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the abcs of curtain couture - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
the abcs of curtain couture  -  characteristics of polyester
My bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in my apartment. Seriously.
I like small tiles in black and white
White walls and white fixtures.
I decorated it with a bright blue plate and I put a fancy thing in it --
Schmancy's selection of lavender, vanilla, gardenia and verbena soap, a white and golden bowl filled with dry lavender, and some white candles in the blue tea light holder.
I have to say this is not normal if there is a problem with the bathroom
White opaque plastic shower curtain.
The shower curtain doesn't say "relax", like my gold oil burner, or "secular", like the old tin box I'm from France and say "wait" instead ".
"Maybe you also think that part of your bathroom is boring.
If that's the case, here are some options for a stylish shower curtain.
I recently got inspiration from Martha Stewart life and diynetwork.
I decided to make my own shower curtain.
I have been collecting lace from thrift stores and antique stores (
$1 m here, $15 a bag of leftovers there)for months.
I stitched these pieces together and behind my new piece I bought a transparent plastic curtain at the dollar store. (
A quick internet search will show a detailed description of the DIY project. )
If you're not the kind of crafty person but still don't want to see your shower curtain hanging in your friend's bathroom as well
There may be a hand shop.
Not long ago, I bought a red and gold tapestry at Ephemera pass heir on North Street for $20.
Lawrence Market (92 Front St. E. ).
It doesn't have padding and won't work well with anything else in my bathroom, but I think the fabric is heavy enough to look good at the door of my office. (
Note: Ephemera owner Barbara Griffin opens only on Saturday and Sunday.
She shared a space with Kelly Stapleton, owner of Roisin Dubh.
Stapleton also opens occasionally on weekends and Thursday and Friday.
Antique phone of St. Lawrence, 416-350-
8865 to make sure she is there. )
Some online shopping made me choose some other options, such as the attitude shower curtain-its geometric patterns in neutral tones such as gray and white-available at WalmartMart.
There are two versions: one made of vinyl and the other made of polyester. Wal-
Mart also has accessories such as makeup pumps and acrylic carpets.
You can't buy attitude curtains at Walmart.
Ca, but available in some stores for $19.
97, the website does have a store locator.
Finally, I saw the Croscill faux suede shower curtain, available for $60 from hbc. com (
Click on "shopping online" to do a product search).
It is made of polyester and is 190 cm by 182 cm in size and comes with matching hooks.
Just like the dust on the latte, you can choose between chocolate and cinnamon (
For the color of the curtain, that is.
It's not waterproof so you need a liner as well.
When I started my shower curtain project, I wanted it to be second with other hand made
The handmade and cheap basement found to make up for the rest of my decor.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how it turned into such an eye --
Capture elements in the room.
It says not only "beautiful" but also "perfect ".
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