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the 5 most incredible pranks pulled with major landmarks - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
the 5 most incredible pranks pulled with major landmarks  -  black plastic sheeting
Human nature can be summed up in this way: for every landmark, many people are eager to draw dice on it.
For an aspiring artist/vandal, this is one of the fastest ways to become famous.
The following stunts range from pure idiots to serious illegal, each in an admirable way: when someone says "Kentucky Fried Chicken," What's the first thing you think?
That's right: aliens.
At least that's what KFC thinks.
Apparently, the guy talked to himself about ufo at a fast food restaurant at three in the morning. m.
It was such an important customer for the company that back in 2006 KFC decided to advertise in the only place where they knew the madman (
Only crazy people)
I will see :.
That's not Photoshop. -
This is a satellite photo.
One of the world's largest fast food restaurants has chosen a painstaking renovation
Create a company logo near a notorious mysterious government building, that is, in the middle of f. g. nowhere. The point?
Most likely to use conspiracy theorists to try to use Google Earth to discover all the reports of the government
Ups happening in the area.
This is a major population for fast food.
Also, as the press release at the time said, KFC wants to be "the world's first brand visible from space "---
This must mean that they have also mastered time travel since the advent of Readymix cement.
Creating a huge Sanders portrait needs to be arranged in six days, all in the interest of browsing Google Earth and possibly aliens passing by on a spaceship. . .
Although the latter has not confirmed by radio that they have seen the logo (
Maybe they are Popeye).
Hey bonus: KFC quit!
Eight years later, if you enter the coordinates on Google Maps, there will be no trace of the Colonel's mug.
Not even empty buckets littering in the desert.
A simple propaganda stunt that disappears, or? Only the super-
Intelligent, genetically modified chickens secretly run the company to know.
Europe likes to dress up the Lenin monument Europe is still standing, considering that if you try to shoot down one, you will have been put in front of the Soviet shooting range for 25 years.
Why are these cities showing monuments to their people's ruthless vaudevs in front of their city squares, parks and Starbucks?
Probably just to do this: Apparently, the citizens of several countries have collectively decided that Lenin's monotonous wardrobe (
This is about the same as the role change)
More holiday products need to be upgraded involuntarily, including vibrant shirts, gorgeous coats and pink dots.
In Ukraine, it has become an interesting way to symbolize the struggle for independence, while others just want to avoid the weather by putting on traditional Ukrainian costumes for him: however, as is often the case, once vodka and bear meat enter the equation, it is easy for Mrs. slala to stupidly give up the slight vandalism.
In 2009, in St. Petersburg, a group of unknown people decided to pack the leader.
Proud ass-
Whatever their intentions were, it turned out that Lenin had a plate of rosong soup that was inconsistent with his intestines.
Perhaps it was jealous of all these pranks and sorrows, because they could deface without their own Lenin, and a Polish town decided to cut off the middleman and erect it. . .
Description urinate in public with lil Vlad in hand.
Of course, this is not the custom of Europe: A Czech statue demolished after the fall of communism is taken to Seattle, where it is often redecorated for occasions such as The Beatlesthemed , and . 3L. A.
On the morning of January, men were fiddling with SignOn in Hollywood.
1976, just as California's more relaxed law on marijuana came into effect for the first time,
People in Los Angeles found something caffeine on the highway. . .
Strange in the air
Or not completely in the air, but still very high.
See if you can find it: No, the "Hollyweed" sign is not a collective illusion ---
This is the work of Danny fingood, who is best known for making L. A.
His most famous landmark building.
It all started with some friends and custom plastic sheets, 21-year-
The old art student started a class project, which of course won him (
"Aklapo Gold ").
Fingood found his call: On the next Easter weekend he covered an L, L in the sign with his magic curtainA.
When I woke up, a big "Holywood" stared awkwardly at its face.
This is in memory of the upcoming Pope's visit.
While it's easy to think of Finegood as some smirk Adam West villain, he actually thinks he's an "environment artist" and is not afraid to post politics with his personal canvas
In central Iran-
At the conta hearing, he once again commented on Wanda's media frenzy with Oliver North
Sorry, let it say "logo.
Finnegood's masterpiece is likely in 1990, when he managed to change the letters from Hollywood to protest the Gulf War.
This time, however, angry
The authorities tore his work off before sunrise, depriving city residents of the opportunity to misunderstand the word game, an invitation to a super-immersion battle in the La Brea area.
Although Fanny good retired from the giantletter-
After that, along the way, he inspired others to disrupt the sign ---
For example, supporters of the post-90 s presidential candidate Ross Pero attacked Angels with this terrible mental image: Two sketches showed that the collapse of the Space Needle Tower was forged
There are two things about sketch-based presentation:)
Turn Bill Nai into an ordinary person, B)
When they overturned the sketch of the Space Needle, it caused a massive panic.
The lips of Ashley Simpson
Synchronize disputes from an angle.
When they noticed that they did a show in April 1, 1989, the writers decided to start with a "Special Report"
Although these false images seem very credible, the news anchor announced the news (
Mainly because the TV resolution of 80 s is not high, it is much smaller in general)
, This is a fact of April fool day, this sentence is "April Fool day", prominently displayed on the screen large and easy to see letters.
Also, in fact, anyone in the city can look out the window at any time to confirm that Dick in Seattle is still standing proudly.
So the destruction of the needle is a joke. -
But unfortunately, panic is real.
As soon as the short fake clip was broadcast, Seattle City collectively lost its s * t.
The avalanche that followed the crazy 911 phone effectively shut down the emergency service.
The station was also overwhelmed by upset callers who were worried that their family was in the rubble, although the "newscaster" specifically said everyone was fine (
Probably they thought it was a fool joke in April).
Once they realized they had been cheated, almost everyone in the station, emergency department and Seattle was angry at the people who temporarily closed their city.
However, they were allowed to keep their jobs because when a new vegan donut shop opened, most residents quickly forgot the stunt.
Remember, this is in
9/11, so the collapsed building can still be regarded as a funny comedy;
If the same prank happens today, it is likely to result in at least three foreign invasion.
1 Canadian students have been hanging mass bugs on BridgesCops in San Francisco, and when it comes to the Golden Gate Bridge, they are used to dealing with tragedies, so when they were called there one morning in 2001, they probably expected the worst.
We can only imagine that they feel relieved when they see someone simply having it. . .
Then there's the loud "Wait, what?
"In the dead of night, some Canadian engineering students laid nearly 90 feet of the cables under the bridge and locked them in the public (
They brought it from Canada by van.
And put things down on one side of the span.
They then flew back to Celine Dion's land and faxed a press release to the San Francisco media responsible for the prank, which led to hours of traffic jams and a lot of extremely confused drivers (
And the fish, because the car was finally thrown into the water by the police).
S ** t, you would think these kids have been doing it for 20 years-
They have, in fact.
Students at Columbia University in the UK have shown their crazy engineering skills since their early 80 s.
Also, boasting that Canadian bridges are so strong that you can pull this stuff on them, they don't usually collapse.
However, the only thing they need to show off in the infamous 2008 level is how to show off.
After that embarrassing incident, they remained silent for several years until the traditional return in 2014. . .
Little twist.
This time, they trade bridges where at least they don't break any traffic. .
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