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'spy kids 4' will feature 4d "aromascope" - film polyester

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
\'spy kids 4\' will feature 4d \
The director of violent action films such as Sin City and greenhouse, Robert Rhodes, also made the film.
Friendly spy Children series, the fourth film "Spy children: all the time in the world", will be released on August.
According to New York magazine, the latest 3D adventure will include additional dimensions of "arosmascopoppe.
The third part of the film series also launched 3D in 2003, but this time, Rod rigz will create a sensory experience through screen signals, prompted the audience to smell one of the eight scents on a special card.
The technology requires only a gentle sweep of the finger to make a smell, not a pungent smell --o-
John Waters's vision for campy film Polyester in 1981.
Movie star Jessica Alba (Little Fockers)Jeremy pevin (
Rookola's entourage)
Antonio Banderas and Ricky gervez are the sounds of robotic dogs.
At the heart of the story was a mother, a former spy, who was forced to retire in order to prevent the villain from stopping time, and her children joined the action.
One of the characters in spy Children 4 is a little boy with an enhanced sense of smell due to hearing damage-
So he has the nose to collect clues to solve the thriller.
Rod rigz admits there will be some surprises and jokes about the smell, and he told the Vulture column, "but I don't want anyone to get sick . ".
This movie will provide extra fragrance for free in 2D or 3D versions.
It was released in North America, the UK and Russia in August 19, followed by in Japan, Europe and Australia in September.
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