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spielberg slept here - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
spielberg slept here  -  clear polycarbonate
Perhaps there is no more perfect summer house than in the tranquil suburbs of Edgartown, which is located on a mountain and offers unobstructed views of the sound of nantarket.
A couple in the Boston area found such a package in 2006, and this place has some legendary origins: Steven spirberg, during the production of issue 1974 of great white shark, gave
But the new owners have two children who are looking for a custom paradise --made for them.
The new house they built on the construction site was conceived by Hook Architects.
However, at Falmouth, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard, there was a clever nod to the structure it replaced: the wall of a corridor was a log salvaged from the old cottage
This feature perfectly matches the relaxed atmosphere inside the home, combining the open living space with a comfortable niche.
Bright colors, bold geometry and a wide variety of textures-stones, hemp, cashmere, suede, Lucite-abound.
"The homeowner wants a charming, mellow, simple house," said Liz mckabee of daikon --
The designers they hired for the project.
"They also want interesting and practical interior design.
Most of the furniture is modern because it is simple.
"We keep the budget all the time," McCabe said . ".
"Some are very reasonable and some are more expensive.
"The porch room that leads to the pool has a light green Hans Weigner bear Dad Chair-scoring at a low price on eBay-and a more expensive Weigner chair, which is curved
Walnut veneers purchased at Cambridge Design Center.
The last table is the courtyard sale discovery that McCabe decorated with a can of marine varnish.
In the living room, a trunk of the local flower market acts as a table between two Wassily chairs designed by the modernist Marcel Brewer.
There's a marble in the restaurant.
The top table seat Eero Saarinen table is paired with Philippe Starck chairs made of transparent polycarbonate.
The choice of chairs is due to their durability, and so is the octagonal carpet in the room, made of Bolong woven vinyl, a product commonly used in commercial spaces that can be washed out.
There are many window seats in the house, which is very suitable for curled up reading.
Some are decorated with elastic outdoor fabrics and then dressed up with vibrant pillows --? Customized numbers
Other products made by Ikea.
"The Master has children. They have dogs.
They expect the House to become messy . "
"This is a summer house suitable for leisure life.
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