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star wars led edge lit sign - clear acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2020-09-29
star wars led edge lit sign  -  clear acrylic sheet
In this note I will describe how to make the led edge lighting logo.
The logo is engraved on a clear piece of acrylic paper.
I used a 3mm thick sheet of paper in A4 size, which is common in Europe.
A4 paper is not very easy to get in the US, then you can use 8 "x 12" x 1/8 "in a similar size ".
To get the Star Wars effect, I used a glossy black acrylic film behind the transparent paper.
The Dremel 290 tool is used for engraving, but if you have a cnc router or a laser etching device then you can use it.
Another option is to use the Demel bit or other rotary tool and the engraving bit.
The main advantage of the Dremel engraving machine relative to the rotating tool is that it has a reciprocating motion, which makes the engraving line easier.
The logo is lit by a yellow 12 volt LED strip light band.
These can be purchased in a variety of lengths with the connected wires or the entire reel, which can be cut into length in the marked position and welded to the tape.
This Instructure is entered in the contest, so please vote if you like!
12 v dc 1-yellow led strip light with power supply
2 Amp DC power adapter connector: A4 size clear acrylic sheet-201x297x3mm orUS: 8 "x 12" x 1/8 "clear acrylic sheet UK: a4 size glossy black acrylic sheet-201x297x3mm orUS: 8 "x 12" x 1/8 "glossy black acrylic sheet 2 x square shaved wood length-
Square shaved wood 300x18x28mm 1 x-
340x94x18mm Wood glue screws220 sandpaper thin card tool: Dremel 290 engraving tool UK link or Dremel engraving drill for Dremel rotary tool craft knife self
In the video, UK linkMitre saw the standard router tool UK linkRouter table and I described how I created the Star Wars Template graphic using a font called sf_distant_galaxy, but you can also download template graphics here.
Print Graphics on thin cards.
Place the card on the cutting pad.
Cut the letters with a ruler with a sharp knife to help keep the straight edge.
We will engrave on the back of the acrylic sheet, so reverse the template.
This will ensure correct positioning when looking at letters from the front.
Glue the template to the back of the acrylic sheet with tape.
Quite a bit of dust is generated during the engraving, so please put on the dust mask.
It's better to try it out on some scrap before you start carving, otherwise you can use the bottom 1/2 of the acrylic sheet as this will be covered by the led base.
Use a ruler and follow around the template letters with a carving knife.
To highlight where you carve, you can stick led strips on the edge of the acrylic sheet;
This will make the carved lines shine.
The engraving process takes about half an hour.
The Led base is made of three pieces of wood glued together and is used for led strip light bands.
The Led tape is wider than the acrylic sheet, so we use the router to remove the bottom edge from the side to form a V slot.
If you don't have a router then you can cut or polish these edges with any of the tools available.
Once the base is dry, you can remove the protective cover from the front of the clear acrylic sheet and the black acrylic sheet.
Handle acrylic sheets using gloves as they are easy to extract fingerprints.
Put two acrylic sheets into the base.
They should be a close match, but it is not difficult.
The led light strip I use takes 12 volts and about 0 volts. 16 amps.
The power supply can supply 12 volts at 1 amp, which should be enough for this length led strip.
To connect the power supply to the wire of the led light strip, I used a DC power adapter with a DC socket on one side and screw terminals on the other.
These are usually sold together with CCTV cameras.
Alternatively, you can of course cut off the connector and connect the wires together with a choc Block or soldering iron.
For led strips that partially contain the resistance between the three LEDs and the cutting line, you can estimate the required current by calculating the number of parts and multiplying it by 0. 02 amps.
Example: There are 8 sections of the LED strip, each with 3 LEDs and 1 resistor, a total of 24 LEDs. 8 * 0. 02 = 0. 16 amps.
To calculate the required power, multiply the current by the supply voltage 0. 16 * 12 = 1. 92 Watts.
Although the relative efficiency of led accounts for a large proportion of this proportion.
92 Watts as a loss of heat, but in fact, the led light strip remains cool using this basic design.
I hope you like this project.
This is one of several edge light signs you can find on my channel.
I have slowly developed the technology and basic design, and I am now very satisfied with the process and the results.
This Instructure is entered in the contest, so please vote if you like!
In addition, you may want to visit the Techydiy YouTube channel and techydiy. org website.
Thanks for reading, Nigel.
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