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the best pixel 3 cases and covers - where to buy polycarbonate panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
the best pixel 3 cases and covers  -  where to buy polycarbonate panels
If you're planning on buying an amazing Google Pixel 3 smartphone, then you 'd better consider protecting it.
The screen and the back of the glass that enables Qi wireless charging to work are fragile, so it is a smart move to protect them.
We 've been testing the options available and these are the best pixel 3 cases you can buy.
You may also be interested in saving the display with one of the best pixel 3 screen protectors.
Our top picks are the first three cases we use most often in Pixel 3, each with something unique to recommend.
We have many other options to consider if these don't tempt you.
Google's official fabric case is the one we use most in Pixel 3.
Not surprisingly, this is the perfect choice with generous openings for easy access to fingerprint sensors and USB-C port.
In fact, there is a gap above the USB.
Port C, can easily slide up from the bottom and use Android 9.
New navigation shortcuts for Pie.
It also does not interfere with the amazing camera or wireless charging.
The case is made of a plastic case, slightly elastic, wrapped in a durable gray fabric with a soft mint green liner inside.
The power button cover is mint green and matches the white pixel 3, which also has a blue, black and pink version.
The volume rocker is a bit prominent, but it is disguised by the finish.
The case is almost flush with the front screen and is small, so we don't want this case to have too much drop protection, but it prevents scratches and is very comfortable to hold, it will definitely enhance your grip.
If we are going outdoors and doing something active then this is our choice.
Protection against falling. This one-
The single-piece housing mixes the material with the flexible rubber bumper and is equipped with an enhanced angle that is enhanced by a polyester back plate and a light metal alloy. Full-
The textured leather panel on the back adds some style.
Power button has texture, good volume control
The cut is accurate.
There is plenty of room for charging ports and fingerprint sensors.
A protective lip is extended around the screen.
This will definitely add some volume, especially on the back and corners, but this is the price of solid drop protection and will not interfere with wireless charging.
This is a good case.
It's lighter than it looks.
There is a honeycomb pattern on the side that enhances grip.
It has red and black, or just plain black.
Considering photography experts, Moment has made protective covers for Pixel 3 that looks stylish, and also supports Moment's lens range, including wide remote portraits, super fish lenses starting at $90.
The shell is made of tough, rather thick plastic
The defined button cover and the precise opening.
Plenty of space around USB-
The C port of the fingerprint sensor and the tilt cut.
There is a special locking system around the camera lens that can be easily clipped to the extra lens, but these shells can be used without them and still look good.
Our selection is with a brown leather spotted cream finish, but there is a black case with a canvas panel on the back and a black case with a walnut panel.
We think that in this case there is microfibre inside and there is a raised lip on the screen that should provide decent drop protection.
If you're a fan of Pixel 3 look and you don't want to cover it completely, then you might like this translucent product from inciio.
This is a lightweight but highly durable Pixel 3 case made of proprietary flexo 2 material.
The bottom of the shell and the two pixels-
Tone finish adds a bit of style, but this is a fairly simple product with an accurate opening, button cover, raised bezel to protect the screen with a subtle inciio logo on the side.
It offers up to 3 feet scratch and drop protection.
This case of Speck has a good balance between protecting and displaying the desire of the pixel 3 style.
This is a completely clear counter.
Yellow coating, which promises to protect your Pixel 3 from drops of water up to 8 feet.
Double bumper part-layer shock-
Absorb the barrier and there is a raised baffle around the screen to make sure it never comes into contact.
This is a rather thick case that will definitely add some volume but is comfortable to hold and highly protective.
There is no problem with the generous opening and will not interfere with wireless charging.
It's not as hard as the Defender series of Otterbox, but it's also not that bulky and will still protect your Pixel 3 from falling damage.
There is a round bumper that extends back and forth to eliminate any impact.
The opening is large and the button cover is strong. it works well to open this case for wireless charging.
This Stardust version is embedded with shiny silver on a transparent cover, but Otterbox also offers a normal color combination.
The slim and lightweight case features a low-key style that provides basic protection against bumps and falls.
This is a typical TPU case, but it has a slight texture all over the place, helping with your grip and reducing the chance of falling.
Nice button lid-
Defined, the cut is accurate, it has a raised lip on the screen.
A set of diagonal lines breaks the simple finish and adds a bit of style, but this is a very practical case.
We are a big fan of the Nomad Horween holster, who are very old and have developed their own patina over time.
But, don't be fooled, thinking that the case for these Pixel 3 is stylish and doesn't have any substance, because there is a hard polycarbonate case inside, and the TPE bumper can cope with a drop of up to 6 feet.
There is plenty of space around the cut and you will find the subtle button cover for the power supply and volume rocker.
To protect the screen, the box also extends a little forward.
Open this case and the wireless charging works fine.
If you're constantly fumbling for your phone, then this highly protective case from Tech21 is for you.
When your Pixel 3 puts on this case, you can drop it with impunity as it protects your phone from drops of up to 12 feet (
Not what you really want to do).
The Tech21 fills the flexible bumper with its special FlexShock material, which will prevent any impact penetration.
A little fat, but you will find it good-
Easy to find size opening and tactile button cover.
Our choice is eyes.
Capture the UV version, but you can choose a more reserved smoked black if you want.
Each is translucent and there is a special inspection pattern on the back.
There is a relatively difficult case here that combines a plastic TPU with a hard pc frame to achieve solid impact and drop protection.
Matte textured finish on the back enhances grip and no dirty fingerprints appear.
There is also an extended lip around the screen to prevent it from touching any surface.
Fingerprint sensor and camera and cone opening of well
A well defined button covers a good case.
For people who hate thick boxes and highlight brands, the Totallee thin box may be ideal.
It is very thin at 0.
02 inch thick and light, you can hardly feel it, and there is no logo or fancy pattern.
The picture shows the matte black version, but there are also varieties of frosted transparent and smooth transparent.
You can't expect solid drop protection in this mild case, but it will prevent scratches and minor bumps. This crystal-
The transparent housing of Ringke is very affordable, but still offers reasonable protection with a hard and transparent polycarbonate back panel and a flexible and transparent TPU bumper.
To protect the impact, the corners are reinforced and there is a lanyard hole for anyone who wants to tie the straps.
You'll find precise cuts and thin push-button covers with easy access to everything.
You can also pick up this case with a smoke black translucent bumper.
You may like this eye.
Captured from the VRS design to the ridge look of this single FIT label series housing.
It is like a small and sturdy suitcase designed to wrap your Pixel 3 to prevent damage or scratches from falling.
It features raised edges around the screen, a tactile button cover, and a beveled opening of the fingerprint sensor and camera.
You can pick it up in white or black and each case has a range of colors on the red/orange label.
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