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the best cases for the htc evo shift - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
the best cases for the htc evo shift  -  polycarbonate plastic price
The HTC Evo Shift 4g is a rather magical smartphone that looks as good as it does.
However, if you don't take proper precautions, your trendy new device will soon look like it was a few years ago.
In addition to the obvious appearance problems: dings, scratches and scratches have the ability to cause equipment failure.
With all the cases available, it can be a bit difficult to narrow down your selection to an option worth your time, so that's where this list comes from.
I only chose the best HTC Evo mobile chassis and presented it to you here.
The list covers a lot of different styles, textures and designs and hopefully everyone will find what they like.
Otterbox Commuter series CaseOtterbox is famous for themselves in complete device protection, and of course they won't miss the HTC Evo Shift product.
While the company has not provided their "guard" series case for the phone, their "commute" product is good enough.
This case is from high.
Good quality polycarbonate, feel good in your hand.
Plastic also seems strong enough to handle most of the lightto-
Medium shock without the feeling of equipment.
The hard plastic is just the case because the area around the LCD is made of silicone.
The case is also equipped with a screen protector to prevent dings and scratches from affecting the touch screen.
The Otterbox case is one of the most robust cases available during shift and is definitely worth a visit.
The Platinum Series-White Platinum Series case provides you with a lot of protection and an equal number of styles.
The box itself is made of polyester plastic material and has a feeling similar to the back of the phone.
There is an anti-static coating on the outside of the plastic that enhances the material and protects the housing from slight wear.
As with most appropriate cases, this case is specifically designed for Evo Shift so that you have access to all the buttons, ports and features on your phone.
This case is easy to open if you need to use the battery, and it is also easy to get off the bus.
Swicel Soft Touch ShieldThe swicel Soft Touch Shield although still hard shell, it gives you less protection compared to some of the more solid plastic case, in return, the phone is smaller in size, smaller in size.
This case is a tool for installation and disassembly that gives you access to all buttons and ports in both dark purple and light pink colors.
This shell is strong enough to protect the shift from scratches and Tinkerbell sounds, but falling from a few feet or more from the ground may still cause some damage to the equipment.
For a case with a light weight and cheap price, you can do something worse than this one.
Holster and Shield products from Sprint-holster and shield ComboSprint stand out from the best list of HTC Evo mobile chassis as it provides you with two layers of protection.
First, shield around the back of the smartphone and protect it from ringing tones and scratches.
The back of the Shield also has a slight texture that helps keep the movement in your hands.
Second, the design of the holster is perfect for the shield, allowing you to snap the device to the waist and feel comfortable and not pop up
Take it out of the holster.
Both pieces are made of solid, quality plastic that feels good and provides a serious layer of protection.
Sprint blue/black phone covers this Sprint-
The branded case provides medium level protection, but the style is also excellent.
These two pieces are securely stuck around the shift, protecting the back and sides from a variety of light and scratches.
While the plastic doesn't look as durable as some polycarbonate products, it does have a nice blue and black pattern with blue on the side and a textured blank inlay on the back.
In this case, it will not tolerate a price drop as high as Otterbox, but the price is less than half, which may be a good choice for anyone who can stick to the phone.
Dickies's sturdy pochpoches only offer limited protection as the device has to stay naked to fit into the bag, so make a bag the best case list for HTC Evo Shift, you know it must be good.
Dicickies pouch provides a strong, solid barrier between your phone and the world, designed to be installed in your tool belt or even on a regular belt.
The bag comes with magnetic clips and elastic edges, and you don't have to worry about scratching the device when you put it in.
Since it's just a bag, you can also use this product if you decide to change your phone to the next Evo model in the future.
References and pictures all pictures taken by credit from the supplier website.
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