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ten of the best april fool’s day pranks - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
ten of the best april fool’s day pranks  -  clear plastic sheets
Devil Baby, killer clown, huge spider dog, scary girl in the elevator and remote priest are the most horrible prank videos we 've picked. . .
Kodak cheated the world with aromatic photography, claiming that it designed a camera technology that could spot smells on the photos taken.
Source: supplier today, April, is there any better way for you to start thinking about using 10 full-
Fooled the time classics of millions of people. 1)
April 1, 1957: As usual, the BBC broadcast its much-admired current affairs program, Panorama, which was told by the late Richard dingbrbi, a well-known broadcaster.
It should be remembered that in 1957, pasta was not a wide range.
Food that has been eaten in the UK is considered a foreign food. In a three-
The project is run by a family in Ticino, Switzerland, who harvest pasta every year.
It shows women picking spaghetti carefully from trees and putting them in the sun to dry.
Pick pasta when you harvest. . .
April BBC classic 1957 fool joke.
Source: News Limited Dimbleby told the audience that the end of the parade was a very anxious moment for pasta harvesters all over Europe because severe frost would damage the taste of pasta.
He also explained that due to years of hard work by generations of growers, each string of spaghetti always grows to the same length.
Some viewers called the BBC to find out where to buy their own spaghetti.
This prank is considered the most important.
Best time for website prank Museum.
Best April Fool day prank in 2014 comments below: Prank or prank?
Tell us what happened.
April 1, 1962: SVT, Sweden (
Kjell Stensson, the company's technical expert, told the public in the news that thanks to the new technology, viewers can convert existing TV sets into color reception.
There was only one TV channel in Sweden and it was black and white, so it was a big news.
All viewers have to do is pull a nylon sock on the TV screen, and the mesh causes the light to bend and looks like the image is colored, explains Stensson.
He then demonstrated the process.
Thousands of people were taken away.
Serious part of the main press release. .
"Technical expert" Kjell Stensson shows how to place nylon socks on a TV screen to view color images.
Picture: YouTube/Web GrabSource: youtuemany Swedes still reported today that they remember their father rushing at home to find socks to put on the TV.
In April 1, 1970, regular color broadcasts began in Sweden. 3)
April 1, 1996: take out a copy of Taco Bell
The layout of the six major newspapers
The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer
Announced the purchase of the Liberty Bell, an iconic symbol of American independence, and renamed it Taco Liberty Bell.
The classic of April Fool's Day. . .
The American company Taco Bell published the advertisement in six major American newspapers, and the whole country was fooled.
Source: in addition to advertising, Taco Bell has also released a national press release saying that the Liberty Bell will allocate time between the headquarters of Philadelphia and California Bell in Irvine, California.
It will buy the Liberty Bell compared to the company's road adoption.
By buying one of the country's greatest historical treasures, Taco Bell says, it's just "going further ".
The company boasted, "the tradition and image of Taco Bell revolves around the symbolic meaning of the clock.
Now we have the jewel on the crown of the bell.
Anger spread immediately.
Hundreds of people called Philadelphia's National Historic Park to express their anger, and Taco Bell was flooded.
When asked about the sale, media secretary Mike McCurry responded that the Lincoln Memorial was also sold.
Now it will be called the Ford Lincoln Mercury Memorial, he said.
At noon, Taco Bell issued a second press release acknowledging that it was a scam, adding that it would donate $50,000 to the preservation of the Liberty Bell. 4)
April 1, 1974: Residents of the only small town of Sitka in southeast Alaska wake up and see the Edgecumbe volcano dormant on nearby cruzo Island in 400, looking like it's going to explode, raising a thin black smoke from the crater. Smoking gun? . . .
The volcano, which was dormant in 400, looks like it's about to erupt.
Image source: Harold Walman Source: incredible and shocking help for 8000 residents.
People have called the local government to worry about the eruption.
The well-planned shenanigans instigator Oliver Poki Ka got the aviation authorities and police involved in his trick, but forgot to tell the Coast Guard that there was one in Sitka
The Coast Guard commander, who informed his admiral on wireless in Juneau, Alaska, ordered a helicopter to investigate.
When the pilot of the Coast Guard was close to Mount echkum, the smoke was getting bigger and bigger.
When he parked his helicopter right above the volcano, he looked down at the crater.
At first, he did not believe what he had seen.
Then he took a closer look and laughed.
Stacked on a cone of fire, burning a greasy flame, is a pile of old tires. And spray-
Painted in the snow next to the tires, 15-metre (50 feet)
"Fool of April" is the high letter. ”Bickar, a 50-year-
The old resident of siteca, who has been sitting on a prank for three years, waits for the dawn of April 1.
When it finally arrived in 1974, he launched his plan.
Local pilot Earl Walker flew 70 old tires to Mount echkum, threw the tires into the crater, doused the tires with kerosene, and lit them.
The news was picked up by The Associated Press and published in newspapers around the world.
Alaska Airlines carried out his prank during the second year of advertising. 5)
April 1, 1978: "We will float an iceberg from Antarctica to Sydney harbor," said adventurer and entrepreneur Dick Smith . ".
He added that when the iceberg arrives at the port, he will carve it into small ice cubes for sale as ultra-pure "little ice", which he promises will improve the taste of any drink.
The "iceberg" dragged into Sydney harbor ". . .
Dick Smith's most famous April fool prank.
Image source: Sydney Opera House/Facebook Courtesy: Prank Museum/Lost Sydney
Radio stations providedby-
Reports of the attack on the scene.
It is only revealed as a prank when the iceberg enters the port.
It began to rain, and the real fire foam and shaving cream used by the iceberg was washed away, revealing the white plastic sheet below.
One of Australia's best pranks. . .
A young Dick Smith said on the front page of fool in April that he was dragging an iceberg.
Source: News Limited
April 1, 2010: Kodak, a global camera company, said Dr. Harold musauu invented aromatic photography in which it designed how to capture the smell in the photo using the camera's sensor (
Whether it's baked goods, flowers or wet dogs).
Dr. Museau said that recent breakthroughs in NeurologyOptic-Nasal-Sense Imaging (
Often called nonsense)
Other camera companies are also working on the technology.
Its complete statement is: "The proprietary imaging algorithm creates a series of undiscovered pixels that trigger intra-synaptic reactions, generated along the pathways of visual neural processing within the brain, the sense of smell equivalent to visual illusion.
The nose doesn't actually notice anything, but the scent the brain experiences is as if they are real.
Interestingly, our tests have found that humans have a natural "sniff" requirement when experiencing aromatic images, even if they are fully aware that the nose doesn't actually have anything to detect.
Breakthrough technology. . .
Kodak cheated the world with aromatic photography, claiming that it designed a camera technology that could spot smells on the photos taken.
Source: supply Kodak expects its technology to be applied to video devices soon, creating Smellevision.
But Kodak warned that not everyone could smell the image.
"Emerging trends suggest that subjects born in the months from June to May are much more responsive. ”7)
April 1, 2008: The flying penguin documentary, hosted by Big Mac star Terry Jones, is an episode of the BBC's natural history series, the miracle of evolution.
It shows a wonderful shot of the Penguin flight.
Filming on King George Island, 1200 km kilometers south of the Falkland Islands, the crew found a group of Adley penguins.
His name should be a clue. . . Terry Jones (bottom left)
Terry Geely, a Python member with Monty (top left), John Cleese (top right)
And Michael Palin.
Source: News Ltd Jones said in a pre-show pitch: "We 've been watching penguins for a few days and shooting them, and there's no sign of a future . ".
"But the weather got worse later.
That's great.
Instead of squeezing together to protect themselves from the cold, they did something unexpected that other penguins could not do.
Jones said the Penguins flew thousands of kilometers in the air to the rainforest of South America, where they "spent the winter in the tropical sun ".
"It's used to promote BBC iPlayer, one of the most watched videos on the Internet. 8)
April 1, 2009: since Google MentalPlex in 2000, Google has been playing tricks on users, launching a new Android application, Google Animals for Animals (
Joint use with the Boulder Library)
This can explain what your pet wants to tell you.
"Making the world's information widely accessible is a key goal for Google.
Language is one of our biggest challenges, so our goal is to remove language barriers between species, "Google said in a statement.
"We are happy to introduce the translation for animals, this is an Android app and we hope it will make us understand our animal friends better.
We have always been pets.
Google's friendly company, we hope that animal translation can promote better interaction and understanding between animals and humans.
"Animal translation is an app for Android phones that can identify and transcribe common words and phrases of species, such as cats.
In order to develop animal translation, we work closely with many of the world's top language synthesis teams and leaders in the field of animal cognitive linguistics, including senior researchers at the Library of Bodelian, Oxford University.
Google says the app will let you know the sounds, purrs and chews of all kinds of animals.
It also offers a video that has been viewed nearly 2 million times. 9)
April 1, 1985: Sports Illustrated published one of its most famous articles.
George plington wrote an article about West Germany Finch, short for the Indian mystic Siddhartha in Herman Hesse's book of the same name)
It is reported that baseball can be played at 270kmh (168mph)
The fastest recording speed of the previous pitch is 166kmh (103mph).
Cover of the story about West Germany Finch's article. . .
George plington's famous fool article in Sports Illustrated in April made everyone fall for it.
Image source: supplier Finch has never played baseball before.
Raised in an orphanage in England, adopted by archaeologist Francis White. Finch —
He was later killed in a plane crash in the mountains of Dhaulaglri in Nepal.
Before going to Tibet to learn the teachings of the "great poet", Finch briefly attended Harvard University.
"And master the mastery of 'siddhi, that is, the spirit of yoga-body.
Through this, Finch learned the art of the stadium.
Well-planned tricks. .
Sports Illustrated published The New York Metropolitan Team's scout report on Sidd Finch on April 1, 1985.
Picture: The prank of the museum/Web GrabSource: The Myth of supply has become a legend. . .
New York Mets fans of West Germany Finch's No. 21 shirt.
Picture: Sports Corner
Com/web grabSource: the presence of supply Finch at the Metropolitan camp in New York, Florida was impressive and invited to training camp.
When pitching, in the words of a catcher, he looks like a pretzel is crazy.
Finch often wears a hiking boot when pitching, and the other is bare.
His speed and strength are so great that the catcher will only hear a small voice, "small pft, pft-
Before the ball fell in his glove, he knocked almost a metre back.
One player announced that it was "impossible" to play Finch ".
However, the article says that Finch has not yet decided to play baseball because he is also interested in playing the French number.
He told Metropolitan management that he will decide his career in April 1.
Plimpton left a huge hint in the story that it was a scam. The date —April 1;
The story itself and the article
He is a pitcher, a yogi, and a hermit.
Getting an impressive liberation from our luxurious lifestyle, Sidd decides yoga
And his future in baseball.
Spell the first letter of each word together H-a-p-p-y-A-p-r-i-l-F-o-o-l-s-D-a-y.
Sports Illustrated received more than 2000 letters about Sidd Finch, and with the New York Mets and several players involved in the scam, the story became a baseball club in the United States
In April 8, the magazine claimed that Finch said at a news conference that he had lost the accuracy he needed to shoot fast and would not be engaged in baseball.
In April 15, Sports Illustrated admitted it was a scam.
However, the Old Orchard Beach baseball team in Maine, New England, invited Finch to its annual banquet.
They received a reply like this: "The challenge is to reach the eight-fold path of the right faith or the ninth innings under appropriate relief.
May you feel at ease. ”10)
April 1, 1976: In an early age
British amateur astronomers, late Sir Patrick Moore, announced in an interview with BBC Radio 2 that on April 1, at 9: 47 A. M,in-a-
Astronomical events will take place for life.
Compared with the Earth, Pluto will pass behind Jupiter, and the planetary arrangement will temporarily offset and weaken the Earth's own gravity.
Moore told the audience that if they jumped into the air at the moment the alignment occurred, they would experience a strange feeling of floating. Jovian-
Pluton gravitational effect. .
Sir Patrick Moore told the radio audience on April 1, 1976 that if they jumped into the air at the exact moment Pluto passed from behind Jupiter, they would experience a strange feeling of floating.
Picture: Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesSource: News limit when it arrived at 9: 47 am, BBC Radio 2 received calls from hundreds of listeners who claimed to feel the feeling.
A woman from Utrecht, The Netherlands, said she and her husband and 11 of her friends stood up from a chair on the table and floated in the room.
The table floated too.
A male caller claimed that he had risen too fast and hit the ceiling with his head and he demanded compensation.
Moore means that his statement points out the stupidity of the pseudoscience theory promoted in a book.
The Jupiter Effect claims that the rare arrangement of the planets will cause the earthquake and the destruction of Los Angeles on 1982.
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