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Starck naked: The King of Design bares his soul - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
Starck naked: The King of Design bares his soul  -  polycarbonate plastic price
Right in the lobby of the Sanderson hotel near Oxford Street, from the gray sky of London in October.
The sheer curtain-wrap lamp lights up a hot spot
A pile of furniture.
There is a Baroque recliner, a post modern, winding bench, and a red lip sofa in Salvador Dali that greets you as you walk into the door.
It's not so much a check in as it's on the receiving end of a sloppy kiss.
The person who launched les bisoux today is Philippe Starck, who designed Sanderson's interior in 2000, arguably the most famous designer, dans le monde.
He rushed into the Hall gracefully.
Dressed in staff too cool to express his presence, though 60-year-
Old is wearing fancy plaid trousers, a futuristic nylon pilot jacket and a signature stubble.
He clearly wants to be recognized, not just because he has reason to look forward to his work.
His work in Paris's cafe costumes has made him an interior and product designer (1984)
The Juicy Salif lemon juicer he prepared for Alessi (1990)
And his clear Louis Ghost chair. 2002).
His subversive style, extroverted personality, and increasingly flashy commissions make him the biggest celebrity in the design world, so much so that he can now pick his project: The Super £ 200
The yacht of Russian banking oligopolistic Andrei melitenko set sail last year to build a new Mexican space port for Richard Branson's space travel company Virgin Galactic, and designed his current reality show on bbc2 for life.
In the series, 12 young designers compete for apprenticeship at Starck's Paris headquarters.
He is in London promoting his new costume collection in Harrods earlier this month.
Starck walks into the hotel's billiard room in silver
The table of the leaves is hardly illuminated by stained lightsglass window.
Accompanied by his elegant fourth wife, Jasmine, the communications director of his company's Philip Stark network, all seemed rushed and almost panicked.
He is concerned about reality TV.
"I hate it," he said, gesturing wildly.
Jasmine was equally upset, and she agreed.
At this point, it should be noted that Starck has that French accent, which is the nectar from heaven for the desperate impressionist painter.
Some of the early reviews of life design are happy to point out Starck's similarities to a character in the BBC comedy series Allo' allo.
To be fair, he did say things like "This is a piece of paper" instead of "this is shit", "Pee and Lurk" and not "peace and love ".
Simon Mills, a GQ columnist, once asked Starck why design was essential to our daily lives.
He apparently replied: "The most important thing in life is the penis.
Without a penis, a man can do nothing. . .
He means "happiness ". (
For the purposes of this article, the reference to Starck is British;
Although if it helps, feel free to imagine "Haw" at each end ". )
Starck continues his long story about life design company Twofour.
"For 40 years, TV producers have been contacting me to make the show, but I have been refusing because I doubt what they are doing," he said . ".
One day, a British television producer came.
They are very good, and I think they may end up being the right person to do it.
I want to make it a witness and make it a master of design class.
I'm old now, I'm dying soon, and I hope it's emotional and profound because it touches everything from quantum mechanics to biology.
"The average audience of the program broadcast at nine o'clock P. M. on Tuesday knows that this is not deep;
This is basically a carbon copy of The Apprentice, but it has been transferred to the design community.
Since the beginning of September, the audience has seen the lovely 24-year-old Ana-
Maria Stewart Pasescu, a product design graduate and a former employee of the brand company, works with cocky 22-year-
Bill AVAs, the old Londoner (
Have their own product design company)
When they try to complete the various designsrelated tasks.
Every week, Starck chooses to "expel" some of his "students" based on their performance-sounds familiar?
So far, tasks include running around the supermarket trying to find examples of eco-good and bad products, such as those that represent men or women (
A bright spark to pick up the condom and tampon).
The ones that have been chopped up so far include Avas because it explains a brief of Starck too literally (
More likely to be very arrogant)
The previous logo-
Robert Richardson, fitter from Leicester, because "there is no ambition [om-bee-shoose]enough".
But when the show sees the designer waving his arms frequently and talking about his philosophy in a voice (
He later defined it as "creativity, vision, honesty, subversion, poetry, humor ")
This is not 60-
He is looking forward to the Philip Stark one-hour special.
Born in Paris in 1949.
His father is an aviation engineer.
"He's an inventor," says Starck . "
"Obviously, this is the DNA of the family.
We all have jobs like this and you have to use your brain in order to support your family.
His mother is a painter.
During the period from 1965 to 1967, he attended the private product design school École Nissim de Camondo in Paris.
He then started his business at the age of 19: set up his first company to produce inflatable objects.
He went on to design the interior of the nightclub, but his major breakthrough was in 1982: President Mitterrand asked him to redesign the private apartment of the Elysee Palace (
(Presidential palace of France).
Two years later, he followed up at hotels such as costalton and Paramount in New York, Delano in Miami and Mondrian in Los Angeles.
His fame has been growing.
At 80 and 90, Starck is prolific;
His products are defined in the form of sensibility and beautiful curves.
He designed a toilet brush that looked like a sword (Sword of God (1993)
And independent Cang Pai (Dr Skud, 1998). He co-
In 1999, YOO, a design and development company, was established with real estate tycoon John Hitchcock Cox to produce luxury apartments in Dallas, Wall Street and Panama.
Earlier this year, he introduced interior design for the stylish Paris restaurant Le Paradis du Fruit and East West, a Hollywood record company;
This month alone, a series of kitchens with German kitchen companies Warendorf and LaCie computer hard drives appeared on the market.
He claims to be working on more than 200 projects at the same time and hates taking time off. "Why not? " he asks.
"My worst day was what we did today, that is, to interview the media.
We just arrived from our remote house.
He flew between his 19 houses by private plane, including the houses of Italy, Brano, Paris, London and New York].
We had no electricity, no water, Jasmine and I stayed alone for two months, naked, without guests, working seven hours a day; it is a drug.
I need to switch after a day of interviews, which is true.
"Starck has never believed that lack of experience in one field is the reason why it is not tried.
Take him for the fashion series designed in partnership with Italian apparel company Ballantyne, today Jasmine is modeling.
Starck describes how a prototype hat dress becamein-one, stretched-fabric number;
He said it was versatile.
It's made up of a special
Processed cashmere products are waterproof and durable.
Starck hopes that, to some extent, it will pass on from generation to generation;
It contains the philosophy he brings to all designs;
The simple use of materials, the ability to vary from one thing to another, Starck calls it "the elegance of intelligence ".
But while Jasmine looks elegant, it's hard to imagine who's going to wear it, not to mention the lifestyle you're going to be flying constantly behind coffee mornings and motorcycles (
Obviously the Hood is to protect your hairstyle).
In fact, while his talent in some areas is beyond doubt, Starck has many critics.
Those who think his work is not fancy (
Dick Powell said: "The kettle he made for Alessi for me looked like something in the esterix comic book and burned people's hands, which I think is unforgivable. Founder of design consulting firm semourpowell)– or useless ("The lobster-
"The molded lemon juicer will actually spray lemon juice on your face," said Alice Rosen, a design critic who was also on the show)
I don't think he's the only bearer of his art anymore.
"Back in the 1980 s, design was all about styling, luxury, and it was an elite proposition to stay away from everyday life," says Henrietta Thompson, design and art editor for wallpaper . ".
"It's amazing how much things have changed.
If you don't read the design, you won't be able to pick up the Sunday supplement, and there are many more designer celebrities.
Look at [Karim Rashid]
He was born in Cairo and his parents are Egyptian and British. he has more than 2,500 products in production.
For Zaha Hadid, he seems to be wearing only pink this year, and each of his products can be identified as Z-shaped.
"Then Jonathan Ive, who designed Apple's very successful iPod and iPhone, British designers Tom Dixon and Yves Bihar, who created $100 worth for developing countries
Thompson described these as "quiet heroes", which Starck apparently evaded.
"Starck is a leader who is naturally aware of this shift," she continued . "
"But it takes a long time for people to change their perception of celebrities and still connect him with a space --
He designed the ship lemon juicer 20 years ago.
"Physically, the overwhelming feeling you get from Starck is that he realizes his status as a class clown (
What worries him is that he was photographed wearing a red nose in the middle of his life design).
He was almost desperate to take it seriously and find meaning in what he did. He guest-
Edited the wallpaper of October, but in his editorial he hinted that he regretted becoming a designer and gave several pages of editorials to various pre-orders
An outstanding scientist
He quickly defended the ridiculous rich, pointing out a series of cheaper products (
Kids scooter and potty included)
He worked for US retailer Target in 2002, the boutique hotel Mama Shelter in central Paris, with a house price starting at £ 70.
He said he would not work for dirty money: companies specializing in weapons, tobacco, religion, gambling or oil.
But I don't know how to wash it.
"I'm sorry it's not more useful," he explained . ".
"My life is coming to an end.
I finally got it.
I am in the bubble of my work.
Although I did a good job, it was a ridiculous bubble.
People who care about design
Especially now that we have so many emergencies and priorities, challenges, ecological, economic, it's amazing.
The weapons designed are not enough weapons.
We need to invent better weapons.
Jasmine told Starck that his taxi was waiting outside and, strangely, he also claimed to have found a higher meaning.
"The strange thing is that I have some religious beliefs," he continued . ".
"I am a communist in structure.
It is my responsibility to share my thoughts with as many people as possible.
Communism didn't work in the 20 th century because it was distorted by the bad guys.
This gives a lot of room for capitalism, which is a huge mistake.
Sorry, I can't be selfish.
"However, it is difficult to see how this luxury fits with Starck's image.
Shortly after the interview, shortly before the photo was taken, Starck wore his signature flat cover and leather gloves, which he brought especially for the camera.
Those wandering to Sanderson saw Jasmine nervously lay a foundation on her husband's face from her phone while frantically trying to check the information on her iPhone.
He did not break the position of farewell, so he was anxious to please the photographer.
When he left, it seemed inconsistent with his spell.
Not exactly "pee and Lurk ".
Design catalogue: the greatest creative Juicy Salif lemon juicer designed by Starck for Alessi, 1990 easily became his most famous design, vicky, editor of Blueprint magazine, says this is the best example of Starck's integration of the functions and emotions of everyday objects.
"It's like a space rocket that takes off from the kitchen table, something people show themselves, not just use.
"The Enjoli ListonAlain manufacturer Alain Mikli Starck Mikli glasses eyes 1996The collaboration and search and rescue team set up a new hinge to make the glasses stronger and more humble.
Unlike traditional spiral hinges, the series features "bio-ecological joints" designed like human shoulders ".
The mechanism is capable of twisting without breaking and can handle resistance up to 187lb.
Eurostar, 2002 inspired by the romantic past of rail travel, Starck transformed everything from train to ticket office.
He laughed at those traveling in casual clothes, such as "purple jogging bottoms, green fluorescent sweaters and orange Nike sneakers"-but didn't specify dress requirements.
The features of Starck's parrot Zukmi speakers on the iPod dock are unusual-these Speaker holders 2 instead of keeping the design compact.
5 feet high, expensive, priced at 1,200.
According to their creators, "they deliver the maximum effect with as little material as possible, the most extreme and powerful technology: this is magic ".
These colorful clear armchairs of Louis Ghost chairs in Kartell 2003 invoke Louis XV's style, just combining it with polycarbonate plastic, creating an amazing blend of elite and ordinary.
More than 200,000 units are sold each year, including Barbie models, with many changes.
Hansgrohe 1994 Starck's mixer Axor is known for its cheeky skin, and the Axor faucet is inspired by the male genitals, a tool commonly used in the bathroom.
This will make you look twice when you wash your hands.
Paris cafe 1984 is already an experienced nightclub designer, and Starck's vision of Costa cafe has spawned some of the most iconic pieces in 1980.
One of the best-
The famous modern facilities in Paris, from the blue stairs to the tableware, have received international praise.
Toothbrush 1989In 2001, Stark described the design of this democracy as: "Small Sculpture.
So, for two dollars, there's something else in your bathroom.
Because this small, humble Micro
Sculpture, your bathroom becomes [a]
Small, cheapmuseum . . .
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