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take care of scratches on wood table - cut to size polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
take care of scratches on wood table  -  cut to size polycarbonate
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Hi Reena, I have a big coffee table made of wood.
The table was full of scratches and I couldn't afford a new one.
Is there a way to grab my desk without taking out a stack of cash?
LorraineDear Lorraine, option 1: fill the scratch with color
Matching wood-filled pencils/crayons designed to hide scratches.
Option 2: rub a rag with matching stains on the wood to hide the scratches.
Cut a piece of smoked glass smooth to fit the wood.
The glass cutter usually includes rubber feet in every corner so that the glass does not slide out of position.
The glass hides the scratches.
Option 3: Cut a piece of wood to fit the size of the table, cover the wood with fabric, fix it with a nail gun and place it on the table.
Option 4: sand and weightDirty the table—-
Hi Reena, I have an old 1930 cabinet
Highly polished.
My husband put a bottle of rum on it.
Left a stain (
Looks like some finishing touches have been eaten up).
I could have played him.
I tried the furniture polish but it didn't work.
I don't want to risk a renovation.
It will be a huge job and B)
I think the surface of it is veneer. Can you help?
ChristinaDear Christina, the good news is that you can hide the damage with matching crayons, paint or stains (
Depending on the wood). The not-so-
The good news is that it sounds like alcohol has stripped the finish, so the stain can't be removed unless you polish and patch it. —-
Good morning, Reina. by-
Today I was cleaning it up and when I took off the top tempered glass top of the top criper drawer and turned it over it got dirty --
Most of them are light brown, but there are also some black spots.
I know that sometimes when I put fresh vegetables or fruits into a fresh-keeping box, they breathe and produce condensate on the lower side of the glass, but I don't really think of it.
In addition, the same problem does not occur at the bottom of the untreated glass.
How do I remove stains?
I am cleaning the glass with warm water and soap;
Tried the borax and then soaked the wet paper towel with vinegar for a few minutes and the results were very small.
I did scrub some with a lot of elbow grease, but since there is some kind of coating on the lower side (
That's why I couldn't see something black in the first place)
, I am hesitant to use anything that is too rough and has the risk of damaging the finish.
Laurie, the discoloration you describe is common in the refrigerator.
Use mild products such:
Soap, water and borax, but the cloth you use will make the world different in terms of ease of cleaning.
Use a green scrub pad or a plastic scrub pad with something to grind the surface, otherwise the item will be long and tedious.
Consider placing a rubber shelf liner or tea towel on the glass to form a barrier between the container and the glass. —-
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