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Strong, stylish, long-lasting - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
Strong, stylish, long-lasting  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
Nearly 2 million bamboo craftsmen have disappeared in this country.
We know very little about how to best use these materials.
Experts say bamboo can replace steel and wood used in buildings.
Architect Neelam Manjunath said that its use in buildings can reduce the cost by 40, and he may be the only designer in the construction industry to take the lead in driving the bamboo business, especially in terms of structural applicationsBangalore-
Headquartered in Neelam, in charge of the green building materials and technology center, connected with the bamboo Association of India, has handled nearly 100 projects using large quantities of bamboo within 15 years.
"This is one of the fastest --
"Planting plants on earth is easy to harvest," she said . ".
Bamboo accounts for about 40 of the world's bamboo forests in India.
We cut up a part of the pulp but not for construction.
Bamboo grass is the driving force obtained from its axial fibers.
The elastic vascular bundle in its stem provides a high tensile strength comparable to that of steel, sufficient for "reinforced concrete" to be replaced by "bamboo reinforced concrete.
When built using the appropriate connection technology, it is an ideal seismic material.
Neelam uses bamboo in walls, beams, pillars, doors, windows, thatched roof, railings, grills, sheds, fences, bridges, stairs, border walls and furniture
It can be used as a composite in a variety of industries, in addition to the fact that bamboo is useful in corrugated roofs, partitions, veneers, laying and bamboo flooring.
So why is there so much hesitation when using green gold?
Neelam said that the British regard bamboo as the wood of the poor ".
We have built hundreds of bamboo structures in India with rich traditional wisdom, but the British have turned them into wood.
In Assam, many houses built with bamboo a century ago are still safe.
Hundreds of homes in and around Devanahalli, Bangalore (
Outside the Fort Tilp)
Let the bamboo mat run horizontally under lime
Surki roof tops, they remain strong even after 75 years.
Neelam Manjunath has won several international awards for her research in the field, and she built Raj Bhavan's food storage room in Bangalore with bamboo and Bamboo composites. “A 100-year-
Old building must be renovatedmade.
In addition to the walls and worktops, we also used bamboo painted plates as roofs, as well as waste from the same construction site.
In less than a month, the work was over, and the building was completed in January 2000 . "
This material is ideal for lighting
Weight roof of large span structure.
The fake ceiling at Madrid airport, created by British architect Richard Rogers, uses bamboo composite strips to make it naturally on fire
Prove it, says Neelam.
Bamboo contains natural cellulose and silica, which makes it physically non-combustible.
In coastal areas where steel is prone to rust, bamboo can also be used for foundation piling.
Bamboo can also be constructed quickly as most of the work can be done outdoorssite. Pre-
Manufacturing is one of the highlights of this material, which has access to wall panels, doors, partitions and roof structures.
Neelam specifically uses bamboo fiber concrete, not the usual plastic fiber, as an additive for a better combination with concrete
Due to its moisture absorption properties, it is challenging in the drying process.
Study "shell-roof or free-
When concrete bonding is not considered, the form roof with a thickness of 7 "can easily create cracks.
But bamboo is light and flexible, and is good for efficient structures.
India and China are working on how to make effective use of bamboo enhancement materials
"Rising structure," she said.
Because bamboo is a creature.
Degrade and avoid contact with the soil.
Chemical treatment procedures such as borax and boron sand powder must be used to prevent termite. Inter-
Lymph node injection is also critical for long-term health, and the use of finishes with protective coatings such as paint, enamel, laminate or polish can work well.
Design climate
The conscious building snelam manjunas holds B.
PG Diploma in arches and theology from Lucknow Government School of Architecture.
Her philosophy "sustainability is linked to spirituality" and her low
Energy construction works because carbon credit doesn't make any sense to her. Her 10,000 sq.
Ft house with aesthetic style-up free-
Some eyes have a roof.
Bamboo designed in a variety of patterns.
Some parts, such as the entrance, fill the roof with mud blocks completed with lime cleaning.
A long curved beam above the open kitchen follows 175ft.
The roof, below is a cluster of bamboo poles that embrace one pillar.
"Bamboo brings peace, and its contemporary design creates a positive atmosphere.
"After all, it is said that a bamboo will produce enough oxygen all its life," Neelam said . ".
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