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sunglasses for dogs: $80 rex specs 'doggles' protect your pet's eyes from uv rays, wind and dust - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
sunglasses for dogs: $80 rex specs \'doggles\' protect your pet\'s eyes from uv rays, wind and dust  -  polycarbonate lenses
Dog Coat, delicate collar, even dog
The friendly shoes were actually thrown into the shade. A Wyoming-
The company has developed a pair of sports goggles to protect the dog's eyes from strong sunlight and other harmful elements. The $79. 95 (£53)
The specifications are made of polyester lenses and a soft foam frame, which is comfortably mounted on the dog's muzzle, allowing the dog to freely open its mouth.
The goggles were invented by 31-year-old dog lover Eden Donne and 33-year-old Jesse Emilio from Rex's specifications.
The couple said they enjoyed hiking in Jackson hills, Wyoming, which caused both of their dogs to suffer from harmful eye diseases.
Their German Shepherd showed up on the surface of keratisis.
A common inflammation of the eye caused by ultraviolet rays, while their Huskies suffer long-term sunburn around the eyes.
Protective masks can help alleviate both diseases, but the couple said they could not find products they would love to put on their pets.
Dorn said that the choice to protect the eyes was not in place at the time and did not provide a large view. MS
When we put [the dogs]
Go to the mountains for the adventure they like
So we started to make our own goggles for them with the materials around the house.
The final product effectively protects the eyes from sunlight, dust and strong winds, and has a round lens to see a full range of views.
Its straps are used to keep it firmly in place.
The US military has adopted Rex specs to protect their K9s eyes.
Military dogs are probably not accidental. They are one of the early adopters of these shadows.
Rex specs's website acknowledges
Trained and working dogs are more likely to receive goggles without resistance, while less disciplined pets often try to shake off the lenses.
However, the company explained that each dog can be taught to wear eye protection devices over time and training.
Dorn says that when dogs are introduced correctly and methodically, it adapts to them and feels comfortable with them. MS.
However, to help them stay healthy, the strap system holds the goggles firmly on their faces.
The current model is for larger varieties with a weight of between 30 and 100lbs (13kg and 45kg)
But a smaller version is being developed for the smaller pooches.
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