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springtime with hitler and his pet film-maker - pet film

by:Cailong     2019-08-18
springtime with hitler and his pet film-maker  -  pet film
Lenny: The Life and Work of Lenny lifestan bachlitle, 37, Brown.
50 New York, 2001
Gabriel Byrne has just taken his daughter to the film Moulin Rouge.
He tried to explain the concept of editing to Romy.
He told her: "Editing is very important because it can be a subtle way to manipulate your emotions and the process of thinking.
He showed her where the director's clip was.
When the film was shown, she began to say, "one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six.
He asked her in confusion what she was doing.
"Dad, I'm counting the number of edits!
Two days later, Romi's father sat in a coffee shop in Manhattan and told me that "a movie like the victory of the will was deleted as propaganda.
Film is another kind of discussion as propaganda.
"But the reason why Leni Riefenstahl is still in trouble in this regard is because its edits are excellent.
It was pieced together to show the awesome power of the Third Empire.
She did a great job because Hitler and those boys, and many people since and before, were aware of the power of filming propaganda. "It(hex 18)
It continues today. It(hex 18)
There is news every night.
Editor-in-law Queen Lenny rifenthal is the most controversial filmmaker;
Of the 100 recent film directors of Time magazine, she is the only woman.
Her work beautifies a regime responsible for the death of millions of people, but the film school respects her work because her pioneering technology involves cranes, tracking tracks and many cameras that work at the same time.
Victory of will (
Nazi party rally held in Nuremberg on 1934and Olympiad (
About 1936 Berlin Olympic Games
Beautiful romantic fascist values: Aryan (hex 18)
Take the morbid self-narcis Adolph Hitler as God on Earth and strengthen his power through the propaganda of joy.
She recreates National socialism with its pompous and evil pomp, and even fascinates those who feel it evil with National Socialism.
She died on 2003 at the age of 101.
Until the end, she said she knew nothing about Auschwitz and she protested that she was innocent.
She would say that she never knew what had happened to the Jews.
She said she had no reason to blame herself.
Instead, she sued anyone who dared to give her any advice.
Leni claims that she is a persecuted person and that she has been protecting her name in court all her life.
In September 1942, she visited Maxglan, camp intern, a gypsy, and commandeered 23 prisoners as unpaid actors for Tiefland, a film heavily funded under Hitler's explicit orders.
Later, they were killed in the death camp.
When she needs some Spanish
It seems to be extra, and the SS transported some Gypsy from a camp where they waited for the train to Auschwitz.
In 1982, Leni sued a documentary producer who said she knew about Auschwitz.
Clive James recently wrote: "She lied about everything.
She just kept lying until the people were tired, old and dead.
"One of her biggest lies is the one she told me about strycher [
Juli julius Stryker, a Nazi Gaul in Franco].
She said she hated him.
But there are kept letters that prove that she invited his company and treated him as a close friend until the war was late.
The idea that Streicher would never mention to her what happened to the Jews is ridiculous.
He was proud of it and finally hanged for it.
Riefenstahl claimed that the report on Kristallnacht was a lie, and on the evening of November 1938 the Nazis destroyed thousands of Jewish families, shops and synagogue.
Travel to the United States in 1938-
According to Bach, she told reporters that as an artist, she could not have known the incident even if the rest of the world knew it.
While she was working, she said, "There are four walls around me," and "it's impossible for me to know what's real.
She once told BBC News Online: "I'm only interested in how to make a film that is not as stupid as a shoddy promotional short film, but more interesting.
It reflects the truth of the time, 1934.
It's a documentary, it's not propaganda.
In the New York Times, Michiko Kakutani, commenting on Bach's book, said that Riefenstahl likes to claim that her art and life is committed to the pursuit of beauty.
But her career as Hitler's favorite genius film
Maker is a lasting condemnation of Jici's assertionhex 18)
Beauty is truth, it is beauty. hex 18)
All you need to know.
While traveling with the Nazi army in Poland, like Anne Lebovitz on the road of the 70-year-old Rolling Stones in the United States, rifenthal found himself accidentally appearing in
She claimed that she was the only witness to the massacre.
Somehow she did not notice that all the victims were Jews.
There was a picture of her looking upset during the shooting.
When she read Mein Kampf, she told People: "You have to read this book.
This is the coming person.
She took advantage of her feminine charm.
Walter wincher laughed at her as "beautiful as a Nazi ")
Get close to the coming people and win his hateful sponsorship.
During the war, she told reporters: "For me, Hitler was the greatest man ever.
He is perfect, so simple, but full of manhood. . .
He's really beautiful. he's smart.
The glow he gave.
All great men in Germany-
Fridrish, Nietzsche, Bismarck-
There is fault.
Hitler's followers were not spotless.
Only he is pure.
On 1940, with the collapse of Paris, rifenthal wrote a telegram to Hitler: "We are deeply touched with unspeakable joy and full of strong gratitude, my biggest victory for you and Germany, the German army entered Paris.
You have gone beyond what human imagination can imagine and achieved unprecedented achievements in human history.
Until the end, she insisted that the victory of the will was a film verite, which recorded the immortal historical events;
There is no "pure historical film" with "single reconstruction scene ".
Of course, it is staged.
Notorious phone calland-
Workers proudly shout out the sequence of responsive labor services in their hometown (
"Where did you come from, Comrade" "I'm from freesland ")
Choreographed and rehearsed over and over, at least 50 times.
Bach was an excellent testament to the fact that rifenthal was not forced to win the will, and she insisted on her death until 2003.
On the contrary, Bach found out that she specifically asked for the film to be directed.
Bach did a good job in this master book.
Unusually, Leni Riefenstahl's own book, her 1987 autobiography, begins with a reference to Albert Einstein's aphorism: "A lot of arrogant lies and
Hitler's movie-
For reasons most familiar to him, maker has no moral doubts about quoting a Jew who was deprived of his citizenship by the Nazis.
Bach at the end of his book quoted a beautiful quote from Simon well: "The only person who can give the impression above to a higher level, they seem to be more painful than ordinary human beings to those who resort to fantasy, Ascension, fanatic assistance, and hide the cruelty of fate from their own eyes.
A person who does not wear a false armor cannot experience power without being touched by it to his soul.
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