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sun control film sellers suffer a dark summer | chennai news - times of india - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
sun control film sellers suffer a dark summer | chennai news - times of india  -  transparent window film
Chennai: while the car owner is panting and cursing when the police peel the sun off the window glass to control the movie, the store that sells the movie sighs.
Usually, in the summer, every shop on Patters Road sells movies to more than 10 cars, each for between 1,500 and 4,000.
This time, thanks to police driving, no buyer will block heat but not light, except for the few drivers who buy green transparent films.
After the Supreme Court issued a ban, the traffic police have been dismantling the film on the window and fined the owner.
M. Shaik, the owner of General Patterson's Road, said it was a summer of reversal.
Every summer, rows of new cars wait here for the movie to get stuck. Now, some 20-
He said there are 30 cars lined up every day to remove the colored films.
On the other hand, some people who want to take risks prefer a green transparent film, which has not been listed so far.
The film is not dark and may escape the eyes of corpus.
The owner said they kept the temperature inside the car at a lower level.
According to an order, filming is not allowed, but some people are willing to take risks, said one owner.
Shaik said a driver who came to remove the dark movie on Monday came back Tuesday to watch the Green movie.
With the arrival of the summer peak, the drivers are furious.
One driver, who declined to be named, said the rule was not suitable for Chennai, especially in the summer.
The court heard a debate on safety, including the possibility that colored glass would allow criminals to escape attention.
However, a female driver took the opposite view.
The absence of colored glass will make it less safe for female drivers at night, as people on the road can see her.
She said the situation was not comfortable when the man on the bike tried to get close to the car.
Private garage charges 300-
400 is used to remove the film from the vehicle.
But it's not as profitable as fixing a movie, says Selva, a mechanic at Woods Road.
Central Motor Vehicle Rules (1989)
Say that the front and rear glasses of a car should have visual optical transmission (VLT)
Side Glasses should have at least 70% VLT, while side glasses should have at least 50% VLT.
However, the SC ordered that all films be banned and that the company be exempted-
Specify the installation of colored glasses for VLT.
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