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style invitational week 1326: foaling around — our most popular contest - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-17
style invitational week 1326: foaling around — our most popular contest  -  clear plastic film
Style Invitational four weeks ago. . HAR-
Mind-smart idea: 1322 weeks of problematic invention we ask you to come up with some that are still a little flawed. . .
Michael Jackson embraced the pillow.
"He will come to comfort you. . . ” (
Kevin dupat (Washington)
Swiss Army gardener: a convenient, foldable lot
Tools for combining shovel, rake, hoe, Hacksaw, Pitchfork, trim cut and porthope excavators. (
Jesse Frankovic, the Meggie ledge. )and the ‘hand-
The next 007 film, chase the scene, shot by a driverless taxi. (
Dan helming, TrentonJ. )
Soup of Braille letters(
Jeff Contompasis, Ashburn, Va. )
When you want to eat a potato chip, you can pack the potato chips separately. (
Jeff Shirley, Richmond, Va. )
A security feature on the ATM asking loudly "you entered a 7732 PIN.
Right? ” (
Duncan Stevens, Vienna, Va. )
Ten-year calendar at a glance. (
Mark Calandra, Wickham, quality. )
Company voice mail only works when callers are calm and polite.
"I won't transfer you to one of our colleagues until you apologize for yelling. ” (
Martin Bancroft, Bellevue, wosh. )
A device to relieve joint pain by gently heating your hands with flowing water while you sleep. (
Jeff contompas)
The "I haven't voted yet" tab that helps you vote twice. (
Jesse Frankie)
In the event of a power outage, power your breathing oxygen pump by jogging fast on the connected treadmill. (
Noah Meyer (Washington)Spanx burqas.
Moderate. (Kevin Dopart)
Use Q-remove all the wax from your earTip Drill Bit. (
Todd drump, Felix, Va. )A tic-tac-
Toe book for Mensa members. (
Rick Haynes, Boynton Beach, Florida. )
Dorian Green: a magical tree food that maintains a bright, healthy green before the oak and maple leaves fall from the tree. (
John greenris, Burke, Virginia
First Crime)
The frustration of opening the toy is over: forming with built-in plastic packaging
Razor knife that is easier to open. (
John Hutchins, Silver Spring, Maryland)
Fly Byes: men's pants zipper automatically closed after 17-
The second standard urination interval. (
Neil stark man in Seattle)
Automatically share the results to Twitter and Facebook's Dropbox scales. (Duncan Stevens)The two-
Nanny cam, for those nannies who need to know what you're doing! (
Danielle Norin, Virginia at ferfax station)
An invisible fence used to defend against thieves.
Equipped with several shock rings for placing potential home intruders. (
Roy Ashley (Washington)
Interesting accountant
A dating site where you two can find each other. (
Warren Tanabe, Annapolis, Maryland)Pop-
Sympathy card. (Mark Calandra)
Tooth Fairy savings bond: imagine a smile on the tongue of a happy young tree in the morning! (
Bird ing, latchmont, N. Y. )
Pocket mucus suction cup: This battery-
The electric vacuum draws the nose from the nose through plastic pipes into the container in the pocket. (
Rob Cohen, Potomac, MD)A 36-inch-wide, 12-inch-
Completely eliminate the deep rearview mirror of the blind spot behind the car. (John Hutchins)
Coin dispenser: put in a dollar and it will return 100 p. (
Mark Raffman, Reston, Va. )A salt-and-
Sugar bottle group. (
Eric Nelkin, Silver Spring, Maryland)
Wheelchair. (
Jesse Frankie)
Simply put the connected water wheel into the nearby stream to charge the hydro-electric vehicle. (
Jeff contompas)
Saran mouse: trap for wrapping rodents with transparent plastic film. (
Melissa Balmain, Rochester, New YorkY. )
Bumper cars for automatic operation: accident enhancement-
Avoid sensors and software. (Mark Raffman)
Monsanto's new hybrid cars perform better than all competitors, but you have to buy new ones every year. (
Gary Crockett, Chevy Chase, Maryland)
A folded comb
Fork on the handle. —A. Klobuchar (
Robert shecht of dikes Hill, New YorkY. ;
Jeff contompas)
Let's build a platform on the Internet where everyone can post any ideas at any time for everyone to see without editing.
So we can be friends! (
Brunswick Burruss, Brunswick, MD
First Crime)Still running —
The deadline is also Monday, April 15: our joke contest for the White House Correspondents Dinner. See wapo. st/invite1325.
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The 100 treble nominations we will use in 1326 weeks: admire and seek and or annual Anothertwistafate Bankit blue steel Bodexpress wave field the standard gymnasium for the moral code of Cairo's lovely castle Casanova funny ghost country house Curlaway now cut humorous bold camouflage, vido Corleone dreamman dull knife easy shot escape Everfast Exchequer family Grey magicians great feeling haekar Harvey walbanger he's taking the Hidden Scroll Higgins Hickey with your ticket identifier incredible hopeless inst maximum safety mercy rule midnight curfew spiritual control more mr. ice Mike.
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