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teacher thrown in cell over cash-for-peerages says: 'do the same to blair' - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
teacher thrown in cell over cash-for-peerages says: \'do the same to blair\'  -  plastic sheet
A key suspect in cashfor-
The investigation by the nobles broke his silence and called for the arrest of Tony Blair and to be questioned at the police station like ordinary criminals.
Retired principal Des Smith, who was detained by police for eight hours after being accused of participating in the sale of honor, asked the Prime Minister to accept the same harsh treatment.
More headlines today: MI5 told Litvinenko that your life is in danger. I was fined 50 for recycling the newspaper.
On Sunday, Mr. Smith captured photos of the day exclusively in the mail, strongly protesting his innocence, claiming that the pain of the arrest had led him to consider suicide.
Mr. Smith, 60, is a consultant to the Premier's flagship city college program.
The newspaper reported that he had something to do with the conspiracy to honor the merchants who donated money to the new Labor school.
He was caught by a plainclothes reporter, who explained in an interview how the merchants who sponsored these schools got knights and nobles.
But Mr. Smith insisted that he did nothing wrong and compared himself to Dr. David Kelly, a government scientist who committed suicide after revealing the truth about Iraq's lack of weapons of mass destruction.
He said: "If the police are determined to treat everyone equally,
Handed, it's not good to have a comfortable chat with Tony Blair at Chequers.
My experience is dehumanizing and designed to simplify me to what I am most basic.
The prime minister must be treated in the same way.
As Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Yates's investigation into corruption in the honor system entered its final stage, he made the remarks bluntly.
It is widely expected that Blair would be asked before the police handed over a file to the Crown prosecutor, but Scotland Yard declined to say whether he would be arrested.
Mr. Smith's description is a unique insight into the secret world of the Ribble action, which is the code name for the honor investigation.
He revealed.
During the dawn raid, he was dragged out of bed by police and thrown into his cell along with violent criminals. -
The police presented him with a "gong list" of 43 public figures honored under the new workers' party ". -
Despite his lifetime in public service, the labor agency deprived him of his rights. -
He was caught drinking.
He drove with a mental breakdown and considered suicide. -
Several pounds were wasted in the City College program.
On Thursday, April 13, at the home of Eastend, east London, Smith's knock will always be engraved in his memory. It was 7.
Twenty o'clock A. M. and the school Easter holiday so he doesn't need to get up early.
Retired for only a few weeks, he is looking forward to spending a quiet day with his wife Delia, who is also the head teacher in London, and his teenage son.
But he faces two.
The clothing officer who read the rights to him told him that he would be arrested under the 1925 honor act.
They warned him: "We'll let you go upstairs and get dressed, but don't try to climb out the window and run away.
There's someone behind us.
Don't embarrass us.
"My home is a big Victorian house," Smith recalls.
If I jump from the window, I will fall 30 feet from the concrete.
I said, I promise you, I won't jump.
"Then we had to go to school to get my laptop.
I thought they would send me home after that.
But they said they 'd take me to the Stoke Newton police station.
"We got there at about 8. 30am.
I thought I was going to answer a few questions and then I left soon.
But to my surprise, when they found a lawyer to represent me, they kept me in a cell.
"It's terrible when the country catches you.
Their program has a horrible logic to book a room for you and keep you in your cell.
There's nothing you can do.
They seem to be showing you the tools of torture.
Pretty nervous-racking.
"I think Blair should see the same means of torture now.
As a citizen, Tony Blair and I are equal.
I need to treat him the same way.
If you're sitting in a grid surrounded by your advisors, the interview can be comfortable.
I asked to arrest Blair at 10 Downing Street.
He was taken to the police station at twenty o'clock A. M. .
Hope Stoke City Newton, this is a very unpleasant Bastille-type place -
As I was treated.
As a vocational middle school teacher, Smith seems unlikely to be involved in one of the biggest political scandals in modern times.
Retired from 1984 to this summer, he is the principal of All Saints Catholic School
East lundundagan Ham class
When he took over, all aspects failed.
Now, it has a serious excess of subscription volume and has achieved a pass rate of nearly 100 in the GCSE exam.
Being such a successful person
He is called the "super leader", which puts him in the dark politics of Labor's education policy.
He was flattered when the cabinet minister and Downing Street's assistant asked for his advice and became a paid advisor to the City College.
These are new middle schools.
Usually in tough areas
Each fund is donated by a private sponsor of £ 2 million.
Mr Blair sees them as a key part of his "Legit" and there is a lot of pressure on them to succeed.
In addition to the salary of the head teacher of 500, Mr. Smith's daily salary is as high as 80,000.
He said that I may be paid too much, especially when you consider that the rest of the country is paid too little.
Interestingly, his consultation fee is not paid directly by the government, but by the per capita of one of the private companies.
Mr. Smith was also invited to join the group of specialized schools and colleges trust funds, a powerful Gongo responsible for driving this policy.
Its chairman is Sir Cyril Taylor, a former Conservative MP and senior school leader.
But Sir Cyril answered the question of Lord Levy, the president of the trust fund and the Labor fundraiser responsible for finding new millionaires to fund the new school.
Mr Smith admitted that he liked to be on such a high edge.
Champagne reception and awards ceremony to power the scene-
A world away from the courtyard of Dagenham asphalt school.
But his failure began in last November when he was invited to have dinner with the City College's main characters at the upscale Belgravia restaurant Mosimann's.
There, he met a female reporter for The Sunday Times.
"Claire" was invited by pretending to be an assistant to a northern businessman who was keen to sponsor a range of colleges.
The paper is looking into the striking similarities between the list of wealthy people investing in school plans and Tony Blair's list of knights and nobles awarded.
Reporters began flirting with Mr Smith, who took her to the bar after dinner for more champagne in response.
They met again in London twice.
Once at a restaurant under Nicole Fahy's boutique on Bond Street, then at the champagne bar at best East Hotel on Liverpool Street on January.
Here, Mr. Smith said something that would bother him.
Inspired by the charm of drinks and charming strawberry blonde beauty
When he was in his 20 s, he began to explain how the sponsoring college was honored.
Funding one or two schools, he revealed, will ensure that "the CBC, the CBE, or the Knight ".
Five or more sponsors "may go to the House of Lords ".
For reporters, he seems to be exposing the mathematical formula of the contact City College and the honor system.
The resulting story caused a stir, and the proud teacher in charge was humiliated.
Mr. Smith shuddered as he recalled the matter: "It was a shocking question of lack of judgment and I should have acted at my age.
I let my tongue run away with me.
I don't know anything.
I have no ability to influence anyone.
My role is completely educational.
It looks like I'm a key figure between the 10 th character Sir Cyril Taylor, Lord Levy and the sponsor.
But I'm going to test any lies.
I have never heard anyone talk about honor.
Blair and Campbell investigated the Iraqi documents.
What I did on that occasion was to "enlarge myself" with the phrase used by schoolchildren ".
I pretend I know something I don't know.
I'm trying to convince Claire that I'm the one who can make things happen.
She said she knew someone who wanted to sponsor five colleges in Northern England.
I think it's a great retirement job for me.
I can be their education consultant.
I can work with architects to design courses and hire teachers.
I did not know at the time that I had innocently broken into such a politically sensitive area.
The story that came up that Sunday was written by Claire newwell, a young journalist who, when she was a temporary secretary in the Cabinet Office, had gone undercover and smuggled embarrassing secret documents
She was arrested on 2004 as part of eight.
A one-month special investigation into the leak was followed by a clean-up.
Mr. Smith immediately resigned from the trust fund for specialist schools and colleges.
Before he planned to retire, the governor of All Saints allowed him to continue as head teacher.
Twice in him.
In an interview with The Post for an hour on Sunday, Mr. Smith was both angry at how the agency treated him and keenly aware that he was the author of his own failure.
He is slim and has dark curly hair and looks at least half a decade younger than he was when he was 60.
But his ruddy complexion and slight swelling around his eyes suggest the alcohol problem he's experiencing.
Dressed in gorgeous brass
Mr Smith told reporters how the labor minister he worked hard to support denied him one by one a few days after the Sunday Times article was published.
"Although I have never met Blair, I have been to the 10 th twice.
Was a meeting with Lord Adonis.
Minister of schools
Discuss education policy with six other leaders.
The other time was when they released their last white paper on school reform.
They asked me to go with a governor of the school.
They want to work.
We reached an agreement with the delegates of each class.
In the Royal Society's speech on the future of the curriculum, I met with David Miliband, then the school minister.
"Is there a DeSmith in the audience ? "
I thought he meant someone else.
Miliband said: "This person should ask a question because he has done a great job in Dagenham.
"Lord Levy and I were in the same room but had not seen him.
In my school, I published a New Labor agenda: education, education.
But when The Sunday Times reported, I was rejected.
A series of senior ministers appeared on television to keep the government away from Smith.
John Reid was the first person to take over my case.
"We don't know this person.
He said he was not part of the Labor Party.
I don't think it's necessary.
Miliband said he was not my target and denied me. 'A one-
Mr Smith is now completely out of his imagination.
He said: "I have been voting for the Workers' Party.
No more, no more.
All the enthusiasm and optimism of 1997 was destroyed.
But the media humiliation is only the beginning of his problem.
This spring, the Labor Party funded 2005 general elections and secured a loan worth 14 million from 12 businessmen.
Four of the banks were nominated as nobles by Downing Street. Two nominees -
Real estate developer Sir David Gallagher and stockbroker Barry Townsley
It is also a sponsor of the Labor City College.
Following a formal complaint, the Metropolitan Police Department launched an investigation at the center of which was a vague law prohibiting the sale of honor from 1925.
Since Mr Smith apparently admitted that there was a record of the sale of honor, the police raided him first.
Since then, dozens of people, including cabinet ministers, labor officials and donors, have been questioned.
Lord Levy was also arrested.
But no charges have been made and the investigation continues.
Mr Smith, who used to be the backbone of the community, would see the police as allies rather than hostile investigators, but he still left the scars of his time in his cell.
"The environment has now fallen to its most basic state," he said.
It loses humanity to those who enter.
There should be a sign on the door that says: give up hope.
"The sergeant behind the table put all your stuff in a plastic bag, sealed it and signed it, which is bad enough.
But when the door behind you slammed and they turned the key, it was a terrible experience.
I was just taken from the bed so I didn't shave or take a shower.
I was in a state of shock.
"In the cells on both sides of me, two prisoners were arrested for serious crimes and they were trying to get information from each other.
I was stuck in the middle, listening to this scream. It was bedlam.
The police said they knew who did it, which gave them a fight.
The prisoners got angry with each other and tried to find out what the other party said.
"You have a toilet in your cell.
You can clean yourself without paper.
You only have a bowl and a bench with plastic sheets.
Minutes look like hours, hours look like days.
You don't know if it's just as uncomfortable to lie down, not comfortable, or sit down.
So it took me a long time to walk around the cells to keep the blood circulation going.
Suddenly the hatch opened.
A very good young man, a drug visitor, said: "I have never seen anyone sitting in a cell like you.
I'm sure you don't need my help, but is there anything I can do for you?
"At the police station, every two hours an inspector has to go to the cell to check every prisoner.
Coincidentally, the inspector that morning was the husband of my geography supervisor.
He immediately turned to another officer and said, "I can't speak to this man. I know him.
Mr. Smith has a painful intestinal disease called UC.
He recalled that I was very painful in my cell.
This is the pressure.
They hired a doctor for me at one stage.
He was charming but he said I was good enough to go back to the cell.
He said, "You just have to figure it out. ''About 1.
At 45 in the afternoon, a lawyer came.
We walked into a room and he said, "Do you know what you're facing here ? "?
I was in synagogue when your case came, but I went back to the office and on the BBC you were all on it.
"He showed me a page he printed.
It has details of my address, my wife, my son. 'I was furious.
I said to the police, 'How do you know?
You must have told them.
"They just shrugged and people can find anything these days.
"As a class teacher, I am used to authority.
But the table turned here. Those holding-
The pen is the place to reduce, where you are lowered to the lowest, most basic level.
Six hours later, I came out of my cell.
The police were still fired in fresh clothes.
They obviously had a great lunch but now they are ready for me.
The next two daysand-a-
Half an hour later, the lawyer interviewed me in the room.
John Yates is not there.
And two other officers.
The interview was about who paid me.
Will they find anything on my account?
They spent an hour on it.
'I don't think the police at that stage really understand what's going on,' he said.
They are in the learning stage.
They have no sense of politics.
They insist on the problems they understand.
Financial things
Mr. Smith said that one of the officers showed him a list of 43 people who had been given honors or had been given Knights or other honors and asked him to point out that he knew
I can't remember all the names on the list, Smith said.
Sir David Gallagher and Barry Townsley and all of these college donors are on top.
There is Lord Sainsbury.
This is a coincidence.
In 2003, we built a magnificent new science block and, as Minister of Science, Sainsbury agreed to open it up.
This is a good publicity for the school.
Any good class teacher will do this.
But that was the only time I saw him.
"I can't really help the police.
They must have been disappointed if they asked me to say that I nominated these people, or I helped them to win the title of nobility.
When I finally left the police station halfway
In the afternoon, the police said they would send me.
But my wife called and said, "Don't go home.
There are TV cameras and dozens of journalists.
So two weeks after Mr. Smith was arrested, the couple had been separated.
Obviously, these events put a lot of pressure on their relationship --
Her husband's champagne appointment with a young female journalist in the West End was revealed, which must be hard to bear for his wife, Delia.
Mr. Smith did not dare to go home to face reporters. he chose to stay with a friend in central London and asked the police to send him to Liverpool Street station.
He recalled that it was at the peak of traffic.
"Everyone is watching the Evening Standard and my picture is on the front page.
I know a lot of looks.
A woman smiled and said, 'This is you, isn't it?
"I walked into the bathroom of a bar near the station and splashed my face with water.
A boy came up to me and hugged me and said, "Sir, are you all right ? "
He was one of the students I had just left school and worked in the city.
"I said, 'No, I'm not feeling well.
When you go home tonight, pick up the newspaper and you will read all the information about your old class teacher.
"After six days with my friend, I went to Ireland to visit my brother.
I am at a low point.
I may be new to David Kelly.
I think I want to die.
The difference between David Kelly and me is that he did it.
I can't do it.
There is a big difference between wanting to die and really killing yourself.
"I don't have the ability.
On the plane to Shannon, I thought I wouldn't be unhappy if it dropped from the sky.
Then I thought of all the other people who would die and it seemed very selfish.
"In Ireland, I have developed a major inflammatory disease because of worry and anxiety.
I lost two stones and started drinking. vodka mainly.
I forgot to drink to sleep.
"Even if I heard the siren now, I became completely paranoid.
I think they will come.
I am being consulted and mentally supported due to the trauma I have experienced.
This is not the kind of help I had to seek before.
I took anti-depression. Citalopram.
I eat 20 mg a day.
It makes me relaxed and makes me not anxious anymore.
On July, Mr. Smith was convicted of drinking. driving.
He attended a party to celebrate his retirement.
Although he had a beer equivalent to five pints, he decided to drive half the car.
A mile back to his home.
It was only 100 yards away from his front door and he hit another car.
His own car turned sideways.
The magistrate banned him from driving for three years, fined him £ 1,800 and ordered him to do 80 hours of community service.
"This is a very bad judgment," he said.
The most sad thing for me is shame. The drink-
Driving has ended a brilliant career.
I like every moment I am a teacher.
Mr. Smith is deeply critical of what he sees as the collapse of the basic values of respect and discipline under the new workers' party.
Under Blair's leadership, our community is more violent, he said.
They never solved the crime.
Life is chaotic in many schools.
There are many violent incidents and many bullying incidents.
The story is shocking.
The scandal over donations dates back to Blair and his dreams that the colleges will be his legacy --
Lighthouse of terrible areas of metropolitan England.
But this is a huge mistake.
Money is wasted in the most terrible way.
Many of them are schools with the same problem, just new buildings.
He applauded the businessmen in the city and the people who made all the money.
The nurses and teachers were abandoned.
We have one.
Ofsted came in and told them that they could not do the prescriptive system of their work.
The worst is the national literacy program.
This stipulates how teachers should teach to the nearest five. minute segment.
No wonder things go backwards.
Mr. Smith drew strength from his family, school and local community.
He said that the parents are great, the teachers are great, and the governors are great.
"I have a great family.
While I am not a good example, I have a wonderful community of faith.
They wrote to me saying that they would pray for me and provide the masses for me.
"I have never been honored from the country, although ironically, if none of these things have happened, I will most likely be honored when I retire.
But I got the Pope's blessing.
My school organized the event through the governor and parish.
This is a grand document signed by Pope Benedict XVI.
This is more important than anything Tony Blair can put forward.
Mr. Smith is still on bail.
On Tuesday, he had a further appointment at the stocknewton police station.
He hopes he will be told by the time the pain is over.
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