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summer hazards for pets: 9 ways to keep your dog and cat safe - colored pet film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
summer hazards for pets: 9 ways to keep your dog and cat safe  -  colored pet film
Summer is a welcome change after a long, cold New England winter.
This is the time for local cooking, traveling along the Cape and gathering in the backyard pool.
But our beloved dogs and cats are also in danger when the temperature rises.
To keep your pet safe, you must be prepared. Care.
Com interviewed Dr.
Elizabeth Rozanski, associate professor of clinical science at camings Veterinary College, director of emergency medicine at small animal Foster Care Hospital, tips on preventing accidents and protecting pets during the summer.
When dog days come in the summer, dehydration and heatstroke are very real threats.
Animals should have fresh and clean water in both summer and winter.
Carry a portable water bowl while walking.
Take a holiday or coach in Maine along the Cape (
You never know what the traffic will be like! ). Short-
Nose dog, like a pug, Japanese Chin and Bulldog, darker in color
Color pets, overweight animals, or animals with thick coats (
Like Himalayan or Persian cat)
Especially prone to heat pressure.
Pay attention to these symptoms: excessive lethargy urination reduced gum dryness refused to eat depressed skin elasticity of the eyes (
Gently pinch the skin of your pet near the shoulder to form the shape of the tent;
Your pet may be dehydrated if the skin recovers slowly. )
Don't worry if your dog pants.
"That's how they cool themselves down . "Rozanski.
"The hotter the weather, the more they will breathe.
Other ways to cool your puppy down?
Fans, ice bags, frozen food, ice cubes, children's pool and sprinklers.
Your kids and dogs will be happy.
What should you do if you think your pet is dehydrated?
"If they look weak or uncomfortable
"Stay balanced, cool them with hoses or wet towels, and send them to the vet as soon as possible," Ronzanski suggested . ".
CarsWe was guilty.
You leave the dog or cat in the car and run errands in the store.
But in the summer, if the temperature is above 65 degrees, stop this bad habit.
"This is too risky for your dog's health and should not be done," the doctor warned . "Rozanski.
So, protect your pets and bring them in.
Sidewalk heard the expression "the weather is too hot, you can fry an egg on the side?
Something like a black sidewalk (or asphalt)
It will be hot and will hurt the claws of your pet.
"Think about what you're walking on," said the doctor. Rozanski.
"If you don't want to walk on it with bare feet, try limiting your dog's time on it.
Talk to your dog walker about what route to avoid in summer.
Stay away from asphalt or rough roads, choose a softer route and schedule a cooler time walk in the day.
What about the boots?
"If you think your dog will tolerate them, try --
But a lot of people really don't like them. Rozanski.
Also, common sense tips, such as walking in the shade, can replace the need for short boots, so try to do so before paying for something your puppy might not like.
Although YouTube may tell us that cats and rabbits do not like swimming, the pool and water.
"I believe most of the animals [in the videos]
"I don't like it," he said . "Rozanski.
Not all dogs have dog oars.
Some people may not like water, and some varieties, such as dogs and terriers, may encounter difficulties in swimming.
So buy a float before you take Fido to the beach or pool (
Yes, dogs can wear floats too! )
Keep your puppy safe.
If you are planning a boating adventure with your dog near Gloucester this summer, make sure he doesn't jump into the water, which can be dangerous for animals.
Don't force your pet into the water.
If you are lucky and your pet likes to splash water around, be sure to rinse it out after swimming.
Chlorine, salt and bacteria in swimming pools and lakes can be harmful.
Animals should also have a cool place nearby where they can cool off and get fresh water as drinking salt water and pool water can cause health problems.
The more time you spend outdoors, the more likely you are to encounter a reptile.
In New England, most snakes are harmless, but sometimes they bite more than your dog.
Protect your pet
And your family)
Keep your yard clean and tidy
Snakes like to hide. tall grass and piles of rubbish are perfect spots.
Remind kids if they see snakes
Whether it's toxic or not, they should step back and leave it alone.
"If your dog tends to chase wild animals, let him or her enter the house until the animals disappear," the doctor suggested . "Rozanski.
If your cat is allowed to go out, quickly monitor your yard in advance to make sure the coast is clear.
Unfortunately, a cat or a puppy may be perfect --
The size of some snakes.
If the pet is bitten by a snake, its face and head will get swollen, "you should call your vet right away," urged Dr. Rozanski.
ASPCA also provides guidelines for snake bites and safety precautions.
In the warm New England weather, extra dressing is especially important.
In the summer, brush your pet's teeth frequently to remove excess or messed up fur, which can make the pet lose weight and cause overheating.
It depends on where you live and the type of animal you have, but "if they don't look comfortable because of a thick coat, for example a dog might keep panting, he says: "consider taking them to the beautician. "Rozanski.
Don't cut too tightly, though, because a coat can protect your pet from the harsh summer sun. Bee stingsBuzz. Buzz.
It may not be a pleasant sound for us, but it may cause your pet to investigate.
While Curiosity does not kill cats (or dog)
It will sting them.
What should you do? “Often —
"Nothing," said the doctor. Rozanski.
If there is a lot of swelling, call your vet and he can advise you to go to the office and have a look or prescribe an excessive prescriptionthe-
Some OTCs are harmful to pets though, so don't distribute them yourself.
Observe your pet's reaction to any swelling.
If they are very angry, they may scrape the tingling area and pull the fur out.
These "hot spots" make your pet look bald.
If you notice this behavior or these spots, take your pet to the vet right away.
Your pet will stay outdoors all the time and one of the biggest dangers is tick.
In summer,
Rozanski recommends that you or your Boston dog walker check at least once a day if your pet has ticks and take a closer look after walking or traveling through a wooded area.
"It is difficult to find ticks on dogs with thick coats," she warned . ".
"Dogs are usually more affected than cats.
'What should you do if you find a tick?
Browse ASPCA's guide: how to remove tick from your pet.
Once it is removed (
Tweezers are usually used)
"Try to keep it in a closed container," suggested Dr. Rozanski.
"Then, ask your vet if you should bring it to the test.
Tick carries a variety of diseases, including Lemme, but symptoms are often difficult to find.
The dog may be tired or have a fever or become lame.
So, also talk to your vet in advance about effective tick drugs and use only products made for your pet.
Barbecue and home cooking one yone loves cooking, especially your pet, which can enjoy the leftovers from the table.
But this and this taste can be bad for pets-not just for their waist circumference.
Some surprising foods, such as grapes, onions, garlic and raisins, may be toxic to dogs if eaten in large quantities and should be kept away from their menu.
The doctor says grapes and raisins are safe for cats, but keep away from onions and garlicRozanski.
Be careful with these BBQ favorites that may cause problems for your pet.
Barbecue: this is slow
The joy of cooking will lead
The diarrhea of the dog is pleasant.
Corn on the stick.
Dogs often have a hard time digesting the corn cob, which can be suffocating.
Fruit with pits.
Peaches, avocado and other fruits with hemp spots are in danger of choking.
Food with bones: creaking bones of toys: Great.
Real bones in the food: not that much.
Even something like a bone.
Wings can be very dangerous for your pet as they can split and hurt their GI system and sometimes even pierce their intestines.
Don't feed anything to your pet with bones so as not to get into the emergency room.
Food with toothpicks or skewers: neglected toothpicks or debris can be punctured or punched in the intestines.
Ice cream: a little bit of any taste is good for most dogs.
Try some, but it may not agree with all dogs, especially if they have sensitive stomachs.
Like a human being, some dogs also have lactose intolerance.
What about the other things on the table?
"The garbage and snacks on the table should be kept below 10% of the pet diet," the doctor said . "Rozanski.
Chicken, burgers and hot dogs without bones are OK, but the quantity is limited.
As you know, most pets eat everything, so pay attention to what they are addicted.
Talk to any guest before the summer party, especially the kids.
Politely remind them that if your pet has a special diet, is allergic to anything, or has any food on the table that may cause health problems.
You also want to enjoy this party and don't take the time to take care of pets with stomach discomfort.
These dangers may sound terrible, but you just need a little bit of preparation and vigilance to keep the summer from hot.
Get more hot weather tips from ASPCA.
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