plane after saying she was seriously allergic to the animals.
The crew then asked the police to step in.
A film producer recorded the fight between the woman and the police and posted it online.
This scene is reminiscent of an incident that took place on April, when security officers pulled a man out of his seat and dragged him down from Chicago's United Express flight. Sparked public outcry over the bad treatment of airline passengers.
Southwest, perhaps learning from Manchester United's initial hesitant reaction, apologized immediately.
"We are frustrated by the way this situation is developed and the local law enforcement staff are driving out customers," spokesman Chris Mainz said . ".
Mr. Mainz said the woman reported that she had her own life.
Threatened pet allergies but was unable to show the medical certificate she needed to continue her flight.
Passengers said the incident began quietly near the rear of the aircraft because of staff in the southwest
Including one of the pilots.
Talked to that woman.
Mainz said the airline offered to re-book her flight the next day, but she refused.
Her flight was the last one that night.
The airline staff finally called the police and the police asked her to leave.
The video shows a police officer pushing her from the back and another officer pulling her from the front.
"Well, let's go.
"Let's go," replied one of the officers.
One passenger urged the woman to file a complaint, while others urged her to leave the plane so that she would not be injured.
The airline declined to name the passenger, who claimed to be a professor.
She told the police that she needed to go to Los Angeles because her father was having surgery the next day.
"She had a very fierce battle and was not taken off the plane," said Bill Dumas, the film maker who filmed the video . ".
Mr. Dumas said that due to the woman's resistance, the police were "in a very, very difficult situation" and Southwest Airlines did not have much choice because the plane would not take off until the woman left.
Southwest Airlines did not inform passengers of the animals on board in advance.
"In most cases, we can separate this animal from an allergic customer," Mr Mainz said . ".
"It is the customer's responsibility to tell us what their needs are.
"Security officials in Chicago dragged 69-year-
The old man took off from an overbooked United Express flight to make room for the crew on the next flight.
Manchester United CEO Oscar Muños has been blamed for initially accusing passengers of David Tao, his teeth falling off and his concussion.
United settled with him on undisclosed terms. APTopics:air-
Transportation, travelhealth-and-safety,united-
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