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taming wild closets - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
taming wild closets  -  clear plastic panels
Autumn is waving and you may want to organize your outing activities as the season changesof-Control closet.
By implementing smart systems and creating a sense of order, you can find what you need when you need it to make it easier to wear, observed a truly simple Magazine family editor Kate Parker in the first part of each Monday
Part of the early performance series, "organized in advance.
Parker suggested that you evaluate your wardrobe first and then--edit!
Take everything out of the closet so you can see what you really have.
If you don't wear it for a year, donate it.
From experience, don't donate an item that you feel uncomfortable with to a friend.
If it's too scary for a person to do it, find an honest friend or family member to help you decide what to keep and what to get rid.
What color is amazing?
Coding can make a closet!
It makes it a lot easier to dress up in the morning and will also make your wardrobe feel good
Merchandise Store!
Trend News Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupt Harris if you share your closet with your spouse or other family members, Parker definitely recommends that you be clear
You don't want your beautiful clothes mixed up with your husband's suit;
It's too confusing.
So, divide it in the middle, or do whatever you have to do, and let you all know the space of who it belongs.
You can also use a color hanger to distinguish your things, and use different colors to distinguish your husband's things.
Lots of closets, especially in the old house, with only a simple pole and a shelf.
This setting doesn't offer much organization options, so Parker says you should invest in some cheap organization tools.
But, Parker added, the most important tip so far is the first one: edit, edit!
This organization is impossible if you have too many things!
The key is to reduce some basic things. -
What you always like and wear.
Clean it once a season.
If you don't wear it, it just takes up space and adds to your annoyance.
If you haven't worn it for a year, don't wear it.
If it is worn out and cannot be repaired, throw it away.
Don't keep it if it's not appropriate.
The less you catch, the more you appreciate and value the clothes in your closet. Less is more.
Just buy something you absolutely love.
Think about "shopping from your own closet"-
By asking myself, "Shall I go out and buy this today ? " To evaluate your wardrobe.
"Throw it away if not!
Another trick that works sometimes is: look at your wardrobe and pretend you're moving.
If you are not willing to pay the movers to pack and carry the pile of old sweaters, they belong to the donation box.
Parker recommends these products: Elfa system: just take your closet size to any container store location and list what's in your closet (
After editing
Their experienced sales staff will create custom closet plans using a modular Elfa system.
This is a very flexible system that can be used in closets of all sizes.
The staff of The Container Store will help you to design the best layout for you based on your space and clothing.
You can choose from a variety of finishes.
There are endless choices for every taste.
Some systems were drilled on the wall.
However, you can choose the free one for easier installation
Elfa system.
Very easy to install.
Container shop: www. containerstore.
Com drop-
Front shoe box: these strong, attractive boxes protect your shoes. The drop-
Accessibility is provided at the front, while transparent plastic panels provide visibility.
If you choose a shoe box, we like a dropped shoe because they can prevent damage to your shoe
Because shoes can be worn.
If you have to open the lid to get the shoes out, you may never wear the shoes on the bottom of the pile.
Container shop: www. containerstore.
Other products in the Container Store: Flora fabric tote bag, flower Drop-
Front sweater box, drawer organizer: small pieces can be lost in the big wardrobe.
We recommend drawer partitions and smaller containers so you can give everything a place to know where it is.
When you can see the right underwear at the same time, it will be easier to pick them in a shallow space with partitions, rather than tangled in a large and confusing deep drawer.
Storage Box: foldable linen storage box ($19-$25)
And the suitcase ($19. 99)
Perfect for organizing the pieces --to-access bins.
There's nothing worse than the Leaning Tower sweater.
By including like-
In different boxes you will know where things are and keep them organized.
Remember: it will be easier to maintain if you have.
Very simple, we like to tag!
You can use the tag-
Even just write on the label;
By investing a little bit of time in advance, you can save time looking for things in the future.
The key is to consider the category that suits you.
For example, some people may like the "shirt/shorts/pants" label system (
Clothing type = label)
, But for others, it would be better to label according to the way/time you dress ---i. e.
: "Workout gear" or "play dating costume "--
The key is to find a system that works for you and stick to it. Kangaroom: www.
Also great for shelves.
Sometimes it's a matter of personal taste, but you shouldn't hang something like a sweater because the sweater is stretched.
You don't need to take up precious hanging space for t-
Shirts and other casual clothes.
Hang up your best clothes and ruin things if folded up.
Then, if you have more hanging space, hang up what you need to be easy and in frequent contact. If it's out-of-
Season, fold it upto-
Put on the shelf, either in a space bag under the bed or in a storage room.
Cute hanger for Joy Mangano: Extra
These hangers are thin so don't take up too much space in your wardrobe with multiple colors.
If you share a closet with a spouse or other family member, consider using a different color for each person for ease of distinction.
The key here is to consider the added value of your wardrobe.
For some women, it's a luxury to buy a new set of hangers.
But it breaks down like this: when you buy a "value set", the price of each dress is about a dollar, so, for every beautiful dress hanging in your closet, a dollar more than the cost of this project to make better use of it, save the skirt/shirt/something else.
If all your clothes are hung on these hangers, you are more likely to wear it, so it saves you money over time (
You paid for all the clothes that were piled up in your wardrobe, but couldn't find when to wear them! )
Home Shopping Network: www. hsn. com, $79. 95 for a 72-
PackHorizontal tie and belt rack: a cheap way to keep the belt (
Or tie or scarf)
Organized, this shelf is hanging on the road with your hanger. www. organize. com, $7.
49 plastic cube storage bags 16-
The inch plastic bag provides ample storage space for blankets, linens, towels, etc.
They are clear so you can see what's inside and they protect the item.
Perfect for many different items you don't need every day including linens, towels and outdoor itemsof-Seasonal clothing.
When it comes to large items with a lot of air inside, such as duvets or pillows, the work of these compressed items is excellent, so they take up a small amount of space when storing.
Parker also likes moving. time.
If she moves, she will compress all the linens, towels, bedding and pillows into these, and there will be much less space on the moving van and will protect them! www. organize. com, $8. 79)
Click lights: the perfect solution for the dark closet, these click lights are a great addition to providing more light. Just peel-and-stick.
Bed, bathroom and other places: www.
Bedding. com, $9.
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