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the best iphone cases that can take a beating - polycarbonate clear plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
the best iphone cases that can take a beating  -  polycarbonate clear plastic sheet
You already know the iPhone is great, but they are really slippery.
They have a smooth metal case and a glass face and they want to jump out of your hands.
If you are playing the game and have a little moisture on your fingers, the situation will be worse.
Despite the sleek look of the iPhone, it actually requires you to buy some sort of shell to protect it and make it easier for the device to save.
Here are some of the best and hardest you can buy.
These things may require a beat so your iPhone doesn't need to be used.
One of my favorite cases is the pixel skin of Speck.
The company has also made a range of pixel enclosures for all current models of ipod.
The reason why I like this case very much is how easy it is to master.
This makes it perfect for games or any place where the iPhone is used.
It's called pixel skin because its design uses many large raised squares like rubber splints to protect your phone.
These splints are also great for supporting your phone to watch movies.
The only real drawback of the pixel skin is that it does not include any type of screen protector.
The case is too thick, it wraps the beautiful ridge around the edge of the screen, however, if you put it in your wallet or tuck the iPhone into your pocket, there is still something that will hit the glass directly.
Even so, the iPhone's screen is still pretty tough.
You can buy this case on Amazon for less than $15, it has multiple colors.
Another very tricky case for the IPhone is Otterbox's defender.
The company also makes some of the best BlackBerry cases.
It wraps the iPhone in a thick silicon skin with a lot of shock absorption and feels good in your hands too, so it's a good nonslip surface.
In addition to silicon, it uses a heavy-duty polycarbonate case to help stabilize the phone and increase durability.
If you decide to be one of those people who hang their phones around their hips, it also includes a belt clip.
Otterbox Defender also has a screen protector for your iPhone, which is not available for Speck's pixel skin.
It uses clear plastic sheets, perfectly suited to the screen, without any creases or bubbles, and therefore does not interfere with the touch of the phone
Screen operation.
The touch of this guard is really different, but you get used to it very quickly.
With it, the screen will be protected, there will be no scratches and other debris, and it will not reduce all common finger stains due to frequent use.
The case is currently retail on Amazon.
Although the retail price is $49, the price is about $32. 99.
Contour Design hardcover if the silicone sleeve of the iPhone is not your protection concept, then you can choose the hard shell and get the hard skin of the Contour Design.
The popular phone case, which retails for about $30, has two pieces around the iPhone for excellent protection.
The outer layer of the shell has a soft sense of rubber, but underneath it is hard plastic, so it feels more durable in your hands.
It all depends on how rough you are on your phone.
Personally, I think the thick silicon case is more resistant to damage than the hard case, but I don't lose my phone a lot.
It depends on the user and their usage environment.
If your child likes to play with your phone, you may want to buy a box like this because it is not as easy to disassemble as a rubber sleeve.
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