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super-natural circus - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
super-natural circus  -  pet manufacturing process
I was burnt out by a big cotton.
The covered sofa, the back of the head, and the feet snuggle in the Brookstone foot massager.
Young woman so fresh
Facing her, she can tilt towards a new plant water through the action of the woodland fairy, in a clear display cabinet, like a Rolex in a jewelry store.
"Do you want a bottle?
She asked softly.
Don't mind if I do.
When I taste the "coordinated" mixture of Carpe Diem, nine plant extracts including acai, birch leaves and elder flowers ---
Of course, the fruit is naturally sweet ---
Everything is peaceful, everything is Zen.
As Zen as possible, that is to say, at a booth in a conference hall, there are 3,391 exhibitors around who are busy selling their goods.
This year's Western 2008 Natural Products Expo, held at Anaheim Convention Center in March 13-16, attracted more than 52,000 retailers, manufacturers and industry professionals, up 11% from last year. The gathering --part product-
Hunting, some food-
It is the largest trade exhibition of natural organic products in the country.
It's 28 years now, it's 4-day grip-and-
Smile practice for manufacturers seeking product exposure and retail buyers seeking cutting-edge trends.
If food or personal
The care product is new, or halfNew, even-last-
It is very likely to be here this year for tasting, smelling or smearing.
Fred Linde, president of New Hope Natural Media, said that with natural foods steadily entering large and medium-sized grocery chains, the character of the crowd is changing and it has generated events since the beginning of the event.
"The balance has tilted, and we see fewer ties --
"Dyeing and more suits," he said . "
"This ratio has changed.
"The trend is also rising and falling.
Sylvia tovas of the fresh creative group joked that good old Kiwi is "three seasons ago" and that the group is a marketer of natural and organic food.
The other stars are rising.
One of the biggest trends this year is gluten.
Tawse added that he has been following natural products for more than 20 years. "Gluten-
"Freedom is exploding," she said . ".
Other trends include any organic food-
Organic Cosmetics, organic pet food, organic meat, organic beer. The omega-
This boom continues unabated as energy-filled aisles, grains and eggs are boosted by healthy fatty acids.
Probiotics are well presented, and many of them are now made up of a subtle theme that was once left to only the closest conversation: to eliminate the problem.
"I don't really know what to say, but people are really talking about their intuition," Tawse said.
"After spending more than an hour in the hot product Hall, I saw a dazzling array of exotic salt, tea and natural sweeteners, as well as acai, yerba mate endless combination of mangosteen and medlar.
Organic tapenade and dolmas to be sampled, cotton padded clothes to be touched, and natural products with names such as animal snacks can be considered ecologicalconscious pet.
I'm only in channel three.
The first exhibition hall.
There are four more to go.
In order to make a living, I took some hot organic meat and continued to work hard.
This year, both sides of the aisle are talking about "green "---
Environmental awareness of packaging, reducing the impact of the manufacturing process on the environment, and giving back something to the community that produces the product.
Jo Ann Issenman, a buyer of pharmacy chain Pharmaca integrated integration, a retail chain of 21 integrated pharmacies, attended the event.
She says she refuses and chooses an ingredient-based product-
No parab Gold, artificial pigments or spices--
And whether the products are manufactured and packaged in an environment-friendly manner.
"We are riding on the top of ourselves.
"Care about the revolution," she said.
"People really know what they put on their skin and the impact of these products, and they want to be responsible.
Upstairs, the noise and activities in the huge exhibition hall remind people of Robert Altman's movie ---
There is no end to a long process.
News staff from all kinds of media shuttle through the friendly crowd.
There are different groups of people here.
At a booth, it was a French-speaking executive in a European suit;
On the other hand, small business owners of Birkenstocks;
There is also an Amish grocery store looking for new products.
As I walked down the aisle, my pants were getting tighter and tighter.
So far, I have tasted the organic beef jerky (tasty);
The Vegetarian beef jerky of stone wall Jackie (spicy); and a gluten-
Free beef pie, sample in small cups at busy twin hen stalls (
Very Delicious).
I have eaten organic chicken nuggets. a blue-
Green algae energy stick with dark blue agave nectar;
The refreshing Organic cocktail mixer of Modmix, including pomegranate International (delicious).
Walking through the dentures adhesive, various types of organ cleaners and metabolic activator, I almost lost my sense of direction when I stumbled upon something promising: chocolate.
I stopped to taste the delicate snacks of Wei in the chocolate organic market --
Trade candy (
Have the mood to improve the wood vanilla and spices)
When a young woman with a Mona Lisa smile sprayed on my head with a happy heart of Lotus Wei, a mist filled with the essence of vibrating flowers (
Used to remove radiation from mobile phones and computers.
The sales of suppliers came fast and hot.
Back in the hot product Hall, standing in a crowded crowd, an elderly gentleman dressed spotless approached me and asked me strongly if I had considered organic tampon and mats.
All of these products are increasingly popular reflected in the sales of natural foods grocery stores, said SPINS enson, a market research and consulting firm in the natural products industry.
According to the US Natural Food Market Overview 2007, the sales of natural food in the United StatesS.
Growth of natural products 9.
2006 was $ 7% to $56. 8 billion.
"We see a lot of new ingredients," Christenson said . ".
The probiotics were removed from the grocery store shelves;
Non-dairy products such as oats, nuts and hemp milk, non-soybean milk;
Agave sweeteners;
Of course, there are exotic fruits.
"Acai is probably the most mature," Christenson said . ".
"Mangosteen isand-comer.
Pomegranate and some traditional fruits, blueberries and cranberries are still strong.
"In fact, with the end of the day, I began to worry that the human body might not be fully designed to sample every product produced in the rainforest, i'm thinking about the effect of eating so much at a time on medicine, good or bad.
In this case, what would people tell the caregiver?
It may be acai colon cleanser, but then again, yerba mate Frappucino looks like dicey.
Joy Dubost, a food scientist and nutrition expert at the Institute of Food Technology, said many healthy food trends are growing so fast that science has no chance to catch up.
"With these exotic fruits, we have new evidence to show their function, but not in the human population," she said . ".
"The evidence is emerging and we are conducting a strong investigation.
"This may explain the enduring popularity of ordinary, old and other products.
Old-fashioned granola, says Alan Anke
The owner of Maine's grandfather.
Standing in front of his company's village barn that produces organic granola in small batches ---
Mangosteen and mangosteen are not allowed-
Anker looked at the huge showroom and smiled calmly.
"When we come here, we joke every year, 'What will the new fashion be? '?
"There is one every year," he said . "
"I think cocoa is quite big.
It used to be medlar.
But blueberries and cranberry will not die. "--janet. Cromley @ latimes. com--(
Start text of the infobox)
A range of merchandise at the popular health products Western Nature products expo reflects not only in small health stores, but also in supermarkets and big-
Box stores such as Costco, Sam's Club, Wal-
Fred Linde, president of New Hope Natural Media, said.
The biggest trends seen by Linder and others who focus on natural foods and products include: * amazing spread of gluten
Not only in bread, grain, Brownie and pasta, but also free products in dog food products.
: Increased attention to certified fair trade.
Consumers are looking for products from manufacturers that meet economic and environmental standards to support the communities in which they do business.
* Not only in bread and rolls, but also in pizza, snacks and desserts, the whole grain and the sprouted grain continue to sprout. * Omega-
Fatty acids are taking off as consumers seek to improve their brain power.
They appear in supplements and cooking oil as well as energy bars, grains, milk, eggs and pet products.
* Probiotics are increasingly present in vitamin supplements, beverages, and snacks, reflecting greater consumer interest in gut health.
* Consumers are not only content to eat "natural" only, but also to buy natural organic personal care products such as mineral cosmetics.
* Exotic "super fruit" ingredients such as Acai, mangosteen, medlar, yerba mate and yumberry are entering drinks and snacks. * Small, on-the-
The size of natural drinks and snacks is growing.
Source: New Hope Natural Media-
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