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the application of functional fibers - pet fiber

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
the application of functional fibers  -  pet fiber
Functional fibers are designed to meet the health, comfort, convenience, safety, environmental protection and other requirements of consumers during wearing, but some properties of fibers need to be added and improved.
Such as: moisture-proof sweat, thermostat insulation, UV protection,-
Anti-bacterial, anti-odor
Electrostatic, radiation, far infrared, lithium ion, flame and other properties-Flame retardant fiber.
These functions are usually achieved through substrates or carriers such as polyester, acrylic, viscose fibers. OUTLAST(
Fiber for temperature adjustment)
It can absorb, store and release heat, so that the wearer can maintain a warm feeling, that is, even if the clothes are wet or squeezed, the wearer can still maintain warm and comfortable, especially for a climate with a large temperature difference, if physical activity increases, the body will generate heat, absorb and store some final materials of heat, so that the wearer is warm and comfortable and will not overheat;
When moving, the material releases the stored energy so that the wearer will not be cold.
Therefore, this material has the function of thermostat, which will make people feel too hot and not too cold to prevent colds. Outlast multi-
Suitable for products such as jackets, shoes, gloves, socks, hats, masks, ski shoes, underwear, helmets, bedding, etc.
There are two kinds of acrylic fiber and viscose fiber.
The metal conductive fiber will be pulled into the wire of the fiber fabric and the metal uses it to maintain good conductivity, thermal conductivity, high temperature, corrosion
Performance against high temperature and high temperaturestatic, anti-
Radiant functional fabric.
At present, there are two kinds of metal-to-wire and staple fibers used in textile fabrics.
Silk and twist can generally be woven into fabric after a certain interval, so that the fabric has Resistance
Anti-static non-woven fabric bag
Radiation effect.
Staple fibers are used together with other fibers such as cotton, polyester blended yarn and then woven defensestatic, anti-
Radiation fabric.
Metal silk fabrics were common a few years ago, but in recent years staple silk fabrics have also come from behind.
Pure stainless steel fiber fabric for high
Flue gas dust bag in high temperature coking plant, tropical, high temperature 500 degrees can also be long-
Long term use for precision instruments or other valuable products
Electrostatic shielding bag (cover).
Stainless steel fiber fabric is mainly used to produce shielding clothes worn by ultra-high pressure Live workers; made anti-
Static work clothes for explosives, detonators, workshops and warehouses, kerosene factories, gas stations and other purposes;
Overalls made of radiation can effectively prevent radiation to the human body such as computers, especially the protection of pregnant women.
Textiles achieve moisture absorption and sweat removal function, the most widely used and the highest cost
What is effective is the use of specialshaped cross-
The core that produces this fabric sucks part of polyester fiber.
Core fiber is not only widely used in various competitions, training, sportswear and outdoor use, tourism and leisure clothing?
In addition, the market has been expanded to the areas of underwear, reusable bags, shoes, furniture, health care, protection and agriculture.
Bamboo fiber is a popular new type of fiber in the textile industry. the carbon insight factor is labeled as "Black Diamond" and used to produce textile products with negative oxygen ions. infrared, odor adsorption, humidity control, odor preventionbacterial anti-
Mold and many other fine features.
Currently in areas such as protective clothing, underwear, socks, towels, bedding and textile fillers. are applied.
Pure bamboo fiber can be spun, natural fiber or other chemical fiber can be used to develop bamboo charcoal textile products with excellent properties.
Such as bamboo/cashmere knitted yarn and cashmere yarn, on the one hand, it can reduce the cost of raw materials, and on the other hand, it also increases the functionality of cashmere yarn, which is popular with downstream manufacturers.
But the bamboo itself is gray.
Black, so that bamboo products can only be dyed dark, which greatly limits the variety of products.
In response to this defect, white bamboo fiber was developed, which greatly enriched the diversity of bamboo charcoal fabric dyeing changes and fundamentally solved the problem of restricting gray carbon fiber dyeing.
Because white ash has better dyeing performance than traditional bamboo fiber, the ground can dye various colors without restriction, so it has attracted the attention of the industry.
Through the study of bamboo fiber, coconut shell charcoal made of coconut shell fiber was developed.
PET fiber coconut charcoal, black and gray, shiny, current Silk and staple coconut charcoal fibers are used in production for the production of double
Fabric such as fine silk fabric and fleece;
Pure spinning and staple fiber production is mixed with other fibers, and blended cotton fiber is mainly used in the production of underwear and socks.
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