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taking wings through art - joining polycarbonate sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
taking wings through art  -  joining polycarbonate sheets
Clear birds in blue, white and green combinations are hung at different stages of the flight.
A pile of red and blue colored coconut shells is hidden under them, hiding a light source that emits spots, reflecting from the birds and the surrounding walls.
This is part of the installation by artist Bindhi Rajagopal on display at the Durbar arts center.
The device, called "I want to fly like a bird", expresses the artist's desire to get rid of social constraints and experience real freedom.
"From a very young age, I was jealous of the birds, they could fly into the sky at any time, and there was no care in the world.
In contrast, we humans find ourselves unconsciously connected to many things, "said Bindhi.
The birds are made of polycarbonate, and a pile of coconut shells below are intended to show social bonds that have nothing to do with them.
There was a painting of Bindhi on the wall next to the device, her back grew wings, and her daughter Malavika also wrote a poem.
"Generally speaking, as we grow up in our teens, we begin to enter society.
"Since my daughter is now growing up from her childhood and facing responsibility, I feel like she is the best person to put these emotions in words," Bindhi explained . ".
She said that the display of about 40 birds represented only a small part of the proportion she wanted, explaining that her original idea meant that there were 1,000 birds installed.
"Most installations have problems with space limitations.
"I want people to go straight through the device and experience the freedom of the theme of my work," she said . ".
The device will be on display at the Durbar Art Center on the 11 th. m. to 8 p. m. till August 3.
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