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sunny disposition - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
sunny disposition  -  polycarbonate lenses
With the summer season in full swing, consumers will flock to the store to find one of the most popular accessories of the season. . .
"Perfect" summer tones.
According to optical researchers at VisionWatch, Americans bought more than 96 million pairs of sunglasses in just one year. VisionWatch completed the study in March 2002.
Whether it's buying fashion, sun protection or both, it's easy to be overwhelmed by a variety of brands, shapes and colors.
A spokeswoman for Sunglass Hut said: "There are still many options . ".
"All the high
Technology and designer brands are definitely smart to buy sunglasses today.
"The key is to find a pair of sunglasses that meet your specific needs.
To make your quest easier, Chris abruze, vice president of marketing for Jim sunglasses at Maui, recommends consumers "stay healthy, stylish and protective when looking for a summer eye mask.
"To look the best, highlight your facial features and choose a pair of sunglasses based on your facial shape.
According to the American visual Council (VCA)
There are seven basic faces: Diamond, oval, base
Bottom Triangle-
Triangle, square, circle and rectangle.
The biggest fashion trend this summer includes the "post-80 s"
Inspiration frame, high
Technology, sports and luxury, says VCA.
Think big, bold, short and fat.
Although these frames may not be ideal for everyday wear, oversized sunglasses can add a finishing touch to this special outfit, whether on the beach or in the city center.
Fendi's Occhiali sunglass collection embodies this trend in a style like FS252, which has an oversized square frame with a Fendi logo embedded in the temple.
The titanium sports series of Maui Jim offers hinges-
Only 11 grams of weight, and excellent UV protection, less, frameless tones.
Oakley sunglasses are bold and sporty, providing consumers with unique design and technology.
The semi-jacket range includes dual-lens shades with a swap lens.
This season, Oakley has also launched a fate line designed for women.
Several companies are making sunglasses specifically for a variety of sports and activities.
Nike Vision's Max Lens patented technology brings the sports performance sun wear to a larger arena.
It provides prescription lens wearer visual accuracy while exercising.
Another feature of these glasses is the impactand shatter-
Anti-pc lenses.
Among the sports glasses provided by Bolle, there is a sunglasses specially designed for tennis.
Their patented competitive lens allows athletes to see tennis vividly while blocking the glare and harmful UV rays.
Italian sunglasses manufacturer Serengeti has a wide range of driving sunglasses designed to optimize vision when driving in sunny conditions.
Serengeti's driving glasses combine functionality and fashion perfectly.
This season, in the luxurious summer eye suit, the metal without frame and exotic is a big trend.
Sunglasses manufacturers offer a unique style that combines these two functions.
Featuring a variety of provocative shields in different colors, Calvin Klein's CK Collection offers a range of trendy frameless sun suits.
There is no rule that you can only wear one pair of sunglasses.
More than one pair of sunglasses can add more changes to your summer wardrobe.
As a spokesman for Sunglass Hut pointed out, "although the trend will change with the season, if you spend money on a good pair of frames, they can keep you going for a few years and look good.
Sunglasses can not only add "spice" to your look throughout the summer, but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, which can sometimes cause irreversible damage. Dr. Jeffrey L.
Weaver, director of the clinical care team at the American Society of Optometrists, said sunglasses should be able to block ultraviolet rays from 99 to 100%A and UV-
B radiation should be shielded from visible light of 75 to 90%.
But the color should not change the perception of the color, he said, adding that gray or brown is the best.
Sunglasses Cottage is a sponsor of the Weather Channel "light awareness" event.
In the second year, the project aims to promote the danger of excessive exposure to the sun while allowing people to enjoy outdoor activities safely.
When visiting any of the sunglasses cabin retail stores, consumers can get a "light awareness" Sunshine safety manual for free, which provides great tips on how to enjoy safety in the sun. According to the doctor
Weaver, ultraviolet rays have been shown to cause certain types of cataract and are related to age.
Related amd
These are the two most common eye health problems encountered in future life.
The effects of ultraviolet radiation on the eyes are cumulative, so the longer a person is exposed to ultraviolet rays in a lifetime, the greater the risk of developing these diseases.
Both the public and celebrities welcome Oliver people's innovation in sunglasses design (OP).
Actresses Jessica Alba and Calista farlockhart, as well as rock singers Elton John and Lenny Kravitz, all appeared in fashion with OP sunglasses. Co-
Founder and designer Larry Lewitt says OP sunglasses attract recognizable characters because the glasses stand out even without an outward brand, "creating a sense of mystery ".
It's never too early to protect your eyes from the sun.
If you can't keep your baby and toddler away from direct sunlight,
Weaver said he had sunglasses.
The same is true of older children.
They tend to spend more time outdoors than adults, exposing their delicate eyes to more UV radiation.
Some manufacturers of sunglasses catering to adults are expanding the market, including children's sunglasses.
Bolle is just one of the companies that offer stylish but protective sunglasses for kids.
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