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the circle of fashion - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
the circle of fashion  -  pet manufacturing process
Sustainable development is no longer a one-off buzzword.
In the fashion industry, it makes several players
From manufacturers to designers
Produce new products responsibly.
Responsibility is ecological (
Reduce carbon footprint and find alternatives to water
Traditional processes)
For knitting workers and craftsmen (fair wages)
To go beyond the unpredictable fashion trend of products to end consumers.
There was a time when people misunderstood that sustainable clothing was about hand looms.
However, as Anita Dongre recently emphasized in Hyderabad, "any fabric, whether made by machine or by hand, needs to be produced responsibly.
"While we need to patronize hand-held looms, so we are very talented weavers and artisans, we also need to look at the emerging dimensions in a sustainable way.
Discarded plastic bottles are now becoming breathable fabrics. And wood-
Cellulose is used to produce biodegradable and compostable fabrics.
There are also a growing number of designers who ensure zero waste in the studio by upgrading each piece of fabric into a garment or accessory.
Lakme fashion week witnessed a series of sustainable days at summer/Resort 2019
By designers show them far in the collection of hand loomsflung regions.
At the other end of the spectrum is the engineering fabric.
Cellulose, the fabricAnita Dongre base with the Lenzing Group and the "summer Reverie" using its silk fabric '.
Avinash Mane, South Asia business head of Lenzing group, revealed when talking about the round fashion model for producing fabrics, "Wood-
Cellulose is our core material and we get it from certified resources.
The manufacturing process involves re-manufacturing, he explained.
Use water to the maximum extent.
"The formula for Tencel helps improve its ecological footprint," he added . ".
The fabric is used for clothing, home textiles, denim and interior, with moisture absorption and warmth preservation.
Lenzing works with designers such as Rajesh Pratap Singh and Anita Dongre, alongside retail giants such as Levi's, Zara, H & M, as well as Maai, rosbelle and jockey and d'écor.
At the international level, the indigo of Mara Hoffman, Batagonia, Marks & Spencer, the king is some of their names.
This summer, the Global Desi store will reserve clothing using Lenzing Ecovero fabric, a replacement for traditional viscose fiber.
"Ecovero is an ecology.
Responsible viscose fiber produced using certified pulp.
"The manufacturing process reduces emissions of up to 50% of fossil fuel energy and water," Avinash said . ".
At the same time, progress has been made in R | Elan of Reliance Group.
On World Environment Day 2018, Anita Don Gray launched the limited edition "globe" series using green fabric made from R | Elan with recycled PET bottles.
On the most recent LFW, R | Elan has launched a new series in partnership with Shivan & Narresh and Narendra.
The "patu" series of Shivan & Narresh uses R | Elan fabric and combines patachitra art in Bangladesh with tholu bommalata (
Leather puppets)
Of Andhra Pradesh.
Six new photos
Leopard, Sunderbans, icorosh, Fagun, Urvi and Degan-
Captured the spirit of local art forms.
Alcis Sports works with Narendra Kumar to use R | dry GreenGold fabric and dry-tech, anti-odour, anti-static, anti-
UV and light properties.
The sustainable gym, yoga and work clothes range includes t-
Shirt, jogger, bomber, trailblazer, layered jacket and leggings.
Reliance Group claims it is converting.
Put 2 billion used PET bottles into green fabric each year.
Chief operating officer VIP Ul Shah said
Petrochemicals petrochemical business unit, "we separate, collect and process PET bottles to make clean flakes and melt them into one of the greenest fibers --
Recron GreenGold.
The fiber is used to make R | Elan GreenGold fabric with the lowest carbon footprint in the world. ”Each of the t-
He said the shirts in the "Earth toys" series were made from 15 PET bottles.
"Again, a pair of jeans made of the same fabric can save about 20 bottles," added VIP ul . ".
The gray fiber produced using the old PET bottle is called Recron GreenGold, and the polyester staple fiber dyed by the paint is called Recron Green Gold EcoD.
These fibers, in turn, provide the power of sustainability for R | Elan fabric 2. 0.
VIP ul revealed that the recycling of PET bottles was carried out at the Barabanki, Hoshiarpur and Nagothane factories in RIL.
The new fabric will cater to different groups of consumers, which may open up new prospects for the sustainable development of fashion.
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