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taking the true measure of a property - mylar sheet price

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taking the true measure of a property  -  mylar sheet price
Paula dictcott
1982 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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In 1947, the old fish family farm in the Philippines. Y.
Including ano utbuilding, which is becoming a ruin, was sold to the mainland V illage, which is developing its concerns.
After laying the road, the company turned the land into a piece
The acres and dividing lines ignore borderless sheds like old annex buildings.
It crosses the line between plot 50 and plot 21, and only when the third owner purchases plot 50 without conducting a property survey, its foundation remains.
He created a charming
The frame house on the foundation was later decided to sell the house and the land.
February 1977, Sir. and Mrs. Alan H.
Shulman, N. of Wappingers Falls. Y.
Signed up to purchase the property for $29,000.
Just before the close, a survey commissioned by Schulman showed that the house was 12.
4 feet m on the property line of plot 21.
As a result, the Shulman family withdrew from the deal.
Three years later, the owner finally sold the house to the only possible buyer --Mr. and Mrs.
Owner of Robert Helwig, near Lot 21-
$24,000, losing at least $5,000 without taking into account inflation.
The Shulman survey cost them $350 to save them from illness.
Purchase is recommended.
Advertising for missing investigations may make the purchase cheaper, but the buyer may pay a high price for the omission in future court fees and legal fees.
Lawyer, banker and title
The insurance company requires an accurate investigation as part of the purchase procedure to allow the seller to remedy any defects before the transaction is completed, thus guaranteeing the future sellability of the property.
Although the advertisement can accurately describe a piece of land, only the investigation shows its exact position on the ground, and more importantly, the structure, the position of the fence, the phone, wires, and paths that neighbors may be using at the moment.
The defects disclosed by the investigation, such as the violation of the fence of the neighbor on the land, are usually not obvious from the written description or the buyer's impression of the site.
Title insurance can guarantee title to the land as set out in the deed, but if there is no investigation, it usually excludes any additional facts that may be revealed by the investigation from the scope of insurance.
"Because potential land purchasers only know the surveyor when his lawyer or banker ordered the investigation," said George . ".
Badey, Badey & Watson land surveyor, putnan County, New YorkY.
He does not always understand the complexity of these professional services or the cost.
"The survey consists of four stages: research, including reading deeds and old maps;
Field measurement, calculation and production of new maps.
These results are not scientific, but decisions made based on wise judgment.
If carefully observed, signs of recent investigations can be seen everywhere: a vivid orange tape tied to a tree;
Traces of flame on the tree, Orange
Paint iron pipes at property corners and X and cut into triangles on the sidewalk.
Even the city sidewalks show signs that surveyors use to build new office buildings.
Measurement is as old as a pyramid.
This is the first occupation of George Washington in this country.
Due to his trip, he has a deep understanding of the development of Western land.
A licensed land surveyor is not only trained to determine the exact location of the boundary, but also to observe improvements in physical condition-
House and Garage-
Evidence of land use, which may or may not be recorded on an existing survey map.
In fact, he became a historian of the land.
The advertisement shows that when a person buys three pieces in a development project of N Mahopac, the demand for these services is obvious. Y.
It dates back to 1902.
Since the boundaries were clearly delineated on the development map, he thought the investigation was useless.
After some time he had to order an investigation to determine the exact location of the fence, which closed three open spaces.
He owned the land but did not own the house, which proved to be in the fourth adjacent area.
Although he has title insurance, it does not include $5,000 in transactions and new covenants, which is his real arrangementestate agent.
There are more than 41,000 registered land surveyors in the United States, all of whom are licensed by the United States.
Although their national organization, the United States surveying and mapping conference, is working to regulate requirements, certification means different things in different places.
Often, it depends on the combination of education and field experience, or on field and office experience alone.
In New York State, the two routes add up to eight years.
In New Jersey, certification takes 6 years, while in Connecticut, certification requirements range from 7 to 16 years depending on the applicant's level of formal education.
The potential surveyor then submitted five letters of recommendation and accepted 16-
Hour qualification examination
The procedures for the three states are the same, except that the New York and Connecticut exams are made up of both the state and state, while the New Jersey exams are only state exams. Mr.
Bao Di and his partner, Glenn Nong
Watson, former president of Westchester
Putnam Association of Professional Land Surveyors
I believe the public should know more about the measurement.
For this, sir.
Watson wrote a brochure titled "Why land survey is needed when you buy real estate ". '' (
By writing to the association, a free copy can be obtained at 68 Cold Spring Street, N. Y.
10516, self
Stamped Envelope with address)
The most recent morningBadey, Mr.
Watson and their assistant, Barbara.
Knapp, starting a routine investigation of 91-by-50-
In the cold spring, the foot plot of Orchard Street in a small Hudson River town in Westchester County.
The neighborhood is comfortable and open
Porch houses and green buildings built in the year 00 sand-
The problematic White House was sold to Mr as part of the property. and Mrs. Edward P.
O'Neal of Lawrence VilleJ.
The two surveyors, who have been working together for 10 years, have quickly cooperated.
They wore overalls and informal shirts with plumb cloth on waist's leather covers.
First, they moved to the corner of Orchard Street with one of the three tripod and began to restore their original baseline on the sidewalk, which they first laid in 1973. They have already measured three other plots.
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Once the chiseled X in the triangle is found in the corner, they spray it orange and put a rod through the center of the tripod into the hole in the middle of the X.
Then, with 100-
Steel tape measure, they are located at the back point.
Sir, each time a particular length is measured
Badey uses metal detectors to look for iron pipe marks that are usually a few inches underground.
Once found, it was also painted orange and then traveled along the street until a tripod was installed on the chisel X at the other end.
By measuring the specific distance from the fire hydrant in front of the House to the sidewalk, they determined the point on the base line of the measurement property.
Here, the main tripod is erected as Switzerland-
Domestic photoelectric-
Instruments equipped with small telescopes to measure horizontal and vertical angles
And distance meter, its position is verified by measuring the prism on the angle tripod.
Now the investigation has begun. Mr.
Watson looked up a notebook containing the previous deed of the property, comparing the shape of the plot to the previous written description.
"Action is the gospel," he said . "
The quick reconnaissance of finding iron pipes in the back corner of the rectangular plot confirmed Mr.
Watson suspects from reading: behind the garage and honeysuckle --laden post-and-
The barbed wire behind it is actually located on the other side of the property line on the neighbor's land.
The degree of erosion will be determined by measurement.
In the procedure based on geometry and triangles, Sir
Watson aligned his instrument with a point in the distance and shouted out the vertical and horizontal angles in degrees, minutes and seconds.
Measure the distance with 1 feet tape to eliminate the hassle of inches and fractions. Mr.
Badey recorded the results on the chart, giving each point a number and a description.
At the same time, he drew a freehand sketch on the graphic paper of the outline of the two paintings. and-a-
Half-story framed home with window sills, open front porch and enclosed porch at the back, as well as the structure of the garage, brick-stone walls, gravel drives and adjacent neighbors.
These physical improvements will be made within the scope of the property in the future.
It has been noted that the telephone and wire are directly from the pole to the house, eliminating the inconvenience of crossing the adjacent land, which may cause problems in the future. After Mr.
Watson completed the measurement of the points on one side of the house, and he moved the photoelectric platform and distance meter along the sidewalk to the other side.
All instruments, including steel strips, must be checked against the standard on a regular basis, and the nearest instrument is at Westchester Community College in Valhalla.
Finally, woven in the crawling rose and hydrangea flowers, the three of them measured the perimeter of the entire house and garage, carefully paying attention to the highlights such as the windowsill and the grade basement entrance.
Then everything is loaded into the truck ready to return to the office and to the next stage --
Calculate and map.
Their office, in one
Story building on the outskirts of Cold Spring with a drawing room and a computer room (
"We were computerized from the beginning . "Badey said)
This is a reception area with 1854 Putnam county maps and other antique maps, as well as a meeting room where all the staff sit for lunch. Mr.
Badey then made on-site measurements and made a computer card for each point, or "shoot ".
The data is entered into the computer and the computer converts the measurement results into a coordinate position represented in red ink on a large piece of paper.
The property line is painted in green ink.
The partners consulted for a period of time on determining the property line and checked the old survey and other old maps of adjacent properties in their documents.
"All the surveyors are rats . "
Watson said he was referring to the old maps they collected that made their work easier and more accurate in history. Mr.
Watson is already on the drafting table, starting to map on the wheat paper at a ratio of 1 inch to 10 feet.
The measurement map is drawn in accordance with the traditional emphasis on style and accuracy.
He used the Leroy template to write in Gothic font, which brought lasting elegance to these files.
Like the early cartographer, the surveyor decorated the North
Pointing the arrow in a unique way becomes an identifiable feature of its map; Mr.
Watson's is an arrow in a circle with an "n" in the middle ".
The complete map of the plot clearly shows the property lines that go through the garage.
If the title insurance company chooses to reserve the right to insure the building for the buyer, it will do so in the following words: "As long as it is still there, it may remain in its current position.
But if the garage is burned by a fire, it cannot be rebuilt in the same location.
The cost of this survey ranges from $250 to $500, depending on the value of the property and the amount of advanced research and preparation required.
Recently, there has been talk in the industry about basing the surveyor's fees on the percentage of the purchase price, such as the broker's fees.
"We lost money in the first block investigation," he said . "
Watson explained, "because we can't start charging for the time it takes to lay the bottom line on the sidewalk.
In the second job, we may break even.
Third, we have a slight profit.
This is work No.
4 Orchard Street
However, partners may not be able to use their trademarks there for a long time.
When they did a recent survey on Orchard Street, a neighbor suddenly announced, "they should be laying a new sidewalk here soon.
"In order to find a good surveyor, laymen usually rely on real-
Real estate lawyers, brokers and mortgage lenders.
Surveyors who have completed many surveys in a community may be better prepared to conduct additional investigations there.
The following state associations will also make suggestions: Association of Professional Land Surveyors of New York StateO.
Box 2988 Syracuse, NYY. 13221; telephone (315)455-1073.
State land surveyor Association of Connecticut
530 Silas Dean highway, Room 102, Weathersfield. 06109; telephone (203)563-1990.
Association of Professional Land Surveyors of New JerseyO.
Box 68, steamwoodJ. 08884; telephone (201)251-5115.
A version of the article appears on page 8008001 of the National edition in October 10, 1982, with the title: a real measure of property.
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