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The 6 Craziest Disguises Ever Used in the History of War - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
The 6 Craziest Disguises Ever Used in the History of War  -  black plastic sheeting
The ancient Greeks disguised Trojans as the most famous camouflage of all time, as we have pointed out before, this is--
No one will try to sneak through the enemy's defense inside a huge Trojan horse.
No, there are a lot of stupid ways for the Army in real life. Like . . . 6The Papier-
During World War I, both sides sat in the trenches for years and attacked each other until the terrain between them became like a barren post
Wasteland of Doom
This creates a problem: how do you sneak into the enemy's trenches when you have wiped out everything around you until the whole landscape is just a piece of burnt dirt and body
Well, the French army will solve this problem: disguise yourself as a dead thing.
The idea came when a horse broke free and ran frantically into the German trenches and was shot by the police.
"Well," said some, "Look at the body of that horse ---
You can almost hide a guy in one of them.
"Of course, it would be Beno to hide a soldier in the actual body, and they did a sensible thing and built a hollow paper Basin --
The mache replica of the dead horse, with an elegant muzzle on the anus.
After dark, a group of people sneaked into the uninhabited area near the German trench, dragged the dead horse away, and replaced the model with snipers inside.
He also has a telephone line back to his trenches so he can send back reports from the German movement.
Before a German soldier happened to find a man crawling out of the dead animal they shot a few days ago, they had stuck the matter for three days, probably thought he was a sequel to The Ace Ventura.
Nevertheless, they destroyed the bait, which did not stop froma in France a few more times.
5 warships loaded with crosses
In the same war, sailors pretended to be on cruise ships at sea, most Allied merchant fleets.
The British have noticed that these submarines are far from any vessel that can actually counter-attack, so it makes sense as small merchant ships.
They also noticed that the submarines surfaced during the attack, so their idea was that they could draw the Germans to what looked like an easy-to-target, and then take them as they broke through the water
This is not a particularly crazy idea in itself.
But this disguise must be what historians think of Britain's "cheating genius.
"They have to maintain their reputation, so that's what it is.
The sailors put on their costumes, so they don't look like soldiers when viewed through Periscope.
Some of them dress up as women and snuggle up and down the deck with other men.
Some people wear fake parrot clothes or black-faced ones.
They even choreographed the U-
The ship was found and they would behave like panicked civilians, starting to abandon the ship when they collided with each other, tripped and fell.
Some of the crew would even jump into the lifeboats and pretend to leave people behind accidentally, and he would stand on the railing screaming to get them back to pick him up.
At the same time, on all vessels, under normal circumstances
Look for the hatch, inside the container, under the fake chimney, behind the fake wall and inside the fake lifeboat.
U who was once unsuspecting-
The boat surfaced to easily kill, the captain pulled a lever and all the trap doors would open and the gun would point to the side and blow the confused Germans into hell.
Or that's how they tell stories.
You know what the war story is.
Apparently at least 70 German submarines sank as a result, 14 of which were sunk,
Wear clothes for the first world war German submarine sailors.
4A soldiers hiding on fake trees (for Months)
In 1917, near mesimins, Belgium, the Germans decided to name themselves in a piece called "for a group of hundreds of dead trees surrounded by mud and more bodies.
An observer cannot hide on the branches of a dead tree (
It is easy to find a person when there are no leaves)
There are no fake horses around them.
So, Germany built a 25-foot-tall armor-
Fake tree plating
Its bark is made of painted iron.
A soldier climbed in with a small seat and a small window to look out and watch the British.
As a dead tree that suddenly grew from anywhere overnight looked suspicious, the Germans had to wait until the night fell and cut down a real tree.
Since the cannon was shooting all the time, the British could not hear the axe, and they cut the axe down and put the fake tree in the original place.
Elmer Fudd, for example, does not capture this camouflage, but you would think that a soldier on the other side would notice it by looking through a telescope. You're wrong--
The tree was not found for months until the British blew up their trenches from below, like the opening ceremony except 19.
Even so, the hollow tree hides so well that even if they control the area and camp next to it, it does.
Three "tanks" made of used cars and NATO sent hundreds of aircraft a day to bomb Kosovo's Serb forces.
The NATO commander claimed that the rain of destruction destroyed 120 tanks, 220 armored personnel carriers and 450 artillery vehicles and killed Serb soldiers.
So imagine, when the war is over, the surprise of the Serbian army, the Kosovo army looks almost the same as the one that joined the war.
It was NATO. So . . .
What have they been bombing?
A bunch of ridiculous fakes.
Serbs know that their air force is not capable of defending the country.
So, knowing that NATO bombers are free to control, they built fake tanks, fake cannons, fake-aircraft guns --
Basically the entire fake army destroyed by bombers.
Then they put it where they will be found.
The real thing is hidden deep in the forest or inside the building.
They really didn't work hard. -
This is a "cannon" made of pipes and plastic cloth ". . . . . .
Looks more like a laundry room.
More importantly, they have heaters inside so that they can appear on infrared sensors on vehicles where the engine is running.
A place like this hides real things. . . . . .
Walk around at night or in bad weather ().
The two fake chest and black-faced commandos so far, all the disguises on the list look ridiculous ---
They work because they are viewed from the air or from a smoky battlefield.
So what if you have to disguise some of the commandos who are going to be enemy guards?
You have to come up with something amazing-
Life here is at stake.
Or, you came up with something so stupid that the enemy felt too embarrassed to make eye contact.
In considering the backbone of the Israeli special forces commando whoin 1973 killing the leaders of the three countries.
In order not to arouse doubt, they took away several heavy special forces members and dressed them up as women with wigs, high heels and fake breasts.
Men in men's clothes, they walk in each other's arms, just like on a date.
They walked by the police, bodyguards, etc.
No questions were asked, such as why the woman had a 5-point shadow and Adam's apple, or the lump that looked like Uzi hiding under her clothes.
When they arrived at the bedroom of the Palestinian leader, they kicked the door, pulled out their guns and killed all of them.
Oh, lest you think this is a bad career, and one of the "women" is ehood Barak, who later became the prime minister of Israel's defense minister.
By the way, the Israelis have hardly invented this technology.
On 1943, all-white Malay fishermen boarded the fishing boat, dyed their skin brown.
They sailed 2,000 miles in Japan.
A controlled ocean from Australia to Singapore.
Even traveling with a Japanese warship without noticing anything strange (
Good because none of the commandos speak Malay).
They then took the canoe directly to the Port of Singapore, where they detonated seven Japanese ships and fled.
But most importantly, a 21-year-
The white old woman who was a spy for the federal army disguised as a black man sneaked into Virginia's federal territory.
Somehow it worked perfectly, and before "going back to the league line," she grabbed both the plan and the identity of some southern spies into a fortress.
In February 1942, during World War II, a ship disguised as an island completely destroyed a comprehensive Dutch-American-Australian-
The British fleet is there.
There are only four Dutch warships left in the Netherlands East India.
They decided to flee to Australia, but because Japanese warships are full of sea and Japanese planes are full of Sky, there is not much chance of sailing 1,000 miles of hostile sea to ensure safety.
Sure enough, all but one ship sank in a few days.
The only survivors were Abraham kristdon, a boat sweeper.
The ship had few guns and was so slow that the crew knew that going straight to Australia meant being found in the air and blown into shark food.
So they had a better idea: They would disguise the boat as an island.
The crew cut down a bunch of trees and put them on the deck, looking like a canopy in the jungle.
The vertical surface is depicted as a rock cliff.
Now, the disappearing islands are one thing, but the islands that move slowly to Australia are often the targets for further investigation.
So they can only move after dark, and during the day the ship is docked ashore and looks like another island.
With 17,508 islands in Indonesia, the Japanese may not notice that there are 17,509 now, and one of them happens to be in a different place every day.
Abraham Christian moved a little bit every night, avoiding a Japanese destroyer that sank some of the other boats trying to escape.
No plane knows that one of the islands below them is a boat.
Shape and antenna, change place every night.
Eight days later, the ship arrived in Australia and fought with the Allies until the end of the war.
Remember this next time someone tells you that your stupid idea is not worth trying.
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