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the best oneplus 6 cases - clear polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
the best oneplus 6 cases  -  clear polycarbonate panels
OnePlus 6 is another attractive cheap item with great hardware in the package but it also has full
Glass body and a large edgeto-edge display.
You will be very anxious to drop this phone because cracks, chips and scratches seem inevitable.
Box makers have come to love one plus products, so you can have some good options now --
There are more on the road.
Check out the best OnePlus 6 cases and covers so far.
If you are a fan of leather covers and are ready to pay for quality, then Noreve's lineup should be on your radar.
We like this one.
Stylish wallet case with two card bags and a larger bag inside.
It can be firmly closed with a magnetic buckle.
There is a simple housing inside that can securely secure your OnePlus 6 in the appropriate position and can be covered from all angles, but you still have access to buttons, ports, cameras and
Noreve offers a wide selection of different colors and leather textured finishes, so you can get the exact look and feel of desire.
You can also choose a shell or leather case with a horizontal opening.
Buy one from here now: NoreveSpigen fills this typical TPU case with a thriving administrative style by adding carbon fiber
The style panel on the back and some smooth highlights can break the matte black finish.
It has air bags in its corners, a raised lip on the screen, inside a spider web pattern designed to protect your OnePlus 6 when you fall.
You can also find generous openings for ports, cameras and other features next to the tactile button cover, including textured power button covers.
Buy one from here now: Amazon has something different here.
Poetic's ultra-thin TPU case has a fake perforated leather pocket made of polyurethane on the back that gives enough space for a few credit cards to keep your wallet at home.
Although the bag on the back felt tight at first, the fit was good with a precise cut and button cover.
It won't encroach too much on the screen, so this can be used in conjunction with the screen protector.
It should prevent minor drops or bumps, but it is not very thick, so we don't talk about strong protection here.
Buy one now: AmazonIf you like the idea of a wallet box, but don't want to spend too much money, then this ultra-thin polyurethane wallet box from Nillkin may be for you.
It features a smallest polycarbonate housing with a large opening that allows for uninterrupted contact with everything.
The cover opens like a book, revealing a slot for a credit card or ID card.
To keep your one plus 6 safe, there is a soft lining inside.
The case is black, red or brown, and the only detail that really comes right is the metal logo in the lower right corner of the cover.
It's very thin, so we're not sure if this will provide too much drop protection, but it will protect your phone from scratches and scratches when it's in your bag or pocket.
Buy one from here now: AmazonThis case has a classic combination of the TPU and the hard pc back panel at the top.
The double layer structure should provide decent drop protection with a raised lip around the screen.
You'll also find grooves on the sides to enhance grip, thick button covers, and fairly generous cuts that allow you to access and use everything without any major issues --
Although the alarm slider button is a bit tricky to use than the normal button because the case is thick.
The inner shell is black, but you can use a back plate in mint, silver, rose gold or black.
Buy one from here now: Amazon has a few official OnePlus 6 cases, but our favorite is this eye
Red silicone case.
It is designed to absorb the impact of water drops and bumps, with a micro-fiber lining inside to keep your phone in perfect condition, stay comfortable and enhance grip.
You can also find subtle button covers and generous cutouts for easy access to everything.
If you want more protection then check the bumper for $25
Wood, nylon and carbon fiber finishes are available.
If you want reliable drop protection then this case is worth considering.
It offers double
A layered design that combines easy-to-grip polycarbonate with flexible rubber.
There is a raised lip around the screen, Button and port cover, and the camera and fingerprint sensor have a recessed opening.
Black or blue.
This is the most protective option we see at the moment.
Buy one now from: OtterBox and anyone with a limited budget can consider dropping five dollars on it to reduce the worry of one plus 6.
This is a typical flexible TPU case that eliminates the sting caused by tapping and a slight drop.
Both the opening and the button cover are in the right place, done in the drawing texture with two carbon fiber effect panels.
You can expect to see a few cases that look like this, but it's unlikely that you'll find it cheaper --
Do not expect high quality.
Now buy one from: AmazonWith a clear polycarbonate back panel, your OnePlus 6 design shines through this shell, but there is also a plastic TPU protective bumper with a special reinforced angle, to prevent damage from falling.
The chunky corners also extend back and forth to ensure that your screen and camera lens will never meet the ground.
The back is always clear, but you can also get the black bumper section if you want.
Buy one now from: Mobile FunThis. It's a great choice if you like minimum coverage and won't spoil the look of your OnePlus 6.
This is a thin, clear, flexible TPU housing that prevents scratches and minor bumps, but has limited drop protection.
The opening is in the right place and it will enhance your grip.
Besides a subtle point pattern, it can help it get rid of the stain, which is obvious.
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