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tactical urbanism: citizen projects go mainstream - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2019-08-07
tactical urbanism: citizen projects go mainstream  -  corrugated plastic
MEMPHIS, Tenn. --
The city drew a crosswalk and installed tennis.
The logo of the ball green, but the car has been zooming in.
But instead of waving a white flag, Sarah newstock grabbed an orange flag.
Mom of three in Memphis.
On the road signs on both sides of MacLean Avenue, some recycled plastic Bush basins were tied and filled with brightly colored traffic flags.
There is a laminated logo on each barrel: "help you through with the flag. " And voila!
She made the act of "Tactical Urbanism.
"Google Cloud service disruption missing connadik's mother, Virginia Beach shooting protesters, interrupted Harris's trend, which was initially a guerrilla movement, but is becoming more and more mainstream in the United States and around the world, can include something simple like the corrugated plastic speed limit logo around New York City, or something as big as "pop music"
Repair the "hood" of the container to prove the feasibility of wear
Near Salt Lake City.
City planner Mike Lydon says the main criteria for tactical urbanistic behavior are simple, relatively cheap and fast.
"Tactical Urbanism is short of use.
Test or demonstrate a term or temporary project for the possibility of a long-term project
Lydon, president of New York City, said: "semester change
The street-based collaboration plan collaboration was well received a few years ago for the phrase.
Newstok, who works for the "Livable Memphis" group, added: "At some point we have to do small projects ourselves to make our community better.
No one will do it for us.
"Lydon's company has published two free online manuals and is publishing a book on the sport, noting that cities, developers, or non-profit organizations are increasingly adopting and enabling "tactical urban", it is becoming more and more a recognized movement.
"Many projects are designed to make the city more friendly.
For example, there is a blog-streetseats. org -
Dedicated to people who install benches and chairs all over the country.
But making the streets safer is also a driving force.
Two years ago, residents near Greenburg, Brooklyn, petitioned the New York City Department of Transport to designate two "slow-moving zones" there ".
Unless otherwise stated, the speed limit in New York City is 30 miles per hour.
After a long selection process, Greensburg's request was rejected. But when a 9-year-
An SUV jumped off the side of the road and the old girl was killed. residents took things in their hands. In mid-
During the parade, groups spread throughout the city and installed the corrugated plastic "20 is enough" logo --
Designed by the rightofway group. org -
In 11 locations
Two young children of organizer Hilda Cohen thought: is it OK to break the rules?
"I think sometimes people need to remind the government of what they need to do," she said . ".
"It's not infrastructure, you know. It is signage.
I mean, we don't have to wait.
We should not.
"Other projects are designed to attract traffic in the surrounding areas.
Last year, in the dilapidated warehouse area of Salt Lake City, non-profit organization kentland transformed the container into a "mini container"
Retail space was arranged in the middle of a wide, sparsely populated street to voice the "Granary row.
The goal of "this" pop musicup 'hood" -
Dining Car, community garden and stage
It's to attract entrepreneurs, show that they can make money there and encourage them to open a shop permanently.
James Alfandre, executive director at Kentland, said the three startups involved had entered the permanent retail space.
The Granary Row will be reopened on May 23 in a vacant parking lot.
"The most important thing is that we have become a thriving version, not something else," he said . ".
This concept has been accepted by several major cities.
Even expanded it.
Through it the people of the Holy
The Los Angeles Department of Transport has provided kits and materials to help commercial and community groups transform sidewalks and even some streets into "parks ".
"There are similar projects in New York.
The recent flying elephant in Brooklyn (
Under the Bridge in Manhattan)
Wendy bronfen took her 4-year-
An old daughter riding a motorcycle in a park that used to be a parking lot.
"There are a lot of families around here, and we use outdoor space, whether it's a carnival or a different event," she said . ".
Not all are excited about the actions of these vigilantes.
Last year, Police in Vallejo, California
Anthony Cardenas was arrested for vandalism after drawing diagonal stripes on the existing crosswalk to make it more prominent.
The allegations were dismissed earlier this year.
Officials in Hamilton, Ontario, ordered the removal of several pedestrian crossings and "bumps" on the sidewalk, as Leyton and others held a seminar there last spring.
The city has since reconsidered and is now copying these projects.
Some officials believe that no matter how good these projects are,
It means that people can actually be endangered.
Lydon said he was unaware of the damage caused by one of the projects, which he described as "excellent" records ".
"Memphians have adopted tactical urbanism in many ways.
On the street, a bocce Stadium is attracting customers from restaurants and bars to regular competitions. And hand-
Painted bike lanes are part of a long effort to re-inject life
Wide Avenue neglected
The latest and biggest example of tactical urbanism here is "Tennessee Brewery has not yet been developed ".
Abandoned and rotten fortress for half a century
Like brick buildings, become the home of pigeons and the canvas of graffiti artists.
Tommy pachello, member of Mayor. C.
Wharton's Innovation Delivery Team says owners have spent more than half of their money
Millions of dollars in recent years just to protect 124-year-
Old buildings from vandal
"Since 97 years, 14 feasibility studies have been carried out on this project," Pacello said . ".
He gave up the "old calculus" trying to "build the whole thing at the same time," and he and some others decided to try a different approach.
In the six weeks ended June 1, organizers will host a pop
Beer Garden in the old yard.
Volunteers make seats, tables, and even performance stages with donated and abandoned wood, and food trucks line up to provide refreshments.
"Its purpose is to activate it," Pacello said . ".
"This is to prove that there is value in the structure and people are forced to come here.
"As the demolition plan begins in August, pachello and other tactical city residents will soon be able to prove that the white elephant can be a cash cow.
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