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teacher gets patents for geometry work | chandigarh news - times of india - acrylic mirror sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
teacher gets patents for geometry work | chandigarh news - times of india  -  acrylic mirror sheet
PHAGWARA: geometric theorems can bring nightmares to many students, even those who are "tortured" by them at school --going days.
Their munstrositi added that these theorems are only explained orally and there is no way to actually show how these theorems work through experiments.
However, a government teacher in a nearby village has innovated visual aids to make teaching and learning mathematics interesting.
In fact, while two visual aids have been patented, the third is in progress.
Gurmet Singh, a science teacher at the Government High School in Matan village, works like a glimmer of hope in the bleak context of rural education in Punjab.
Even Chief Minister pakash Singh Badar has admitted that rural education is in a downturn.
Using these auxiliary tools, theorems can be proved like scientific experiments, which will apply to theorems in the syllabus of Standard VI to X.
Using the first device, 33 theorems can be explained, including theorems related to circles, strings, circular quadrangles, and triangles.
This device consists of acrylic sheet, scale, circular protractor, five and a half
Rubber and some nuts and bolts.
Using the second device, it is possible to prove 20 theorems related to parallelogram, diamond shape, rectangle, square, ladder shape and theorems related to parallel lines that intersect horizontally.
This is also made up of simple materials mounted on acrylic plates with nuts and bolts.
The third method, which is still not patented, is used to understand theorems related to triangles, such as scale theorems, concurrency of angles, vertical bisector, and intermediaries.
Gurmit Singh told TOI that this has cleared the first inspection report and the objections have been cleared.
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