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Spain's Rioja region home to some of the country's best loved wines - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
Spain\'s Rioja region home to some of the country\'s best loved wines  -  clear plastic film
This is a vision that inspires generations of painters, photographers, poets and songwriter.
Very close, the plump grapes swayed on the leafy vines, and in the distance, the mountains and the bright blue sky formed the vineyards that seemed to stretch for miles.
Before giving me a quick lesson on grape picking, the guide handed me a clear plastic bag.
"You don't look, do it with feeling," he said, and his arms disappeared in the bushes on the ripe deep purple fruit, resplendent.
"Choose different sides and try different vines.
"A small group of our Canadian writers, bloggers and wine experts like this task that pleases any child and it's easy to forget for the time being the importance of where we collect grapes.
We are located in the heart of the Rioja region of Spain, not far from the sparkling waters of the shimmeringo River in the northwest of the interior of Spain.
Driving more than three hours from Madrid, thanks to Rioja wine, it is a world-famous place, mainly red, but also offers roses and some delicious white.
In 2017, wine in the Rioja region increased by 4 percentage points worldwide, and Canadian consumers increased by more than 6 percentage points, thanks to the affordability and more fruit-driven nature of less oak.
They like red wine very much in Ireland and they drink more than 3 cups.
A total of 6 million bottles from 2016 to 2017.
We came here as guest of Osborne. Osborne. es), a family-
Established in Spain in 1772, Run company now includes restaurants and Iberian ham products, as well as wine, sherry, gin and other alcoholic beverages.
In 1973, the family purchased bodega montesiello from the famous third Jose Luis navahas
A generation of winemakers without future generations, but have a keen understanding of success in a highly competitive industry.
Today, it hosts tourists who come to visit famous wineries and regions --
On the one hand, enjoy the different qualities of the wine produced in this area, known for its three different producing areas. “We’re an age-
The old winery that created great modern wines, "said Mercedes Garcia Ruperez, a wine scientist at montesiello, who guided us through the tasting of beautiful wines brewed by tampenillo grapes, varieties used in most wines;
It took her more than ten years to update the wine supply at montesiello.
Her vineyard is located in Rioja Alta, the most famous of the three submarines
More than 1,500 above sea level.
In addition to her winemaking expertise, Garcia ruperes also mentioned another secret factor in the success of montesiello through translation: "true passion for the land.
"The history of wine making in the area is the most interesting.
The mildew of French grapes in their 1800 s has seriously damaged the growth of grapes.
The French share the fermentation technology with their Spanish counterparts, which makes the fermentation longer and stronger --lived wines.
Later, the arrival of railway transportation opened the market for Rioja wine to the United States. K. and Africa;
Today, it is enjoyed all over the world.
The original location of the winery, with traditional masonry and ancient wine cellar, is only a few minutes away from the current stateof-the-art facility.
However, today, after visiting the new winery and the beautiful apartment, the old man meets with the new tourists
As the top of the vineyard home, back to 150-year-old winery —
Wine with more than a century of history
Taste the most famous Rioja wine in more than 60 wine regions in Spain.
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