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that's no victim, that's a graduate with honors - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
that\'s no victim, that\'s a graduate with honors  -  clear plastic sheets
Guadalupe Vidal took the time Wednesday morning to talk to me, during the climax of the final, on the eve of her graduation from UC Irvine with excellent results. High-
In the spring, she, like a hummingbird, put her big wallet on the terrace outside the campus cafe, and opened her book, the authoritarian ghost, "When I was waiting in line to order breakfast, I began to squeeze out a little time to study.
When I came back with a coffee and egg sandwich, Lupe took out a blue folder filled with newspaper clippings around her, neatly kept in transparent plastic paper.
Soon, the articles spread across the table at the top of her research paper on victims of domestic violence in Latin America.
The article tells her life story in two languages: immigrant women moving from Mexico City to Huntington Beach, overcoming language barriers, being beaten by abusive husbands on their way to self
Professional success.
Lupe is clearly not a newbie to the interview and he wants to know my intentions before we start.
She says she doesn't want to be portrayed as a victim anymore, she speaks in her lively, fast languagefire Spanish.
She mentioned an article about her winning the 1995 Outstanding Student Award at Orange Coast College.
She frowned, disapproved of a famous saying that belonged to her, and stressed in a bold way: "My life has become a living hell.
"She does not deny that.
In fact, the rest of this sentence is more specific and exposed: "I can see that I am getting older and uglier.
My children will always see me sad and crying.
"Seven years ago, her life must have been an eternal torment, related to a bad marriage that she thought should last forever.
But now, although she continues to talk openly about her experience, Lupe doesn't care to see another story about how she suffered, broke up, and survived alone with two young children. "I won the [
Excellent students
"Reward what I have achieved, not what I have experienced," Lupe said . ".
"Being a single mother and a victim of domestic violence has filled me with passion for my work.
"On Friday night, Lupe's achievements, not her pain, received the focus at the special honor meeting of UCI graduates.
Her passion has earned her top students and Phi Beta Kappa, and she has received awards for her outstanding contributions to the community and for her excellence in research.
Tonight, the 38-year-old Guadalupe Vidales ibala will receive a bachelor's degree in psychology and social behavior.
She has been admitted to UCI's PhD program in crime, law and society.
In her application to the graduate school, Lupe said: "I would like to know how and why certain people refuse to seek legal aid and how state agencies can increase access to legal aid for minorities.
"As she sits in the early morning sun at Irwin campus, things she worries about seem to get more and more important.
It may sound strange, but I often laugh when Lupe tells her sad story.
She expressed a relaxed and pleasant anecdote in funny Mexican.
In addition, she is wearing a bright Mexican pink and whimsical half-length suit coat
The moon dangling from hippiestyle earrings.
Maybe she's too busy this week to have time to be sentimental.
But she never cried when we talked.
She reported her story with an investigator's wry detachment.
"She represents the power to translate painful and negative experiences into social interests," Deputy Prime Minister Manuel Gomez said briefly when he came to our table.
When Lupe moved to college in 1996, he cried so badly that he felt alienated and isolated.
Part is a typical transfer. student blues.
But she also felt that she was very different from most of the students in the university, and even other students.
"I'm not like anyone, am I?
"She asked in Spanish and had the right answer in her heart. (
"Am I from argiane? No, verdad? ")
Lupe is bigger than most undergraduates and has a heavy English accent.
She's the daughter of a doctor.
He studied pharmacology at a private Jesuit university in the Mexican capital.
She has eight brothers and sisters. to-Be a girlfriend (ninas popis)
Their parents sent them to study in Europe and the United States.
When Lupe's father was ill, her family was in trouble.
In 1988, she decided to come to Orange County where her grandfather had been Dental for decades and she moved in with a married sister.
Lupe met her husband in English class.
From this point of view, her story has become too common.
She fell in love with his beauty and charm.
They were engaged when he tugged her hair in an argument about money, but she told herself she could help him change.
After they got married, she prayed that he would change.
Instead, he forced her to cut the long, silky hair.
But she said the most sad thing about her is her ex.
The husband tore up a picture of the Pope, a contempt for her Catholic faith.
It is her faith that keeps her the same in her marriage, the purgatory that she is destined to endure, that she will endure passionately in order to win her place in heaven.
Divorce is unthinkable for her.
It will bring shame to her family and ruin her future.
In Mexico, she says, divorced women are still seen as discarded goods by macho men who value virginity. (
"Ya Els Wigan, ya Valls menos. ")
The fear of social discontent put her in trouble.
In her study, Lupe studied attitudes that prevented Latinos from using services to escape abusive relationships.
In her current dissertation of honor, she uses charts to capture the cultural values that enslave them, just as they enslave her.
Faith: "I have to give things to God.
Fatalism: "This is the cross I must bear.
Family: "How can I make my child have no father ? "
"For Lupe, the fear of her child being forever scarred overcomes all the psychological baggage.
In court papers, she said that she had filed the documents at that time and that until today she recalled her predecessor
Her husband hit her many times.
She told me it even happened the day before she gave birth to her second child, Carla, on 1992.
Her son Franklin was only one year old.
She doesn't want them to grow up in bad examples of abuse of their families.
Lupe decided to break the cycle of violence, and her mother, Ella, encouraged her to say, "I would rather have a divorced daughter than a dead one.
Lupe took her son and baby girl to take refuge in the gap House.
There she met Nancy Marquis, a bilingual consultant who learned about her culture and helped her understand the services of the country.
She helped Lupe get back to school and got a certificate from a family violence advisor.
"She gave me the energy to do it all," Lupe said . ".
"She is the base for all of us, Latin and non-Latin. Latinas. I adore her.
On Tuesday night, Lupe also gave a speech on the graduation project.
Huntington Beach, a city-
Running helps low
Income, the life of single-parent families.
She thanked the organization for helping her find affordable housing and making her research possible.
Former vice president's wife Marilyn quill made a surprise appearance at the event
Too many politicians.
To her credit, she noticed all the children in the room, twisting on the floor under the mother's chair, sucking lollipops and making funny, messy noises with her mouth.
"They watched you grow up . "Quayle said.
"They watched you change.
They see you excited about life.
No matter what happens, when you have a dream, when you live in this country, you can make it happen.
Become president of the United StatesS.
She said she missed Mexico but she was not going back.
She believes she can achieve more in adopted countries.
"In Mexico, I would be a divorced woman trapped in my mother's house and judged by others," she said . ".
"Here people respect who I am.
Here I know I can change the world.
Agustin Gurza's column will be aired on Tuesday and Saturday.
The reader can (714)966-7712 or Agustingurza@latimes. com.
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