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the best iphone xs max cases and covers - clear polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
the best iphone xs max cases and covers  -  clear polycarbonate panels
The IPhone XS Max is a very beautiful device, thanks in large part to its design.
The glass laid on the stainless steel frame makes the chindropping look —
However, the glass is easily broken and broken, ending the beauty of your phone.
The best way to make your phone look as beautiful as the day you bought it is to add some protection with a box.
But which box should you buy?
There is a wide range of protective housing, from a simple TPU gel housing to a bulky and sturdy housing with complete waterproofing.
We 've done the hard work, so you don't have-
Here's the best iPhone XS Max case to protect your phone.
Do you know that the corner of your phone is most likely to hit the ground first when you fall?
That's why so many cases make commercial drop-
Corner wind prevention-
These areas are reinforced.
This situation in Skech gives priority to the protection of the corner of the phone, but it will not cover up the design of the phone.
The absorbent TPU of the case covers the top, back and corner of the phone, but the sides are exposed so you can touch the cool metal case and buttons directly.
The soft TPU on the side provides extra grip, but it is important to note that the protection you get is less than full protection, and it is easy to scratch the side of your phone in March.
Still, this is a very professional clear case.
The Snakehive vintage plum wallet case is perfect for bringing a stylish feel to the phone while also protecting the phone from all kinds of threats.
Each of the Snakehive cases is hand-crafted from premium European frosted leather, which age over time and form its own unique patina. It offers all-
Over protection, there is a front cover on the screen, but it can also be folded into a horizontal bracket.
The inside plastic holder holds the phone tightly in place, and the inside layer of soft leather protects the phone from scratches.
The front cover is also provided with three card slots for the storage of spare cash or cards.
Mujjo full leather wallet case Mujjo this case is a good example of a luxury leather case.
It is made of soft and beautiful leather, it will form a unique gloss as it grows older, it also uses a built-in micro-fiber that can be pad on the phone
It does not fold the cover but is still a wallet due to the leather card pocket on the back that comfortably accommodates up to three cards or some spare cash. It’s super-
The Slim is equipped with a raised border to protect the screen and a leather button cover to provide complete protection.
The price is expensive, but it's here if you want some nice protection.
Looking for protection at a reasonable price and looking good?
Inciio always delivers
It looks like a style case, and the Carnaby Esquire case is one of the best.
It can prevent drops of up to 6 feet and The lends core can withstand this impact
Absorption also increases grip and helps you put your phone in your hands.
A layer of fabric is laid on the TPU and it looks beautiful, unlike the usual plastic look in most cases.
It is thin, stylish and inexpensive.
While the slim appearance means it won't be as strong as the larger case, it's hard to argue with a 6 feet dropprotection —
Especially the price is reasonable.
The New iPhone XS Max is the perfect blend of glass and stainless steel and we won't blame you if you hesitate to cover it up.
But even a little bit of protection can go a long way.
This is Peel's super-
Thin boxes come in.
It is very thin, only 0.
35mm and have a variety of brands
Free, simple colors.
The clear option is completely transparent and thin enough that you will forget your phone and even bring a case with you.
So thin, Peel's case obviously won't be as resistant to damage as the big one, you might find it just damaged-
Proof of more minor bumps and scratches than a significant drop.
But if it's between the two, or between the nudity, Peel is a good choice.
The name of Spigen Ultra hybrid is well-
The super hybrid chassis is known for providing excellent smartphone protection, which is no different at all.
This is a mixture of materials.
So this name
Combining the absorbent TPU bumper with a hard and transparent polycarbonate back panel provides great protection against various threats.
The soft TPU provides an extra grip surface for your fingers, while the transparent back panel gives a clear view of your phone
Allows you to show it while protecting it.
Each corner is equipped with an air cushion to prevent falling and is processed to prevent yellowing over time.
This is a simple but effective choice.
Is there any difference between Tech21 Evo LuxeLooking?
The Evo Luxe at Tech21 has a wide range of styles, but we really like this active black option.
Made of tough and flexible TPU, it uses a material called FlexShock, which Tech21 claims is "the most advanced impact protection material in the world ", this helps protect your phone from drops of up to 12 feet.
The back panel also has a layer of fabric, which should increase the grip of the housing and has a slightly raised edge to protect the large screen of the iPhone XS Max from damage.
The style of the Evo Luxe is for the sporty, so the color is bold
But we like it anyway.
IPhone XS Max has a water-
Resistance level of IP68, which means it is able to soak in water for an hour
But if you're getting into a damp environment and you want to make sure your expensive phone is going to be nice, think about getting a waterproof cover.
Hitcase Splash is expensive to protect the case, but this fully enclosed case has its own IP68 rating that keeps the mud and water away from your device, and the combination of TPU and polycarbonate prevents drops and bumps.
It's rather bulky because the protection is usually-
But your iPhone has a clear window, which is not a bad bystander for what it is.
But is it expensive, kid?
It is also compatible with a range of camera lenses from Hitcase, which makes it a good overall practical case.
Sometimes the protection of UAG soldiers is not enough and you want your phone case to be more than just protecting your super users
Powerful pocket computer.
Enter the soldiers series of UAG.
Thanks to the great pedigree of UAG, the soldier's case is very protective and has an impact
The rugged core and sturdy exterior protect your phone from damage.
But open the back and you can also find space on the go to store some spare cash or credit cards.
This makes the UAG's soldier range ideal for anyone who needs to travel light with a mobile phone or who likes to carry extra cash in an emergency.
It doesn't look right for everyone, but it's a good practical option in other ways.
Nomad Rugged casenoit screams "style" like leather, if you want to wrap your iPhone XS Max in a serious style, check out the shell of Nomad rugged.
It is made of a variety of materials, but it is first of all a tough polycarbonate case that can be clipped to your iPhone and held tightly.
The TPU bumper is then glued to the edge of the pc, adding additional impact resistance.
Finally, the case was wrapped in high
Quality Hoven leather has created a truly unique case over time.
This is not for everyone, but if you want to make a statement with the protection of your choice, then Nomad's sturdy shell provides that and also provides good protection.
At the other end of the case spectrum, you will find the hands of Grovemade-
Finished wooden box.
At the Grovemade workshop in Portland, Oregon, each box has its own unique wood grain and hand-madefinishing.
It is thinner than other wood boxes and it is connected to your phone with adhesive instead of sliding in place
This makes a bad choice for anyone who likes to swap boxes.
Wood is also not the best protective material, it does not absorb the impact as in other cases, it will break.
But if you fall in love with the simple wood aesthetics of these boxes and don't mind paying the highest dollar for it, then this is a beautiful addition to your iPhone XS Max.
The case of Speck Candyshell gripspecs is extremely unique-
Candy Hill handles are more reflective of this than other products.
The eyes of the candle holder-
Capture the appearance from the use of dual functions
Combined with the layer structure of the TPU and polycarbonate, a case in which Speck claims to be very good at dispersing shocks was created.
The stylish raised ridge on the back of the case also adds grip, while the raised bezel means that the display of the phone remains high from the surface.
It has been tested to meet military standards for drop testing and should protect your iPhone XS Max.
One of the more fashionable options on the list comes from Ted Baker, a famous luxury retailer in the UK.
This is a beautiful luxury wallet case made of vegetarian leather and gold
Fix the phone in the appropriate position of the color hard polyester inner shell.
When not in use, the leather cover folds around the screen to protect your monitor, and when in use it puts the cover behind the box.
However, the real selling point here is the luxurious mirror placed on the inside of the cover, making sure you always look the best when you're out and using your phone.
The price is really expensive, but it is a nice box and you will remember the style of it.
Catalyst Impact protection is another tricky issue that adds a lot of utilities.
Catalyst's impact protection housing brings all the features you expect in a tough housing, including drop resistance up to 3 M, flexible TPU bumpers, and transparent polycarbonate backplates.
It also has a raised baffle to protect the screen, as well as a full seal of the rear camera that helps prevent dust and debris.
The lanyard has an accessory so you can make sure you don't accidentally drop the case, and the iPhone's mute switch even has a spin switch.
It is also quite slim and has a subtle but rugged style. The downsides?
It is very expensive.
Noreve traditional D wallet CaseLeather purse boxes can be beautiful things, and they won't be more beautiful than Noreve's highly customizable purse collection.
No matter which situation you choose, you will get the usual high price for Noreve
Quality materials and workmanship.
But what is really special is the level of choice.
Buyers can choose 20 different types of leather from vegetarians
This is a very friendly PU leather for the luxurious bronze leather.
You can choose a variety of colors, and you can also add belt clips.
Noreve has also recently added the ability to choose from a range of paintings to increase your case.
If you want a very special style, Noreve is perfect.
But please note that these options may add up to make the boxes of your choice very expensive.
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