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tara donovan, a sculptor who finds beauty in the mundane - clear mylar tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
tara donovan, a sculptor who finds beauty in the mundane  -  clear mylar tape
For the past 20 years, American sculptor Tara Donovan has been making art by hand: plastic cups, straws, Mella tape, mini golf pencils, and even humble toys.
Donovan built a website with these materials and a series of other materials
Recall a particular piece of scenery or organic form.
On the eve of the publication of Tara Donovan: Field Survey (Rizzoli, $60)
Accompanied by Nora Burnett Abrams and the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, Donovan describes her work and tells about her creative process and philosophy, and the whole thing about the "Hungry Artist": "I started working with the masses --
Make materials because as a poor art student I have access to them
They are cheap.
"For every project, I separate out a new material and have to figure it out from the start.
I have been looking for certain physical features that can be activated outside of the material itself.
Transparency and reflectivity are important because these properties react to light and can be amplified or weakened according to spatial conditions.
A straw has a very clear use, which is common, but millions of straws --
They turned into something completely different together.
When you just look at a straw, they have ethereal and atmospheric qualities that do not exist.
"For this piece [Above:
I started working with an index card, but I couldn't make art with something that was going to break up.
So I purchased those Styrofoam cards that I first worked with to install in 2014.
I am particularly interested in using the edge of the card as a means to develop the level of improvement.
"In these materials, there are these fugitive colors, blue, green and yellow, which will be pronounced when you look at the edges, even when you look at them alone, they look like blank white cards.
"The work takes various forms in the studio.
I started working with plastic cups and kept coming back to the obvious nature of their packaging, I could stack them in this horizontal direction and they would peak at different heights, this will create this plane.
Undulating, pixelated landscape
But even though it's made up of millions of parts, it's still a cup.
This is really about the simplicity of being able to stack them.
More about this discovery.
"I think my process is almost a new one.
To make a man-made material, I think it is inevitable to return to nature as a result.
I never had an established idea of what a whole would look like;
It's really an act and a creation, a feeling of play, an idea of opportunity.
"The Mera sculpture is an attempt to make the reflective surface of the material into a concentrated unit.
I cut the mai la into circles, and then I folded them into these cones --
This is a very simple geometry. it is a cone in itself, and then it becomes a completely complete sphere.
The size of the circle determines the size of the ball it makes, which allows me to use a different-
The size of the material ball, the light will reflect at different depths, making the pieces turn from glittering silver to deep black.
"Wall mounting is a hybrid approach that combines sculpture and painting.
It then utilizes the architecture of the space as a frame to contain the winding dispersion of the material.
So I can divide it into several parts, linked together like a jigsaw puzzle, and it can be infinitely expanded in any space I want.
"At some point, my hand is gone, as if the pieces can create new forms themselves infinitely.
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