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stink bugs bothering you? delaware twp. man invents a trap you can make - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-21
stink bugs bothering you? delaware twp. man invents a trap you can make  -  corrugated plastic
There are Japanese beetle traps, ant traps and roaches motel here.
"So, Jody Williams from Delaware Township thinks, why not set a bug trap, so he made one.
"All I have to do is think about their habits and what kind of environment they like," Williams said . " He works in home maintenance and renovation.
They were officially named "Brown mahost" and were first discovered in the country in Pennsylvania in 1996.
This year, their numbers have surged in New Jersey, especially in the past few weeks, as they have come home to seek shelter in the winter.
They will continue to do so until the first frost.
Spots, Shields-
Shaped bugs climb through window frames, vents, or cracks on the foundation, and then produce a clustered sex hormone that is different from the chemical that names the bugs to attract others.
This can help explain the success of Williams's simple trap.
Overwhelmed by bugs, he began to take them off the surface of the House and around them and throw them into a bucket of ammonia and water.
It works, but the method can't keep up with a lot of errors.
So he took two shots. foot-
Four points for square cardboard and binding-
Inch thick wooden strip with parallel edge, third Cross
Parts forming the center of "H"
He then fixed a matching piece of cardboard on the wood with a DingTalk gun to form a thin sandwich.
The day before it rained last week, he held up two traps on one side of the house.
When the sun began to fall, he shook the trap, counted 60 bugs in one trap, and 80 in the other.
"There is no doubt that it works," he said Tuesday . ".
"It's very simple. everyone can do one by themselves.
"Once the bugs are caught, he puts them in a garbage bag, seals them thoroughly, or throws them into ammonia water.
Traps are reusable
As long as they don't get wet-and disposable.
For a more permanent version, he thought corrugated plastic might work and would like to know a varietylayer traps. In his single-
Layer version, the bug is also nestled between the trap and his side plate;
He also swept them into the trash can.
Williams believes that the small space brings the feeling of safety and security to the bugs.
"I hate these bugs very much," Williams said . "
He knows that he is not alone, which is why he is not a patent lawyer, but to share his thoughts with readers.
"I think it's a service to the community.
Everyone has
To learn more about bed bugs, visit njaes. rutgers.
Edu/stinkbug/about. asp.
For more coverage of the stink bug, see www. nj. com/hunterdon-county-democrat/index.
Ssf/2010/10/stink_bugs _ inv _ hunterdon.
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