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spectratek files for $25-million ipo - holographic packaging films

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
spectratek files for $25-million ipo  -  holographic packaging films
Spectratek Technology Co. , Ltd.
Holographic film manufacturers for packaging and decorative products, filed for $25
Million initial public offering
Los Angeles-
Although the document states that the company's top four executives will have majority control, the company does not disclose the number or price of the shares or how many shares the company has sold.
The company plans to repay its outstanding credit with a $350,000 stock gainline debt.
The remaining funds will be used for the construction of equipment and facilities;
Expand marketing and packaging capabilities;
There are also possible acquisitions, the document said.
Spectratek reported net income of $904,000 in the first half of this year, 41.
More than 5% last year. ago period.
At the same time, revenue grew by 39. 8%, to $7.
From $5, 62 million.
45 million, year-ago period.
Spectratek applied to be listed on NASDAQ with the SPTK symbol.
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